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I Was Just Wonderin'...

By Carol Einarsson | 01/20/2012
Okay, WHAT?? Kurt and Kyle Busch will "share driving duties" in the Monster Energy Nationwide car? Weren't we rid of him already in that series? Didn't we have that confirmed??

And now we're hearing that Carl Edwards said that if he finds he's just "a nervous ball of energy on Saturdays," that he may go Nationwide racing again. We've all been duped; you know that, right?

Does any team owner have a better way of announcing things than Jack Roush? I say not. Other teams, despite the worst-kept secrets, will schedule press conferences, or otherwise sit on the information until a time when they can announce with great fanfare. Jack, on the other hand, says that Ricky Stenhouse has a full ride in the NNS series, and follows it with, "I think that was announced. If it hasn't been, I'll have someone yelling at me..." That's the same way we found out about Carl's deal with ESPN, too.

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Last Activity: 01/21/12
By Carol Einarsson | 01/12/2012
TAG Heuer Eyewear will sponsor Kurt Busch, and I wonder if he isn't thankful to have a good excuse to hide his puffy eyes from the TV cameras. Welcome to "humbled", Mr. Busch.

And in other Kurt Busch news, his spotter is going to be Phoenix Racing's general manager, Steve Barkdoll. Normally I'd think, wow... the GM is your spotter? Guess you won't be mouthing off to HIM, huh? But then I think... he called Roger Penske "Dude." I wonder if anyone else EVER has called Roger Penske dude. I picture him in a button-down shirt in first grade and even the teacher calling him Mr. Penske.

Bobby Hamilton, Jr. has filed for bankruptcy, and one of the debts I read about was nearly $200,000 owed to the IRS. Can you use bankruptcy to not pay taxes?

Comments: 9
Last Activity: 01/13/12
By Carol Einarsson | 12/22/2011
Well, well, well. AJ's been released from Petty, and David Ragan's on his way there, it seems. I can't help but wonder what all the opportunities were that Kurt Busch spoke of in his last interview. Maybe Derrike Cope needs a start-and-park teammate.

And Matt Kenseth will again be back in Yellow with the Best Buy sponsorship for a few races. The crew won't look exactly like killer bees, but maybe bruised bees? It's the kinder, gentler hive.

From the files of: "Let's see if THIS will stop them!" we hear that for restrictor plate races, NASCAR has mandated a smaller radiator, a smaller overflow tank, a location change for the radiator inlet, softer springs, and a smaller rear spoiler. Somewhere I envision a mad scientist with bubbling beakers all around and a green glowing light in his lab as he laughs, "We WILL make those cars overheat...mwahahahaha!"

Comments: 11
Last Activity: 12/23/11
By Carol Einarsson | 09/28/2011
Now that Katie Kenseth has a broken scapula, I wonder if anyone is rethinking the idea of the "Better Half Dash" charity race. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to "give until it hurts", and I wonder if anyone else is reconsidering participation in this event.

I wonder how Carl Long feels about the pre-race inspection failure of the 22 car. Fines? Suspensions? Nope.

Remember when Tony said he didn't belong in the Chase, and he'd rather his spot went to someone that could actually compete for the title? I wonder if anyone at SHR has the nerve to replay that video for him in a lesson about not giving up.

Comments: 22
Last Activity: 09/29/11
By Carol Einarsson | 08/18/2011
Danica is the third highest paid female athlete. Well, what would you expect from someone with one open wheel win (three years ago) in 109 starts, and one top-five finish in nineteen stock car races? No wonder she makes twelve million a year. By the way, in race winnings, she has just six and a half million over six years.

I wonder why nobody's ever thought to invent a kill-switch for police cars that is attached to the officer driving. As soon as he gets out, it pulls a plug that then makes the car immovable (e-brake engaged automatically) so a criminal couldn't drive off with the car, and it also couldn't roll away, thus requiring a cursing cop to chase it down. Yes, I did see the new show on SPEED called Dumbest Stuff on Wheels. Kind of amusing, but AFV is still better.

I wonder why a company called Discount Tires would sponsor a car with the foreknowledge that eventually their team is going to suffer a blown tire and the image of a shredded tire and flaming car with their company logo on it would be seen on TV by millions.

Comments: 19
Last Activity: 08/19/11
By Carol Einarsson | 07/22/2011
I wonder if the penalties this week in the Whelan Modified Tour Series will have a similar result as (though surely only a fraction of) the infamous Daytona fight. On some level, a scandal of cheating, a winner stripped of the victory, and an owner suspended till the end of the year – and all tied to the higher NASCAR series – can be a draw to race fans who may want to find out what’s going on in a series so unpolluted by all the commercialism of the higher series. I know I’M more interested now!

I wonder if it would be impolite to start a petition to ask Allen Bestwick to never again play hockey. It’s been a long road back to where he belongs, but finally, he’s back!  Sure, it took a stroke of bad luck for a certain producer to finally be ousted, but now that he’s gone, ESPN seems to be making better decisions. This was one of their best.

Kyle Busch’s attorney asked for a continuance so he didn’t have to go to court this week. They’ve pushed it out till August 23rd, which is Bristol week. I wonder if the whole reason for doing so was because this is the last off-weekend before the end of the year, and having no license would be like a kid getting grounded during the summer. Just another example of avoiding responsibility. What a good spokesman he is for M&Ms.

Comments: 7
Last Activity: 08/01/11
By Carol Einarsson | 07/07/2011

With the departure of the CEO at Richard Petty Motorsports, I wonder if the upswing they were on might have hit the skids. I'm always concerned when there's an announcement about a departure without notice of a replacement. And I also wonder why Richard Petty isn't the CEO of Richard Petty Motorsports.

Did you know the Eisenhower interstate system requires that one mile in every five must be straight? The straight sections are usuable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies...like Jack Roush flying by.

I wonder what makes Jeff Gordon so good at winning inaugural races. And I wonder when he acquired the talent, because in his first year when essentially ALL the races were "inaugural" for him, he didn't win any. He did have 14 top-5 finishes in his first two years, though. Is it wrong, then to say that maybe he wins at new race tracks, but Jeff Gordon -- he's no Trevor Bayne!

Comments: 16
Last Activity: 07/13/11
By Carol Einarsson | 06/23/2011

When is the last time a road-course ringer was ever really a contender for a win? So I wonder, why are they still invited? And should we still be calling Boris a road-course ringer? Seems nobody would rather shed that identity than Boris “I wanna drive in ovals, too” Said.
Okay, now I’m just disappointed in Joe Gibbs. It was one thing for him to go on and on about the “it was not illegal” spiel on Sunday, but for his post-penalty statement to be more of the same, “Although the parts were not illegal,” I wonder if the rubbing off isn’t going the wrong way over there. Isn’t Joe supposed to be the positive role model setting the example of honesty and integrity for all in his employ?

Comments: 15
Last Activity: 06/24/11
By Carol Einarsson | 06/16/2011
RainEater Wiper Blades are sponsoring Bobby Labonte this weekend, and guess who just happens to need new wipers on her car! Yes, I think I know what brand I’ll be buying. I wonder where I can find them in Omaha.

I wonder if any judge will agree with the city of Concord and Cabarrus County when they testify that Bruton Smith agreed to repayment of their loan over a period of 40 years. The man is 84 years old!

Juan Pablo will have a Cars 2 theme this week. Try as I might, I can’t figure out why. Sure, there’s a lot of connections between the movie and NASCAR, but why JPM and not Jeff Gordon, who was IN the movie?

Comments: 32
Last Activity: 06/19/11
By Carol Einarsson | 05/26/2011
Danica full time in Nationwide next year? As long as NASCAR is still allowing the Cup guys to crash that party, I wonder why anyone who demands the media attention that she does, would even consider making that a full-time job.
Oh but wait. Danica denies that she's even considered it, which seems a ridiculous thing to deny because it's not as if the report said she was going to do it. It merely said she was considering, but she's denying even considering. I wonder why it's so important to deny not a truth, but to deny having had a thought. And the irony is that as soon as she read it, she then had to have thought about it.
And Tony says he's interested in having her join his little party at Stewart-Haas if she's willing to run full-time in the Cup series. I'm thinking if I were an owner with two cars in the race, I surely wouldn't want to put an inexperienced driver in the same race after she's run a couple handfuls of lower-series races. Give her a ride in Nationwide where at least she can damage only one (and not all three) of your team cars.

Comments: 8
Last Activity: 05/27/11

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