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I Was Just Wonderin'...

M&Ms, Harvick's Press Release, and Who Was Beau Slocumb?
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By Carol Einarsson | 07/22/2011
Category: I Was Just Wonderin'...

I wonder if the penalties this week in the Whelan Modified Tour Series will have a similar result as (though surely only a fraction of) the infamous Daytona fight. On some level, a scandal of cheating, a winner stripped of the victory, and an owner suspended till the end of the year – and all tied to the higher NASCAR series – can be a draw to race fans who may want to find out what’s going on in a series so unpolluted by all the commercialism of the higher series. I know I’M more interested now!

I wonder if it would be impolite to start a petition to ask Allen Bestwick to never again play hockey. It’s been a long road back to where he belongs, but finally, he’s back!  Sure, it took a stroke of bad luck for a certain producer to finally be ousted, but now that he’s gone, ESPN seems to be making better decisions. This was one of their best.

Kyle Busch’s attorney asked for a continuance so he didn’t have to go to court this week. They’ve pushed it out till August 23rd, which is Bristol week. I wonder if the whole reason for doing so was because this is the last off-weekend before the end of the year, and having no license would be like a kid getting grounded during the summer. Just another example of avoiding responsibility. What a good spokesman he is for M&Ms.

I wonder how long it will take Jim Pohlman to understand all the words that Juan Pablo says on the radio, or if he’ll be content like a lot of us, to get maybe 75% of them, and merely the “essence” of the rest.

I wonder how long it really was between the time Greg Erwin walked out the door at Roush and in the door at Richard Petty Motorsports. Y’think it was the same afternoon, even?

I wonder what Mike Helton thought of the radio forum Kevin Harvick used to get his message out to the media and fans under the guise of talking to his crew chief. If you ask me, it was brilliant! They may have put him on secret probation and issued a gag order, but that doesn’t extend to talking to your crew chief, right? How can he help if a few million people are listening in? That was the best "press release" ever!

And I wonder if it’s an indication that NASCAR wants Kyle Busch to dethrone Jimmie Johnson, keeping Harvick in check so he doesn’t foil the plan.

But one more… I wonder, if a situation were to emerge where Kevin had no chance at the championship, but he had one chance to prevent Kyle Busch from getting it, if he wouldn’t take the penalty of being parked, just to pay Shrub back at the time when it would have the greatest effect. I think we all know the answer to that, right? Here. Hold my watch.

Did anyone else read with slight amusement, the words, “Villeneuve said his first preference is Sprint Cup,” and think, “Yeah, and my first preference is to be an astronaut.” Can you say “Road America”??

And one more thing I was just wonderin’…

I wonder how many race fans hadn’t ever before heard of Beau Slocumb until Ryan Newman spoke of him in Victory Lane last week. Curious, I found out so much more about this young man, and it’s clear why Ryan was briefly overcome with emotion. I never met Beau, but have been blessed by his story. You can read his sister’s (Maggie’s) blog of his story as it progressed and maybe you, too, will be blessed by the life that he led and the faith that he had. And his smile never faded.



07/22/2011 10:15 am (1)
From what Jayski's report was saying, a continuance is pretty normal for a court case like this, but I can't seem to grasp why. Seems to me, with an off weekend this week, this would be a perfect time to deal with the issue at hand and get it over with.
Maybe our resident lawyer can help me out here: JPN001?

my thoughts on Greg Erwin:
Is he actually out at Roush? We all know that RPM and the Wood Brothers are just off shoots of Roush, so is this considered an actual team swap, or just a toolbox relocation to another department? ;)

and yes, Allen: Please no hockey, not riding on top of golf carts, no bulldozing in the backyard, no basketball, nothing. Don;t even change the batteries in your tv remote. Do not endanger this! We need you in the booth!!!

07/22/2011 12:06 pm (2)
I guess the Black Helicopters are out in full force. You sure do love conspiracy theories. Well, I have some facts for you. A couple of years ago you did some advertising and urged everyoneon this site to go a Ben Stein movie called "Expelled: No intelligence allowed." I just read this week the the production company that made this movie went out of business because the "Documentary" was a bust and lost alot of money. Hope those facts don't get in the way of you crazy speculation without any evidence to back it up. Enjoy the weather in Looneyville. Write back soon!
07/22/2011 12:36 pm (3)

The hearing date for a traffic related crime is usually set at the time the citation/summons is issued by the officer on the scene. Because of this, courts in most states will usually grant an initial continuance if the date is inconvenient for the defendant or the attorney (if the defendant is represented), or even the officer who issued the citation. From what I can tell, it appears that lawyers in NC routinely ask for the continuance so that they can set a date that is more convenient for everyone, and that the court grants such requests as a matter of courtesy to the attorneys. It is not clear from what I have read whether a self-represented defendant in NC would be likely to receive the same courtesy absent a showing of good cause (not mere inconvenience).

Now, if KyBu’s attorney asks for another continuance come August 23, the court will require a showing of good cause why the case should be postponed again.


I have thought since Sears Point that JPM’s and Patties relationship had deteriorated to the point it was a problem. Specifically, JPM did not trust Pattie’s calls. However, I am shocked that they replaced him right before three races that JPM has (had?) a chance at winning.

I can usually get about 80% of what JPM is saying except when something goes really wrong (like at Sears Point when they told him he had to come in for gas even though Pattie had told him their prior stop was their last), and then it drops to about 50%, most of which are curse words. However, I am not sure that is all about the language gap – I can only understand about 50% of what Dale Jr. says on the radio when he is angry. The funny thing is, the words I understand from both of them when they are really angry tend to be the same words (although Dale Jr. is more inventive in combining them) ;)

On a side note, my wife, who grew up in Los Angeles, tells me she has a much easier time understanding JPM than Bill Elliot. When Bill gives an interview, I always have to translate it for her.
07/22/2011 2:16 pm (4)
@ JPN001:

LOL. As a north Florida boy (which is part of the South) now living just north of Miami (the only part of the US where Spanish speakers outnumber Anglos) I guess I have the best of both worlds.

Speaking of which, over on John Daly's blog he asserts a "new player" is entering the negotiations for the next TV contract, and he says it's someone who has no prior relationship with NASCAR. He also says they are a broadcaster, are US based, are well known ("global brand"), and have the resources to produce "almost limitless live content".

I have my guess who it is...there's only one company comparable to FOX/ABC/NBC/CBS in the US.

07/25/2011 8:12 am (5)
Sky Sports? :D

07/25/2011 2:11 pm (6)
@ BrianInFlorida:

Not US based (and I'm not sure that they are a broadcast channel, they may only be cable/satelite).

No, my guess is US based - Florida based, even...

08/01/2011 7:28 am (7)
I agree.....Kyle is indeed a great spokesman for M&Ms.

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