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I Was Just Wonderin'...

By Carol Einarsson | 01/23/2014
Penske Racing has changed to Team Penske. So now their initials have gone from PR to TP. I dunno about you, but when I hear TP, there's really only one thing I think about.

I wonder how NASCAR feels about the new nose on the Fords, an improved design to stop their fake grille bars from making debris. Maybe the new design isn't to stop the debris as much as it is to hide the launching mechanism that lets a driver shed that piece when he most needs a caution.

So Tony Stewart who's been married and divorced three times in six years to his crew chiefs has declined Zippy's offer to remarry. Seriously. Nobody looked better standing next to Tony during the anthem each Sunday, and nobody handled his roller-coaster emotions better. Come on, Tony, take him back!

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Last Activity: 01/29/14
By Carol Einarsson | 08/08/2013
I wonder if Tony has a new-found understanding of other team owners he's worked for that frowned upon (or even prohibited) racing in other series.

And I also wonder if maybe Tony's lost a little something behind the wheel of those sprint cars he so dearly loves. Two weeks in a row involved in nasty crashes that sent someone to the hospital. If you haven't seen the video yet of the wreck, it sure looked like 100% Tony, and entirely avoidable. Seemed like something even a second-year driver could have (and would have) avoided.

Well, it looks like Willie finally got his wish to have more sponsorship with Clint Bowyer than merely a Duck Dynasty sticker on Bowyer's camo limo. I wonder how many of the family members will be at Watkins Glen this weekend. Happy Happy Happy!

Comments: 16
Last Activity: 08/13/13
By Carol Einarsson | 09/27/2012
So Regan Smith is out of the Furniture Row car after Talladega. I wonder if James Finch wouldn't have been better off working a deal with Furniture Row to take Kurt one race sooner to spare himself the expense of the wrecked car that Busch will undoubtedly bring back to the garage that day.

And I wonder how many cars they've built for Kurt Busch's arrival. Y'think they've planned ahead and doubled the inventory?

At the opposite end of the personality spectrum, there's news about Elliott Sadler who has been talking to three different teams, and may be in a full-time ride with Joe Gibbs in 2014 if sponsorship can be found. Then again, I wonder if 17 months is long enough for Kyle Busch to screw up yet again and anger M&Ms one final time. That sponsor, you may remember, has a history with Elliott Sadler!

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Last Activity: 10/01/12
By Carol Einarsson | 09/21/2012
What a way to kick off race weekend! On Tuesday, a husband and his very pregnant wife were driving to the hospital and it became clear she wasn't going to make it all the way there before giving birth, so where did they stop? New Hampshire Motor Speedway, of course! Baby Katie is the first ever born at the speedway, and has been given two life-time tickets to races at NHMS. I wonder if the track will be kind enough to throw in a third so she can come with BOTH of her parents at least for a few years.

Jimmie and Chandra Johnson wrote a book about living through last year's Chase. The PR says, "The book was self-published by the Johnsons and packaged for publication by designer Mark Pollard. A gallery showing of select prints will take place Oct. 13-20 in Charlotte, N.C." Oddly, there's no word on where or how to purchase the book, but my guess is you'd better be sitting down when you find out the price. "Packaged for publication" by a designer??

Comments: 10
Last Activity: 09/24/12
By Carol Einarsson | 08/10/2012
Okay, now Roger Penske's SONS have been arrested? First Kurt Busch, then AJ Allmendinger, and now his two sons (who are in their 30s and really should be beyond the age of embarrassing their upstanding father this way) are causing grief for the Captain. When you compare dirty drug tests and yacht club break-ins, Kurt Busch's potty mouth and bad attitude aren't looking so bad anymore, are they? Wait. Yes, they are.

David Reutimann is rumored to be moving to JTG Daugherty Racing. Could be a replacement for, or better yet, a new teammate for Bobby Labonte. I suppose this means I'll have to cut some slack to Brad Daugherty if this comes to be. I still don't think he belongs in the booth, but if he's giving a ride to both Labonte and Reuti, we'll have to be more measured with our words, I suppose.

Comments: 12
Last Activity: 08/12/12
By Carol Einarsson | 07/20/2012
With so much criticism for every TV network covering NASCAR, I wonder why nobody's gone and tapped on Buddy Baker's shoulder and asked him to please come back.

So the military sponsorships shall continue! I read the press release, and it seems a lot of attention was put on Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s National Guard car. He didn't even have to go to Washington, nor did his fans have to call in or vote, but the power of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was still enough to prevail over the U.S. Government. Yes, my friends, that is good news for our country.

Since test results take time, I doubt there'll be a mediafest outside Aegis on Tuesday, but I couldn't help but imagine the same scene that existed when Chad's second appeal was being heard. Something about media sitting around with laptops eating deep fried cupcakes while scientists look at urine... yeah, that's just weird.

Comments: 11
Last Activity: 07/21/12
By Carol Einarsson | 06/28/2012

I wonder how long Matt Kenseth has known he was on his way out. Y'know there's nothing like a guy fighting for his job to make him step up and now he's leading in the points and looking for a ride. Sure, we know he's probably already got something nailed down, but I'm torn now on who to root for in this championship battle. While it would be nice to see Junior finally get that title, I can't help but think how silly it would make Jack look to have just fired a champion.

And speaking of out-of-work drivers, Joey (if he finds himself on the outs at JGR) could maybe ask Clint Bowyer to put in a good word for him at the MWR refugee camp.

When I read that Jimmie's going to have a special "white" paint scheme for this week's race, I couldn't help but think, "White? Isn't that the official color of an unsponsored car?" Then I saw the car and I think it's the best looking Lowe's car ever.

Comments: 30
Last Activity: 07/01/12
By Carol Einarsson | 06/21/2012

So how did Kurt Busch spend his first week back from suspension? The same way he spent the week prior to his suspension - in "heated exchange" with the media. This time it was Marty Smith. I wonder why he hasn't at least figured out not to tangle with the big names. There had to be plenty of "local" media at the track that he could have pushed around (verbally, that is) and maybe nobody would have known.

I can't help but notice that the past two weeks we've seen some decent race broadcasts and three things have been missing - two brothers and Danica. See? The sport CAN survive without the overhype of a bad-boy, a has-been, and a bikini queen.

Do you think Tony's shunning of Junior's win is pure and simple jealousy? Three-time champ Tony has a fraction of the fans that no-champ Junior has, and I wonder if the more successful Tony becomes, the more aggravated he is about that statistic.

Comments: 36
Last Activity: 06/25/12
By Carol Einarsson | 05/24/2012

I wonder what the turn-around time is for a commercial being filmed this week in Kannapolis  until we see it on ESPN. And I wonder how Dale Earnhardt will be incorporated into the ad.

Kevin Harvick will have a red, white, and blue paint scheme from Budweiser for six races this summer, and that reminded me of something amusing... Watching a documentary the other day of Amish youth that have moved away from their communities, one of them was wearing a Budweiser racing cap, and I wondered - was this young Amish man first drawn to Bud as his favorite team because of the Clydesdales? And I wonder, like non-Amish kids dream of fancy cars, was his childhood dream to one day have a Clydesdale pulling his modest buggy?

So Jeffrey Earnhardt is a cage-fighter, evidently. Best part of this news is he says, "My next race is in a few weeks, so I felt comfortable that now is a good time." Translate: If I get the crap beat out of me on May 22nd, I still have six and a half weeks to recover before Daytona.

Comments: 9
Last Activity: 05/25/12
By Carol Einarsson | 05/18/2012

Greg Biffle has a very cool car this week for the American Red Cross (see image here), but I can't be the only one who wondered, "Whose legs are those?"

Headlines this week talk about how Tony Stewart hopes to re-sign Ryan Newman. Gosh, what a suspenseful story that is! Will he? Won't he? Let's all just agree to act surprised when Ryan Newman stays on at SHR, okay?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr's gonna run a Batman scheme at Michigan! I wonder if anyone else is hoping, with fingers crossed, that someone (even if it's not MIS) will get Batman to again give the command to start engines. If that happens, my DVR-recording-you-tube-savvy readers, PLEASE will someone upload it and send me the link for use in that week's CHEERS and JEERS?


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Last Activity: 05/21/12

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