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Inside Ed's Head

By Eddie Laub | 09/12/2013
“If you ain’t cheating, then you ain’t really trying”- Junior Johnson

With all the hullabalu this week about the antics that Michael Waltrip racing, Ty Norris, and Clint Bowyer pulled at Richmond, many folks have been in an uproar about how horrible this “Cheating” is, and how it puts a blemish on the sport.
I disagree.
NASCAR, from its very roots of running illegal moonshine in the back hills of the Carolina’s, has been built on the very idea of trying to pull one over on the authorities. The first NASCAR Strictly Stock race winner in 1949 was disqualified for having non-stock rear springs on his car.  Cheating goes as far back as those early days, and continues today.

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By Eddie Laub | 03/04/2013
While Friday I discovered there's actually a 4:30AM, Saturday I was back to living in complete ignorance that 4:30 happens twice a day. Two times a year in order to make it to the track for the Friday photo meeting is enough for me!

On my way to the race track, I notice that just outside of the PIR property is a gentlemen setting up a tent to sell Bonsai trees. Yes, Bonsai trees. There are race souvenirs set up in tents next to his so fans will stop, but I just don’t connect the NASCAR crowd with being the kind of crowd that would purchase Bonsai trees. Good luck tree man! I think you’re going to need it!

I continued my way into the track, got into my parking spot, and was promptly rear ended by a fairly new Dodge Charger. The guy was nice, but a little shocked that I wouldn’t go look for damage. I believe my words to him were, and I quote, “Dude, that car ain’t gonna hurt the back of my truck.”

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By Eddie Laub | 03/01/2013
Ya know what? It’s true -- there really is a 4:30am. And it’s still dark out then, too. But that’s when I got up to head out the track. The two-hour drive (more than that if you toss in the Starbucks stop along the way) was well worth it, though, when unlike last November, I made it to the track in time for the Friday photo meeting!  An extra day of pictures for me!

It’s going to be a jam-packed weekend! There's a Mexico NASCAR Series race today (first time ever for this series out of Mexico), Nationwide and K&N races Saturday, and the Sprint Cup race on Sunday. All that, however, and I can’t help but wish the trucks were here.

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By Eddie Laub | 02/28/2013
I know you've all been eagerly awaiting my predictions for the 2013 NASCAR season, so I whipped out my trusty old crystal ball, and promptly dropped it on the floor.

I wouldn’t put money on many of these if I were you, but here they are, anyway!  (Insert joke here about me being a week late and a dollar short.)
Matt Kenseth will win the coveted Yearly Ugliest Car Kolors of the Year award (YUCKY.) After the fiasco that was the last couple years of the Tide Ride, how can Home Depot think that bright orange tail on a yellow and black car looks good, and will make folks want to shop there?

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By Eddie Laub | 12/20/2012

With Christmas right around the corner, I once again snuck into a certain jolly fellow’s mailbag and have pulled out a few letters to Santa.  Here’s a small sample of Christmas requests that the NASCAR nation has sent north:
Dear Santa,
Please let me have an “on” year next year. 2012 kinda stank. I'd like to point out that I stayed off this year's naughty list!
-Carl E.
Dear St Nick,
Please give my hubby a new electric shaver to keep him from ever growing that thing back.
-Ingrid V.

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By Eddie Laub | 11/11/2012

Photo: Eddie Laub for Race Journal Online.

Kind of off a to a slow start today. I slept in a bit this morning because I had already been to the photographers meeting and didn’t need to go again.

I did get to park in the infield today- which I promptly found out that I could have done yesterday (actually, I think I knew that, I just didn’t think about it yesterday.) Seems that with the Supertrucks (yes, I still call them Supertrucks) and the Nationwide Series both on their way to Homestead, there's a ton of room in the infield and they let the media park there. So technically, I am parked in the Nationwide garage area which odd because there really is no garage.

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By Eddie Laub | 11/10/2012
Up and early Saturday morning, determined to make the photo meeting so I can start taking photos!
Saturday observations:

Apparently, to at least one driver in the metro-Phoenix area, the Phoenix Interstate system is directly comparable to Daytona International Speedway. He was doing some serious drafting of me this morning. Good thing not much of the freeway here goes in a straight line, since there’s no bump-drafting in the corners.

McDonald’s Ice Coffee makes every super early morning experience that much more bearable.  In fact,

Dear McDonalds,
I would be open to being sponsored by you. I’ll put a sticker on my truck in exchange for daily sugar-free vanilla iced coffee.

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By Eddie Laub | 11/09/2012
Back at Phoenix, ready for the Advocare 500 weekend to kick it into gear. The weather is absolutely beautiful. The track is fast and the stars are here.

Here are some of my observations from Friday practice and before the truck race:

During check in, I met Ken Bowers, PIR Chaplin. I’ve heard this man give the invocation for 22 years now (by his math, everyone knows that I can’t count over 20) and I immediately recognized his voice. I introduced myself, and we struck up a conversation. What a blessing this man is! He is officiating a wedding this afternoon in the RV lot, and then is quickly heading to the start finish line to do the invocation for the truck race!

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By Eddie Laub | 08/24/2012
Each week, Carol does a great job of picking the “Quote of the Week.”  They are timely highlights from the past weekend of racing. But what about all those quotes that she doesn’t choose?  Some from this week are just too good to pass up, so here are a few of them:
Rejected quotes of the week:

"As a group at Penske Racing, we have not felt comfortable enough to risk the name and reputation that Roger has over those parts and pieces.” -Brad Keselowski

So since that the Penske name has been pretty much all sludged up by other drivers and The Captain’s own sons, are you guys gonna be more willing to “experiment” now?

"Tell the f****** 88 he can thank me later for not wrecking his ***." –Jeff Gordon

Everyone that survives a truck race with an intact truck owes this same debt to Todd Bodine.

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By Eddie Laub | 07/19/2012
With the recent miscommunication between Denny and Darian, I got to thinking to myself, “Self, are there other miscommunications that happen in NASCAR? Could this be a real problem? Is there any way that I can help?” Here, then, is my Driver to Crew Translation Dictionary:

What he said:
Translates to:
“I just need tires!”“Two tires please; no more, no less. And please be snappy about it.”
“There’s debris on the backstretch!”“Not really, but the leader is quickly coming up to lap me.”
“It’s pouring out here!”“We’re in the lead, but will need to pit soon, and I just got a water drop on my windshield from somewhere. It might just be beer from that guy that flips me off every time I go by, but it could also be a torrential downpour.”

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