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Cheers and Jeers

By Carol Einarsson | 10/04/2016

CHEERS to Carter McMurray! Wow, is he a natural or what? "Yeah, our car's fast..." I love him!

CHEERS to the military presence at Dover. It's one of the best parts of the race!

CHEERS to Hazel waving her little hand on a parade lap with Dad and brother Carter. How cute was that?

CHEERS to a Kyle Busch photo bomb. For a moment there, he was almost likable. 

JEERS to a cadaver knee?! What? Holy Crap!!  I did a Google search and yes, that's a real thing! I guess I always thought any sort of knee replacement was done with fake parts. And Krista said it so casually like, of course it's a cadaver knee! 

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By Carol Einarsson | 09/27/2016

CHEERS to reading something this week that made me chuckle again, "Hilton Bill Weber Hotel". Yeah, possibly one of the best memories of NASCAR in New Hampshire, the infamous melt-down that had TV execs getting out of bed in the middle of the night and flying to New England to "manage" a certain situation.

CHEERS to NBC Sports for the American flag patches on the pit reporters' firesuits. I wish NASCAR would follow suit and include them on drivers' suits. It saddens me to think of all the reasons they won't, though. Can I just say CHEERS to NBC Sports again?

CHEERS to Tony Stewart for his Simpson fire suit, too. I remember a time (before the assertion that NASCAR killed Superman) when EVERYone was in a Simpson fire suit. With a Simpson helmet. And Simpson underwear. And Simpson belts... And yes, Bill Simpson has since sold the company, but there is still a nostalgic warm spot for the man who's life has been spent trying to save lives in race cars. 

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Last Activity: 10/02/16
By Carol Einarsson | 09/20/2016

CHEERS to the intro song for Tony, most appropriate. Having not been paying 100% attention to the order and who they were up to, as soon as I heard "Bad to the Bone" start to play, I knew it was Tony. I don't know if that's a good thing, but it was certainly the most appropriate pick of the day.

JEERS to boos from the crowd for the whole front row. I don't know how NASCAR can fix this (or if  they should even try, given their propensity for over-working the dough and interfering in every last detail of what was once an organic sport), but when your top two drivers are hated by the fans -- the very fans that carry your sport -- how do you continue to thrive? I tried to make the case against myself that the people booing Kyle Busch were Brad Keselowski fans, and those booing Brad must be Kyle Busch fans, but if that were the case, we'd at least have heard a modicum of applause for each driver. Yet, we didn't. You just can't expect to carry on with business as usual if the fans hate your "stars".

CHEERS to Michael McDowell for a great invocation! I was starting to wonder if he'd get a turn at that this season, so it was nice to see. No sponsors, just praying to Jesus. Did Coach Gibbs get his turn yet?

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Last Activity: 09/22/16
By Carol Einarsson | 09/13/2016

JEERS to stitches for Miss Ashlyn, but nobody said why!

CHEERS to whomever had a nice, long chat with Kevin Harvick, because clearly SOMEone did.

CHEERS to Lt Col Ed Hamlin for a lovely invocation, and the US National Marine Corps Band for the anthem as it was meant to sound.

CHEERS to Pete Larson for the command to start. You know how those groups can go, but to have one guy out front with a microphone, and all the rest thinking they'll be heard, too -- that worked out as perfectly as when Andy muted Barney's microphone for the church chorus.

CHEERS to full stands!  Fullish, at least!

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Last Activity: 09/14/16
By Carol Einarsson | 09/09/2016

CHEERS to All Things Throwback! Best race of the season, and one to save on the DVR, I'm certain! I only recently deleted last year's race for space, and I'm not sure I don't regret doing so.

CHEERS to five sticks of gum. I know this is only year two, so it might be premature to say this, but every single year, this gets better! No detail is too small, and we just can't express enough appreciation for the creativity of every person involved. 

CHEERS to Bill Elliott standing with his boy. That's just nice to see. I bet he sure is enjoying this season of life, maybe even more than when he was driving.

CHEERS to the longest invocation EVER!  Give an old pastor a microphone and a congregation on a Sunday afternoon, and ... that was just heart-felt!  And if you missed church on Sunday, well, you just may have made up for it.

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Last Activity: 09/10/16
By Carol Einarsson | 08/30/2016
CHEERS to the invocation and anthem on the "right" side of the hour. Thank you, NBC! 

CHEERS to Owen Larson, AGAIN removing his own hat at the appropriate time. Proper training starts young and no matter the sun, four minutes hatless won't harm a toddler. 

CHEERS to the US ARMY Chorus Quartet who looked and sounded great. Still seems to be mixing issues in the booth, but you could tell that left on their own, they sounded fantastic! 

CHEERS to the giant American flag held by fans, and look -- Denny's daughter almost looked self-conscious about the camera on her during the anthem. Do you think she knows she's an Internet sensation? 

CHEERS to the NBC production team this week, "Rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air" (on screen we see rockets and "bombs"); "Flag was still there" (perfect flag shot!); and for "Land of the free and the home of the brave", there's the fly-over by those beautiful machines piloted by the brave to keep our land free! 

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By Carol Einarsson | 08/24/2016


CHEERS to rain passed just in time!

CHEERS to the Bryan Clauson tributes by his broken-hearted friends. And for his family to be there for it makes it all the more special.

CHEERS to the race on cable so we can watch the pre-race if we want to and not be hijacked to local news.

CHEERS to Billy Mauldin's invocation. No sponsors, no crap - just praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Sure, we missed it being Joe Gibbs or Darrell Waltrip or Michael McDowell, but with the MRO kids singing the anthem, the MRO preacher was a great choice!

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Last Activity: 09/13/16
By Carol Einarsson | 08/09/2016

CHEERS to reportedly sold out, and actually looking sold out. Granted, they only have about 30,000 seats to fill there, but to actually sell out ANY NASCAR race these days, well, good on you, Watkins Glen!  It must be all the Boris Said fans.

CHEERS to David Fife because every time he does the invocation, I wonder if he ever learned to do a proper Don Knotts impression, but JEERS to including Cheez Its in your prayer. What, there aren't enough signs around the track?

CHEERS to former United States Marine, JW Cortes. I wonder what it cost Kaplan University for him to wear that shirt. The anthem was slow, but respectable.

CHEERS to the all-time BEST-timed rockets red glare! Okay, there was no red glare, but the BOOM! of the rockets was the best EVER!! And CHEERS to the C130 Hercules and that sound!

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Last Activity: 08/13/16
By Carol Einarsson | 08/03/2016

CHEERS to a Monday morning race because it affords a lovely Sunday afternoon nap, and because the races seem cleaner and quicker on Mondays as if they've all texted one another with the agreement to just play nice so they can go home.

CHEERS to a nice (and funny!) interview with Matt DiBenedetto. Watch for that slide job going into turn one where he passes 33 cars. Yeah, it's been a rough patch since Bristol, but gosh he is a nice young man!

CHEERS to interviewing Jeb, too. Worse things could happen to a rookie than having an uncle with a motor coach at the track!

JEERS to the phrase "concussion-like symptoms". Why can't we just call it what it is anymore? I guess it's not any worse than "flu-like symptoms", though that's just a euphemism for "puking his brains out in the bus."

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Last Activity: 08/04/16
By Carol Einarsson | 07/26/2016

Honestly, I don't remember what happened the week of the Brickyard. Was that a week when I failed to record it? Or did time just get away from me and I couldn't write it up? I know I saw the first part (to lap 25) and I saw the last part (from 35 to go until the end), but not the bulk of the race. I had nothing to publish. My assistant wryly said, "You got the good stuff.. you didn't miss anything in the middle." He said I should publish it anyway. And I thought about it, but never really got to it. The more time that passed, the more the memory faded, so the less I'm able to write based solely on my memory-jogging notes that I take during the race. Then it occurred to me, maybe you'd like to see what a mess those notes are that I write. It wouldn't take me any time at all to just copy/paste it here. Maybe you'd be amused at the raw notes that I dress up for Tuesdays. Here, then, without any corrections for capitalization or anything else, really, are those notes. It's what I tap out on my keyboard while I'm watching a race live. Probably doesn't need saying, but the "ch" is a CHEERS and a "j" is JEERS . This is the Brickyard column as far as it got...

CHEERS to the "four letters" for Tony

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Last Activity: 08/09/16

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