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I Was Just Wonderin'...

Roush Sponsor Woes Solved!
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By Carol Einarsson | 06/28/2012
Category: I Was Just Wonderin'...

I wonder how long Matt Kenseth has known he was on his way out. Y'know there's nothing like a guy fighting for his job to make him step up and now he's leading in the points and looking for a ride. Sure, we know he's probably already got something nailed down, but I'm torn now on who to root for in this championship battle. While it would be nice to see Junior finally get that title, I can't help but think how silly it would make Jack look to have just fired a champion.

And speaking of out-of-work drivers, Joey (if he finds himself on the outs at JGR) could maybe ask Clint Bowyer to put in a good word for him at the MWR refugee camp.

When I read that Jimmie's going to have a special "white" paint scheme for this week's race, I couldn't help but think, "White? Isn't that the official color of an unsponsored car?" Then I saw the car and I think it's the best looking Lowe's car ever.

I wonder how many people will be watching and waiting to see how Bruton solved his traffic problem. More importantly, I wonder (well, not really, because I know they wouldn't) if NASCAR would just scratch his little Kentucky track off the 2013 schedule if it wasn't completely fixed.

Michael Waltrip commented that maybe Brian Vickers could drive the 55 car "if Mark ever gets done driving." I'm reminded of one of the best quotes ever by Kenny Schrader: "I'm gonna drive until my buddies can't lift me in the car; and I'll get some younger buddies if I need to." Somehow I think Schrader will long outlast Mark Martin, though.

I wonder how much money it cost for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to investigate and conclude that Jack Roush's most recent plane crash -- TWO YEARS AGO -- was pilot error.

And with Jack having sponsor trouble, I wonder if it wouldn't cost the NTSB less money to just sponsor a Roush car contingent upon Jack's agreement to never fly again.

This news is a little late, but it's new to me -- did you know that even The Jerry Springer Show passed on a sponsorship opportunity with Kurt Busch? Had I read it earlier, I believe that would've been the quote of the week right there when GM Steve Barkdoll added, "But they wished us good luck."

And in other Busch news, Kyle Busch beat Chase Elliott in the ARCA race at Berlin Raceway last week.



06/27/2012 8:58 pm (1)
Springer was nothing but a publicity stunt for him.He ain't no Oprah, he probably couldn't pay a weekend tire bill.LMAO

It would serve that lying SOB Roush right if Matt could win it all.
Bill B
06/28/2012 6:00 am (2)
I wonder how many people that went to Kentucky last year don't care if the traffic problems are fixed. They are going back, period!

I think that Springer thing was a PR stunt to deflect attention away from the negative publicity and suspension.
Bill B
06/28/2012 6:06 am (3)
BTW, Carol, I'm not saying the white 48 paint scheme doesn't look nice, but you do realize it's just the reverse of his normal paint scheme (blue on white instead of white on blue)?
06/28/2012 7:14 am (4)
I think Jack Roush wanted to one-up Tony Stewart. All Smoke did after winning the title last year was jettison his crew chief. Firing your driver -- can't top that!

Actually, primer-grey is the preferred "Sponsor Wanted" color. I remember when C.J. Richards campaigned a primer-grey mini-stock at Albany-Saratoga Speedway a couple decades ago, despite the fact that the rule book proscribed that particular color scheme. But then, he owned the track, so....

That said, the "reverse" 48 scheme looks lovely, and should be quite visible at night. More teams should opt for lighter colors at night races.

If they haven't solved the traffic problems at Atlanta after 30 years of trying, what makes anyone think NASCAR's going to pull the NSCS from Kentucky after one year?

So, Jack Roush is going from four cars to two in two seasons, due to trouble finding sponsorship. Tell me again how over the recession is? Also, tell me why the people with the most money (and, according to some, should be creating jobs) are withholding sponsorship from race cars and allowing so many people to lose their jobs?

I'll wait here.
06/28/2012 7:54 am (5)
With all the rumors that Kenseth is going to Gibbs my first thoguht was that he win the championship this year, move to Gibbs and they pair him with Darrien Grubb. I think the Joe Gibbs Refugee camp is trying to one up the MWR refugee camp!
06/28/2012 8:05 am (6)
Well, isn't that nice? Kyle beat Chase Elliott in an ARCA race. Yeah, Kyle needs the practice & experience. What a guy.
06/28/2012 10:50 am (7)
Sammi, I think that falls under the category of "Spoiler". Makes me sick and we're facing three days of it across the board. Still think they should only drive in one "league" - like baseball players.
06/28/2012 11:01 am (8)
I would be inclined to think that Matt and Jack have known for some time that he was not going to re-sign with RFR. Already having another ride in place... its just too cut and dry. Matt gets the opportunity to possibly pick up a great sponsor in Home Depot if the #20 is his destination), and Jack gets to bring up Ricky... its a win, win for both.

Home Depot is looking for someone to rival Jimmie/Lowes.... Matt is the perfect driver for that. He and JJ are similar in many ways. It would not surprise me to find out that Home Depot had been courting Matt for a while now.

06/28/2012 2:19 pm (9)
@ Carol:

You wrote: "And in other Busch news, Kyle Busch beat Chase Elliott in the ARCA race at Berlin Raceway last week."

OK, I'm mystified. ARCA races at Berlin on August 11th. Last week's race was at Winchester, Alex Bowman was the winner. In fact, as far as I know, Chase Elliott doesn't even run in the ARCA series - he's in the K & N East (which used to be the Busch North), and their race last week was at Langley (Elliott started on pole, Corey LaJoie won the race).


06/28/2012 2:43 pm (10)
@ Possum,

Approximately 6,000 fans turned out to watch Busch win Tuesday night’s (which was June 19) ARCA/Super Series Rowdy 251 at Berlin Raceway, marking the third consecutive year that the Las Vegas native has won the race held in his honor. Busch led the race’s final 38 laps, driving away from Chase Elliott and Coopersville’s Johnny VanDoorn down the stretch.
06/28/2012 2:44 pm (11)
@ possum:

Apparently your mystification have led you wrong:
06/28/2012 3:24 pm (12)
Where did you get the idea that Jack ousted Matt Kenseth? It was Matt's idea to leave. He made his own deal and told Roush that he was leaving.
Mallards Motorsports
06/28/2012 4:04 pm (13)
Either Jack told Matt he wasn't going to renew his contract and then Matt went out to find another ride OR Matt got tired of under-funded sponsorship, sought out another ride (which he says is a done signed deal) and then the announcement was made. Scenario 2 seems more likely...WHY would Jack fire Matt? Did some sponsor come along with big bucks and say yes I'll sponsor the 17 as long as you fire the well-liked champion Kenseth and put the unproven Stenhouse in the car? Not likely. Plus, Matt mentions the decision was made last week in a meeting with Roush - if Roush had fired him (and Matt explicitly says he was not fired) he couldn't have done the Home Depot (or wherever) deal in a week. More likely he had the Home Depot (or wherever) deal in hand and Jack wouldn't match the contract terms. We've seen this before with Jeff Burton and on some level with Mark Martin.
06/28/2012 5:17 pm (14)
@ Mallard Motorsports

I think your "Matt got tired of under-funded sponsorship and sought out another ride" is most likely correct. I am sure Joe Gibbs knew that Matt would be a free agent this season... and let him know there would be a ride available. This whole situation just sounds way to put together for me to think Matt was fired.
06/28/2012 5:25 pm (15)
@ vpat48, eddo:

Yeah, I looked into it a bit more after I posted.

That was not an ARCA race. That was a CRA race for pavement late models. CRA is a racing series run on a small group of tracks in the Ohio/Indiana/Michigan area. Much like NASCAR sanctions the Whelen Modifieds, ARCA sanctions the CRA series.

The Rowdy 251 is a special event the CRA has run for 4 years. As you might guess from the name, Kyle Busch is the featured attraction, together with one or more other NASCAR "stars" (in this case Travis Pastrano and Chase Elliott).

There's nothing new about this - for many years tracks have brought in a NASCAR star to run against the locals, and boost the gate. I can recall Bobby Allison and Harry Gant, amoung others, running late models against the locals at Hialeah.

Basically what's happened here is Carol has allowed her dislike for Busch to lead her to mis-state the events, without fully understanding what the deal was.

06/29/2012 2:08 am (16)
Sources have confirmed to PitPass.net that Michael Andretti has purchased the engine program from Penske Racing and will field at least one full time Dodge in the Cup series in 2013 and beyond. No word on who the driver is, but with Matt Kenseth leaving Roush at the end of the season, the 2003 Cup series champ did confirm to the Journal Sentinel on Wednesday that he will drive for "a new cup team" in 2013 and beyond. One option on the table is for Andretti to base his team out of the old Evernham Motorsports shop at the Statesville Regional Airport in Statesville, N.C. Also hearing from this unnamed source that this new deal with Dodge is also with Richard Petty Motorsports -- currently a Ford team paired with Roush Fenway Racing, but has a long history with Dodge. (this is why we didn't get the announcement of Petty to Dodge in Michigan a few weeks ago, they were trying to get Kenseth). Hearing that an offical announcement could come as early as next weekend.
06/29/2012 2:34 am (17)
Re: "Basically what's happened here is Carol has allowed her dislike for Busch to lead her to mis-state the events, without fully understanding what the deal was."

What was misstated? If you've got a beef, maybe you should email Steve Kaminski of Michigan Live (mlive.com). Story is here.

Basically what's happened here is you've (again) issued your critique without fully understanding what the deal was.

06/29/2012 12:00 pm (18)
@ Vpat48

Wow... this could get interesting! Thanks for the update... I was for sure MK was headed to JGR, now I don't know what to think! ;) lol
06/29/2012 12:51 pm (19)
@ possum:
If ARCA sanctions the CRA series, as you say, then it was indeed an ARCA race. right?

06/29/2012 1:20 pm (20)
ARCA doesn't run New Berlin until Augest 8 according to their own schedule.

Not sure WHO was running at the New Berlin when Kyle Busch was said to win but they wern't ARCA cars.

Jim @ Home
06/29/2012 1:57 pm (21)
@ Carol,

What was misstated was implying it was an ARCA race. If one says "ARCA" with no qualifier, one assumes it means the "ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards", just like when someone says "NASCAR" with no qualifier it's assumed to be Sprint Cup. But this was not an ARCA race, did not count for ARCA series points, did not involve ARCA spec cars, and did not involve ARCA series drivers. It was a CRA series special event.

What was also misstated was implying that Kyle was "beating up on" poor young Chase Elliott. In actual fact neither Busch nor Elliott are regulars on the CRA series. Perhaps we should instead have some scorn for Elliott (who finished 2nd) for "bushwhacking" in on the CRA regulars, and depriving them of a good finish?

Truth of the matter is that Busch did the folks at Berlin, and the CRA competitors, a favor by appearing there (which, admittedly, he was paid to do). Unlike for instance Nationwide, where having the Cup drivers just limits the money and opportunity for the younger drivers, having a Cup star at a local track brings in a lot of extra spectators, and a lot of extra advertising money, which trickles down to benefit all the competitors.

And FWIW, it does look like Steve Kaminski understood that it was a CRA Super Series race, since he used that title in a couple of places in the article, altho he did once call it an ARCA race.

I think my critique, that you allowed your dislike for Busch to lead you to post something without fully investigating it, is valid. Doesn't mean you need to change anything - your likes and dislikes give the site character. And honestly, I would have let it slide if it wasn't for sammi's comment (#6). She has clearly read the wrong meaning. That justifies both posting the correct facts, and criticizing the wording which results in the wrong interpretation.

06/29/2012 2:17 pm (22)

Marty Smith says multiple sources still tell him that it still probably is JGR and i think i agree with him

I don't see Matt going from a contender to a startup team with no nascar experience.
Mallards Motorsports
06/29/2012 2:45 pm (23)
Jack Roush quote:

"I will say I was surprised when I learned [Kenseth] would not be signing with us," Roush said at Kentucky Speedway. "I won't comment on any of the negotiations because we have an agreement not to talk about that."

But Roush added that he probably could have done more to re-sign Kenseth, the 2003 Cup champion, had he known Kenseth was serious about leaving.

"If I was as diligent on that end as I am about finding out why a fuel pump broke, I might have been able to stop it," Roush said. "From my standpoint, he will be moving to the dark side.

"But the friendship part for us will survive. I've not lost respect for Matt and I hope he hasn't for me. I've enjoyed the 15 years with Matt and the success he's had as a driver. He is a cornerstone here and his DNA is all over this organization."

So this would seem to settle Matt was not fired and the "dark side" comment would seem to point to Toyota (Joe Gibbs Racing)...
06/29/2012 3:09 pm (24)
Came to post the exact same thing. This pretty much confirms Kenseth is going to JGR
06/29/2012 4:05 pm (25)
Thanks MM and Vpat48... I think it is indeed going to be JGR.
Mr. O
06/29/2012 8:45 pm (26)
possum said:

"If one says "ARCA" with no qualifier, one assumes it means the "ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards", just like when someone says "NASCAR" with no qualifier it's assumed to be Sprint Cup."

Yes, but remember, with Kyle Busch, "NASCAR stats" is understood to mean all combined series.
Mr. O
06/29/2012 8:47 pm (27)
So when Carol states that Kyle was racing in the ARCA series, she is just following the lead of others.
06/30/2012 4:13 am (28)
Not to mention, the column is meant to be read with the understanding that it's humor. Get over all the pedantic nit picking already. If you don't get the joke, move on. There's no need to dissect the literal meaning of something that was never intended as anything more than a comment to bring about a smile or perhaps even a chuckle.

07/01/2012 1:53 am (29)
Joe Gibbs pretty much confirm, Home Depot will sponsor Kenseth.

Asked whether sponsor Home Depot would continue to be part of the equation, Gibbs told the NASCAR Wire Service, "I think part of what we've got going on with us right now -- there's a lot going on. So the things I talked about . . . Joey, we want to get that done. Everything else is kind of up in the air for us right now."
07/01/2012 8:32 am (30)
Bill b:
I had gone to every race (truck,nationwide,arca,indy,legend) at ky until this one. They had traffic problems since the beginning,but choose not to do anything about it. After last years sprint cup fiasco, I was done. Haven't been back since. Even with Bruton whining that it wasn't their fault,and the state jumping in to pay for changes. Hey ky! I keep getting stuck in my driveway. Why don't you come pave that! I'm done giving those people any money.
I still love NASCAR, I just will have to go farther to enjoy the full experiance. I'm just ****ed that I waited so long for a race that close, and the money grubbing, millionaires are cheating hardworking Americans out of a chance to enjoy an great show.

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