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I Was Just Wonderin'...

Kyle Busch Goes After Toyota, Mayhem in Sonoma, and The Kiss Makes Headlines
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By Carol Einarsson | 06/21/2012
Category: I Was Just Wonderin'...

So how did Kurt Busch spend his first week back from suspension? The same way he spent the week prior to his suspension - in "heated exchange" with the media. This time it was Marty Smith. I wonder why he hasn't at least figured out not to tangle with the big names. There had to be plenty of "local" media at the track that he could have pushed around (verbally, that is) and maybe nobody would have known.

I can't help but notice that the past two weeks we've seen some decent race broadcasts and three things have been missing - two brothers and Danica. See? The sport CAN survive without the overhype of a bad-boy, a has-been, and a bikini queen.

Do you think Tony's shunning of Junior's win is pure and simple jealousy? Three-time champ Tony has a fraction of the fans that no-champ Junior has, and I wonder if the more successful Tony becomes, the more aggravated he is about that statistic.

Terry Blount of ESPN.com says of Kyle Busch's three blown motors, "Something doesn't meet the smell test here." FINALLY. How does a driver not just blow three engines, but do it under caution? Shrub tweeted this week to make sure people weren't blaming JGR, and he pointed his tweeting finger at Toyota instead. Good thinking. You've already pissed off M&Ms, now let's go after your manufacturer.

I wonder if one thing eating away at Kyle Busch is Joey Logano's success in the Nationwide Series. And I also wonder if the real talent in that series isn't the JGR cars more than the guy behind the wheel. Interestingly, nobody is yet lumping Joey's Nationwide Series wins together with his Cup wins to inflate his stats.

If someone at SPEED thought it would be a good idea to have Marcos Ambrose teach Danielle Trotta how to throw a boomerang, don't you think it would have been worth the trouble of getting a REAL boomerang for him to throw instead of an ornamental one?

Now that GoDaddy says they've hired a new agency and are heading their advertising in a new, less smutty direction, I wonder if Danica realizes that means she's going to have to represent her sponsor in a whole new way - as an actual race car driver. You know, racing and winning? And I also wonder with GoDaddy moving away from that kind of advertising, how long they'll stay interested in sponsoring her.

A big splash in Minnesota last week had General Mills emphatically endorsing same-gender marriage and speaking out against the proposed ban in that state. I wonder how conservatives that are die-hard loyalists to NASCAR sponsors will reconcile that with their support of brands like Cheerios. (WorldNetDaily article here)

And wasn't it GM brand Betty Crocker that dumped Erin Crocker a couple of years back because her affair and subsequent home-wrecking at the Evernham household didn't exactly represent their same family values?

I wonder if Brad Keselowski got any kind of monetary "thank you gift" from Twitter. Or NASCAR.

And speaking of Twitter (yet again), lots of people are saying it's time for Junior to join the ranks. I disagree. He's a private kind of guy, always has been and likely always will be. It's never been the Earnhardt way to do something just because everyone else is, and it seems he knows better than a lot of others on Twitter, that his fans don't want to see tweets from his PR people. Oh, and lest I forget, "hashtag NASCAR."

I wonder who put @TheOrangeCone behind my car in my own parking space? Sorry, TOC, I hope you're okay. I swear I never saw you.

USA Today wins for the craziest story in the news this week - an article titled Dale Earnhardt Jr. Shares Victory Lane Kiss with Girlfriend. Now keep in mind, this isn't People Magazine; or the National Enquirer; or even just an online blog. It's USA Today! And if the story wasn't enough, they've embedded video with the caption, "Video of the kiss is below (fast-forward to 6:55 mark)." It's not even like it was a slow news week! At least they had Nate Ryan at the track to write a real news story from Michigan.

Now that he's gone, I find myself wondering if the monkey had a name.

David Mayhew will be driving Michael McDowell's #98 this weekend in Sonoma. Have you noticed how his name is just one letter different (and frankly, looks quite the same if you're not wearing your glasses) as Mayhem?

In related news, Brian Vickers will also be at Sonoma this weekend.

Guess who else will be back this weekend -- It's Robby Gordon! Makes you almost giddy to find out what penalties he'll receive during the race, doesn't it?



06/20/2012 7:32 pm (1)
Kurt Busch is evidently hellbent on challenging the media.. and for what reason, I don't know. (sigh)

This is not the first time Tony has slighted Jr... actually he has several times, once even having to come out and explain his comments in order to quite a booing Jr Nation. Is Tony jealous? Its possible.

Let's see, I read the most amusing quote this week in an article about this Danica/GoDaddy subject... "Next step? Actually winning a doggone race." Ahh... this is such a refreshing concept! I wonder what made them think of it now?

And, yes... at first glance, Mayhew looks like Mayhem.
06/21/2012 12:43 am (2)
I wonder how conservatives that are die-hard loyalists to NASCAR sponsors will reconcile that with their support of brands like Cheerios.

Simple! Stop buying the crap

Not wanting to step on any feet here but I've looked all over the place to find the name of that National Holiday I seemed to have missed.

I'm just wonderin' why everyong hate Nascars bikini queen?

Try as I might I just can't see one of the guys looking anywhere near as good looking in a bikini. In fact if I saw one of the guys wearing a bikini I'd likely puke.

Brian Vickers was one of the drivers in the Waltrip car at Le Mans last week so the right hand truns should be a snap.

Jim @ Home
Bill B
06/21/2012 5:58 am (3)
I thought the same thing about Kurt. Why antagonize someone like Marty Smith and ESPN? They have the most influence of any reporters. That's just poking the bear.

I don't think Tony is jealous, I just think he was being his usual smartass self.

Mr. O
06/21/2012 6:31 am (4)
It might look suspicious if Kyle blew an engine FOUR weeks in a row under caution. At Sears Point, look for him to have a minor accident that somehow destroys the car during a yellow flag.
06/21/2012 10:14 am (5)
I tell you what I'd like to see - a full blown actual interview of Danica Patrick by Carol Einarsson. I'd really like you to ask her all the questions you put forth here and get some actual answers from the woman and see how she responds.

All I can say is that if I were talented enough to drive in Indy cars or NASCAR I'd do whatever it took to get there and stay there up to and including signing sponsorship contracts that may not be as wholesome and "family friendly" as maybe my Grandmother would like.

I'm willing to bet that she understands the difference between what she wants and what she gets even if what she gets goes against what she wants up to and including the silly Go Daddy commercials as well as all the attention she gets because she's pretty.

She may not appreciate them either but she may have decided, along with her manager and husband, they are a necessary part of what keeps her in the sport. And she's come to terms with it and is just waiting for the day she can be accepted as a reasonably talented driver and not just a pretty face.

I say go for it and get the interview. I seriously want you to ask her all the questions you've asked here. I'd like to hear her answers.
06/21/2012 11:32 am (6)
First comment - when you said, 'two brothers', I immediately thought 'Waltrip'. Maybe we'll get lucky and FOX won't get renewed with NASCAR and, with the exception of SPEED, we can be rid of the brothers Waltrip.
Second comment - when I first heard Tony's comments about Junior's win, I immediately took it to be his poking at the big deal the media was making of the win, not a poke at Junior himself. But then the comment about their (Junior's team?) celebrating four years since their last win brought it more into focus. Perhaps Tony IS jealous.
Bill B
06/21/2012 11:36 am (7)
So what do you call someone that will do anything to advance their career even if it goes against their personal code or beliefs?

And I fully admit that most people fall into that category to varying degrees (including myself). It's the result of our society valuing money and material things above all else.
06/21/2012 11:36 am (8)
One more comment...let's start the conspiracy theories. MAYBE someone at TRD in California doesn't like Kyle Busch and (if they know who gets which engine) is purposely sabotaging his engines. Hmmmm. (This is in jest...I'm not seriously proposing this.)
06/21/2012 12:58 pm (9)
Bill B,

Not sure what the "right" answer you are expecting is.

I do know that there are definitely shades of "personal code" and "beliefs" which come in to play and that's why it makes a heck of a lot of sense to pose the questions to Danica directly and see what she says as opposed to just complaining about her repeatedly.

I suspect she'd say "I want to be treated like a driver, not a piece of meat and I will never stoop so low as to be just a piece of meat. However I do see there is a glass ceiling of sorts through which I find it difficult to break given I'm talented but not exceedingly successful. So, while I'd never allow myself to be photographed naked, I do see how participating in the goofy Go Daddy ads are not as bad as they may seem so I'm OK with doing them." Or something to that effect.

So, while I suppose saying "whatever it takes" is not quite what I meant (after all, no one is going to kill someone just to be a Sprint Cup driver) debasing herself to some degree in goofy Go Daddy ads is an example of going against Danica's stated intent at being taken seriously yet somewhat compromising her principals to help her sponsor keep her employed....

As noted, if I had the opportunity to make a lot of money by acting in stupid ads for my sponsor, I'd do it. It may not make me a better driver but it would certainly allow me to live a lot more comfortably and I don't hold that against Danica or anyone else in that situation.
06/21/2012 2:11 pm (10)
I think I take issue with calling the Go Daddy ads "goofy". Goofy is dressing up in a chicken suit (or wearing a rainbow wig). Danica's participation in not just the Go Daddy ads but other photo shoots of a sexual nature, is selling her body for money towards the purpose of producing lust. There's a much more suitable word for that.

Bill B
06/21/2012 2:20 pm (11)
I think you know the word I was looking for starts with a W.

The point is that we all whore ourselves out to varying degrees. Every time you miss a family event (birthday, graduation, etc,) because of work, you are doing so for money even though you know that the family thing is more important on the grand scheme of things.

Don't agree then ask yourself,,,, If today was my last day on earth and I had the choice to go into work or go to my daughter's dance recital, which would I do?

If you answer go to work then you truly have skewed priorities and are really missing the big picture.

Unfortunately, in Danica's case, whoring herself out literally means dressing and acting like one.....

not that there's anything wrong with that (personally I like it).
06/21/2012 3:57 pm (12)
Hi Carol,

You wrote: "Do you think Tony's shunning of Junior's win is pure and simple jealousy? Three-time champ Tony has a fraction of the fans that no-champ Junior has, and I wonder if the more successful Tony becomes, the more aggravated he is about that statistic."

I'm going to guess when the crowd cheers at Eldora, when everyone wants his autograph when he runs with the WoO, when he looks at the viewership and the dollars for the Prelude...he probably doesn't figure he has "a fraction of the fans".

BTW, Danica ran the Prelude this year, I thought you'd have a quote from her on the masthead: "I have no idea what I'm doing here" (yes, she really did say that when interviewed. Of course, since she'd likely never even seen a dirt late model before that day, it's perhaps not an unreasonable thing to say).

06/21/2012 4:36 pm (13)

Is Danica in the position that she has to compromise her principals in order to be employed? No. The "oh bless her heart, she is just doing what she has to do" does not hold water with a celebrity of her status. There are many sponsors who would and have jumped aboard the Danica train and its apparent that Nascar and even SHR will do whatever it takes to make sure she has a ride and makes the show.

The fact is that Danica and GoDaddy both have used each other in order to sell their brand. Danica could have chosen other avenues in order to build her brand, but she chose the easy route... appeal to the menfolk, and make a ton of cash.

Some folks may call her smart, some sleezy... its all a matter of each individual's personal opinion... and Danica is well aware of that.
06/21/2012 4:41 pm (14)
For the first time, I didn't buy the PPV from Eldora. I didn't want to pay money to watch something that I figured would be all about Danica who'd invited herself to the invitation-only event. I have to wonder how many others didn't buy it this year either.

06/21/2012 5:43 pm (15)
I didn't, Carol. It's enough that I have to listen to so many comments about Danica and the Busch boys during regular races. There's no way I would PAY to hear them.

Danica is a good example of how sponsors suck their clients in. Most commercials show young, shapely gals and of course, the guys are going to pay attention. There are very few commercials with older women that are remembered - "where's the beef?" and "I fell and I can't get up" are 2 that come to mind. If Danica wants me to take her driving career seriously, she needs to find a sponsor that fits her professionally. Until then, she's just another piece of fluff out on the track. Hasn't shown me much in the driving department at all.
06/22/2012 10:18 am (16)
Well, I don't see Danica as a whore. She's a businesswoman who is doing nothing different than tens of thousands of other women in the world are doing. She's just doing it in an arena that's 99% male and it only seems out of place. I'll direct you to decades of automotive magazine covers and calendars that say otherwise, though.

What I read here is that she's immoral, slutty, wrong, selling her soul, etc. She's just not doing that. There's a lot of hate and spite being dished out and I don't buy that. She's not that great a driver so she's got to make money somehow and if that's done by making ads or modeling, so what? If I could I would! In a heartbeat.

The woman is not selling drugs, murdering people, stealing, committing adultery (that we know of), etc. She's pretty and flaunting it. Again, so what?

But to call her a whore is way out of bounds.

I say the next poll should be:

Danica - Whore? Not a Whore?

If it's over 50% Whore then I'll shut up, have Carol delete my log in and never return.
Bill B
06/22/2012 11:31 am (17)
Well I called myself a whore too. So you need to step back and realize that I am not defining whore in the traditional sense. My definition is anyone that is making a decision solely based on financial gain when if there were no money involved they would do otherwise. So, if Danica dresses the same in her day to day life as she does in those GoDaddy commercials then you could make the case that, even though she wears slutty clothes, she is not doing so for financial gain.

If there is a poll then it should be phrased, "Does Danica allow herself to be sexually objectified in her commercials for money (i.e., sponsorship)".

Once again I have no problem with it but I know the mantra of advertisers "Sex sells!" and that seems to be what they are peddling in those commercials. It is the lowest common denominator (at least for getting attention from most men) and it undermines her ability to be taken seriously as a driver.

And BTW, if it wasn't for the 5 championships and 50 wins the same case could be made for Jimmie Johnson wearing a multi-colored wig (that it undermines him being taken seriously as a driver). He did that for the sponsor and, while there was no sexual nature involved, he would not have otherwise worn it. So by my definition he also whored himself out for the sponsor.

And I whore myself out every morning when I get up to go to work when I'd rather roll over and go back to sleep.

06/22/2012 12:19 pm (18)
Bill B,

Your definition of whore does not hold water and can not be used in this case the way you are using it. You can't simply *redefine* a word to suit your side of a conversation. Even if you refer to yourself as one.

Working every day in a career for money when you'd rather stay home with your family is not and can not possibly be defined as being a whore. If so, you are calling everyone who has a job a whore and that is simply not correct. My own mother worked as an RN for 40 years to make money to pay for the house, buy food, and send us to college instead of being a stay-at-home mom which she clearly said she'd rather have done. She's no whore.

And really? Wearing a prop to promote a movie for your sponsor is being a whore and undermines Jimmie's being taken seriously as a driver? The only thing that prevents that is his wins/championships? You might as well refer to Ken Schrader as a whore for promoting Schwan's ice cream or Little Debbie snack cakes since he's only got 4 wins.

Danica is not a whore. End of discussion.
Bill B
06/22/2012 1:27 pm (19)
"You can't simply *redefine* a word to suit your side of a conversation."

Yeah, no one has ever done that in the history of the english language.

All I have done is take the sexaul component out of the word and applied it to anyone that does anything for money.

Similarly someone who marries another because they are well off, or need a place to live, have often been called "gold-diggers" but the distinction between gold-digger and whore is a fine line in many people's books.

06/22/2012 1:33 pm (20)

I am going to reopen the discussion...

So, Let me get this straight... what your saying is that Danica is not good at racing, so therefore she "has" to pose in a bikini in order to make money? lol okay. I am guessing she passed on hundreds of other occupations, because this one was the most appealing.

Right now, Danica and her hubby are sitting in their mansion, giggling and counting the cash flow they have made from her GoDaddy bikini commercials, while you try to defend her honor. lol Its the folks like yourself that she counts on. So, be happy that you have contributed to the "poor pitiful Danica fund".

06/22/2012 2:12 pm (21)

No, you are putting words in my mouth. Please refrain from doing so.

I did not say Danica *has* to do anything. I merely posited that she does these things as part of her job (you know - that contract she probably signed that states she is required to participate in sponsor advertisements, etc....) which helps her stay in that job. Refusing to follow the terms of your contract are reasons for termination just as refusing to participate in mandatory driver's meetings, after-race media events, etc. can get you suspended by NASCAR. That does not make her a whore. It simply makes her an employee. Just because you might not agree with it does not give anyone the right to call the woman a whore.

I'm not defending her honor either. She can do that herself and that's why I've suggested that Carol interview Danica. Let the questions be asked and answered instead of petty speculation and vitriolic assumptions lambasting Danica at every turn because she "doesn't deserve" the attention.

Good grief! The commercials she's in are almost always showing her as being disgusted with the whole act anyway. It's a silly advertisement that's pretty tongue in cheek and so what if it's a bit racy? I'd rather see her in GoDaddy commercials than Summer's Eve commercials.

And Bill B, you are free to make up words as you go along but I really think you should stick to actual definitions if you are going to post in a public forum and call a woman a whore. You can't use an epithet only to say "Well, that's not what I meant". Say what you mean or don't say it at all.
06/22/2012 2:18 pm (22)
I was just wondering when Kevin Harvick married Danica....

From Jayski (and Team Chevy)
"Harvick has stand-by for Sonoma: in case wife Danica has the baby this weekend,"
06/22/2012 4:13 pm (23)
@ qhorque

I did not put words in your mouth... You stated: "She's not that great a driver so she's got to make money somehow and if that's done by making ads or modeling, so what? If I could I would! In a heartbeat." Per post #16.

You made the comment, I was simply reflecting upon what you stated.

And, I have never cared that Danica uses her body to promote her career...that is her decision, but I am not naive enough to think that she "has" to. So, therefore I don't feel sorry for her when she is criticized for it.

The deal is, you seem to take issue with anyone who is not turning cartwheels and applauding Danica for using her body to promote her career. The bottom line is that there will be some who are ok with it and some who are not. "Everyone" has the right to their opinion on the subject.
Bill B
06/22/2012 4:56 pm (24)
Oh, I said exactly what I meant. You just refuse to understand the context in which I used it in. It may be a strong word full of connotations but that's your problem to deal with. I stand by the use of the word in the context in which I used it.
06/22/2012 5:12 pm (25)
Well you holier than thou people can keep your opinions and hatred towards someone who is significantly more successful and popular than you will ever be and who is just trying to make a living just like everyone else in the world. I can do without it.

For a forum that is run by a person who purports to be a Christian and a bunch of readers who tout family values and outrage at anything that does not meet their exacting standards, it appears that it's ok to call someone you don't know a whore and that's patently not acceptable no matter how you hide behind "context" or redefine the word. I don't associate with such hatred in person and refuse to do so on the internet.

Danica did nothing to you yet you feel it's your duty to vilify her and call her names you wouldn't call your own mothers, sisters, daughters, or wives. That's reprehensible and I'm ashamed to even be associated with you even in passing. It's disgusting.

I for one can not abide by your hypocrisy and guess it's time to move on.

Consider this my last post and visit to RJO.

Carol, please remove my log in credentials from your database.
06/22/2012 5:24 pm (26)

You can't handle an opposing view, so you want to take your ball and go home? Very mature.
06/22/2012 5:45 pm (27)
qhorque said: "Everyone" has the right to their opinion on the subject.

I agree - everyone not only has a right to their opinion, they have a right to express it in whatever terminology they choose. So, who has the real problem here? Me thinks it's the one who left....

06/23/2012 12:47 am (28)
I find it interesting that some people that don't approve of Danica as a model and her sponsor's business model, have no problem with the promoting of guns, hunting for sport, and the previous cup sponsor Winston.

Danica is not modelling for Nascar, in fact I dont think I have ever seen her in a Nascar based commercial that she wasn't dressed smartly, or approprately for the product. Check out the Nationwide ads for example.

Yes the Go-daddy ads are goofy and a litty risque but big deal, no one is even close to naked and the product they are selling is sold best with crazy ads that draw attention. Peak perfomance oils and coolant are just as silly of ads, as were Tony's old spice and burger king ads.

The point I want to make is that Danica is a model, as well as a race car driver. Its not like she is showing up in a bikini or a coochie skirt and bra to the drivers meeting. I personally have no issue with her second career as she is very good at modelling, if you know what I mean.

Lets face it, she doesn't have this opportunity in Nascar on driving talent alone, and if she can use her other talents to maintain her driving opportunity then good for her. She is probably responsible for alot of people having jobs right now, plus she is at least as talented as the bottom half of the cup field on any given day, although maybe thats not saying too much considering that where Reuty, Labonte, and Blaney hang out most races.

Consider this as well. Her sponsor is not responsible for the deaths of millions of people (Winston), nor do they promote gun use and killing animals for sport (Remington, Bass Pro Shops etc.) How about previous sponsor 'Stacker 2' which was fond to be steroids, or Kmart who were employing 3rd world sweat shops to make many of their products. And before all you Americans go crazy about the gun comment and that the drivers don't necessarily condone the use of the product, please re-read all the comments previous in this thread about drivers "whoring' themselves for sponsors. danica has fully and willingly embraced her sponsor and that's why they have her.

Cant remember who made the comment earlier, but I would love to see the Danica interview, but by both holier than thou Carol, and her sidekick, second most holier than thou highbanks. Neither one of you would have the theoretical balls to say anything in real life, so you use the internet to openly criticize a person who has done nothing to affect your life. Better yet, how bout an in person interview with Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha. That would be fun, well for me anyways.

So, as highbanks likes to say, 'chill out people'. Danica is here now and if you don't like it too bad. Nascar likes it, the networks like it, the sponsors like.

Oh ya, and I like it too. Beats the hell out of watching F1 cars parade around for 2 hours any damn day.
06/23/2012 7:26 am (29)
@ B

Oh the drama... lol

I am realizing that basic comprehension is out the window at this point.

The problem with you Danica homers is that you can't handle the truth. You either refuse or can't comprehend what is actually being said.

So, Chill bro, its all good.
06/23/2012 7:48 am (30)
I think Carol should mention Danica in the title of each column because this one seems to have generate the most comments in a long time and she does not even have "the name" in the title.
06/23/2012 5:43 pm (31)

What exactly is your version of the truth? Please enlighten me, bottom line it for us all. No one is fooled by Danica, she didn't get here on sheer talent. She got here because she is very marketable, brought a well funded sponsor and uses her abilities to promote herself and her sponsor which in turn makes Nascar and the networks lots of money.

So please tell me, what is YOUR version of the truth about Danica? All you have ever come across as is a hater. It almost speaks of jealousy (such as you feel Tony may be jealous of Junior).

If you feel that she and her ads are too racy for you, and that she doesn't belong because she didn't come up the 'good old boy' way, well too bad.

Nascar is all about business, and in business the people who know how to make money are the successful ones.

I don't have one ounce of issue with Danica as far as her learning curve in Nascar, or with they business she conducts as a model or with her sponsors. It all seems like good clean fun, and makes alot of people alot of money.

So please, chill out, and tell me the truth.

Ok RJO'ers,
Let's all chill out a bit, especially on the attacking of each other. Things are starting to get a bit too personal in here for my tastes. Debate and discuss the topics, not each other. ok?
Thanks for understanding!
-RJO Mod
06/23/2012 6:06 pm (32)
Wow.. Been on the road all week so haven't been stopping by, but another article where SHE_WHO_MUST_NOT_BE_NAMED is the main focal pint for no real reason.
06/24/2012 5:15 am (33)
Never saw any complaints from Carol about pictures of "cousin" Carl with his shirt off!! Don't believe I have seen any pictures of Danica with her shirt off. She drove a good race yesterday; go Danica!!
06/24/2012 6:47 am (34)
What Kyle Busch considered after three consecutive engine failures was the Gibbs team switched from self-sufficiency in building powerplants to switching to leasing a factory powerplant built in California. He probably had not seen consecutive failures with in-house powerplants.

Those who do engines in-house are more likely to ask what happened and work on the issue immediately; those who outsource must wait longer to learn the issue. The problem with Penske's switch to Ford next season will be the wait as they switch from in-house to Roush powerplants.

Nelsinho won Road America, but he's still thinking of the one that got away at The Rock. And Danica whacked by Jacques . . .
06/24/2012 7:36 am (35)
@ B

I don't know why all the fuss... the conversation was simply about the obvious that Danica and GoDaddy are partners with the same goal, and that is the truth. I don't understand why pointing that out is such a problem.

As for my my version of the truth, I have already stated my point of view and/or version of the truth very clearly in several posts. You are welcome to go back and read what is "actually" being said.

And, I only come across as a hater because I am not praising all things Danica. But, when you look back over my posts, I have not hated on her at all. Actually, I like Danica, and I do applaud her efforts in the NWS.

06/25/2012 2:54 pm (36)
@ Bobby,

You may be right about TRD, but I don't think Penske will have any engine problems when they switch to Ford. All the Ford engines come from Yates (the Roush part is just a name; RoushYates engines is not a part of RoushFenway racing), no-one has an "in house" engine program if they're running a Ford. Yates has been building engines for all the Ford teams for many years, he's present at all the races and often diagnoses engine problems at the track, so all the Ford teams do get immediate service.

I haven't seen any word on why Gibbs switched to TRD engines - if it was something Toyota asked them to do (get all the engine development under one roof) or if it was for cost reasons.


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Jun 19 OFF
Jun 26 3pm FS1 Sonoma

Jul 02 7pm NBC Daytona
Jul 09 7pm NBCSN Kentucky
Jul 17 1pm NBCSN New Hampshr
Jul 24 3pm NBCSN Indy
Jul 31 1pm NBCSN Pocono

Aug 07 2pm NBCSN WatGlen
Aug 14 OFF
Aug 20 8pm NBCSN Bristol
Aug 28 2pm NBCSN Michigan

Sep 04 6pm NBC Darlington
Sep 10 7pm NBCSN Richmond

The Chase

Round of 16

Sep 18 2pm NBCSN Chicago
Sep 25 2pm NBCSN New Hampshr
Oct 02 2pm NBCSN Dover

Round of 12

Oct 08 7pm NBC Charlotte
Oct 16 2pm NBC Kansas
Oct 23 2pm NBCSN Talladega

Round of 8

Oct 30 1pm NBCSN Martinsvl
Nov 06 2pm NBC Texas
Nov 13 2pm NBC Phoenix

Championship 4

Nov 20 2pm NBC Homestead

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