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What's Your Beef?

All of the People, All of the Time
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By Carol Einarsson | 05/13/2011
Category: What's Your Beef?

Friday's Top 10 is taking the week off this week so we can share
a column that we're considering bringing back.
Share your thoughts below!

If you've read my columns for a number of years, you're familiar with "What's Your Beef?" But if you've never seen it, here is a sample article from February 24, 2005.

While I'm glad to be back to watching racing, we're between a rock and a hard place on the TV coverage. Until this year I much preferred NBC (no Chris, no Jeannie, and I like the booth guys better). But now, with Allen no longer in the booth to call the race, I'm really not sure if the second half will be any better than the next few months.

Isn't it something that the way we have to pick our favorite broadcasting network, now, is by who we dislike less?


JEERS to not knowing the difference between chickens and turkeys.  

They were WHITE!  I know they sell turkey legs at venues like races and such, but those big birds pecking the man were white. And turkeys don't grow in white, do they?  Hey, I'm just a city girl, but they looked like chickens to me!


You are one of the most spiteful people on the Internet. If you get your jollies and ego stroked by being that way, knock yourself out. I seldom read your "Dear Abby column" but the few times that I do you never disappoint me in your hatred for Jeff Gordon. You're not a columnist or a reporter -- you come across as a gossipist. Get over Jeff Gordon. The act is getting old. Better yet, continue to knock him. The more that you do, the more it shows your sick obsession/jealousy for him. His fan base that reads your "column" thinks you're a joke.

Well, at least I'm able to entertain them. And by the way, should I dial 911 for you and report that apparently there's someone holding a gun to your head and making you read sports columns against your will?


"First I wanna dedicate this win to all the families and those who were lost in that tragic accident last year. It's been a tough time, and y'know Jimmie's got some victories, but this one is the Daytona 500, and it just doesn't get any sweeter than this."

-Jeff Gordon, Victory Lane interview, 2005 Daytona 500
I've read on at least four sites that Rick Hendrick radioed Jeff on his cool-down lap and asked him to dedicate the race to those who died in last year's crash.

You could have saved yourself the trouble and just heard it during the broadcast.  I just think, however, that Jeff could have dedicated the race to appease his boss without trying to diminish the victories that JJ accomplished immediately following the tragedy. He made it sound like HIS dedication was somehow better because the race HE won was bigger. It didn't need to be that way, and it was just tacky, in my opinion.


It wouldn't be your column if you didn't knock Kurt Busch - I'm reading and reading and agreeing with every single one of your observations.  I'm also shocked at the same time that maybe you've given up on knocking Kurt.  Hell even Jimmy Spencer had nothing but good to say about him.  BUT - then there it was.  Kurt did not cause that wreck and he wasn't blocking MM.  I was cheering for Mark the whole race but even I didn't go that far.  Give it up already - I'm not even a Busch fan but you need to find a new person to whine about.  He's a long way from what he was.  Give him a little credit for growing up.  Your Gordon and Johnson comments were right on.  I thought the same thing when Johnson was patting himself on the back for blocking the way they should.  OK then.  And Gordon made an ass of himself both with the whining to NASCAR and the ridiculous comments about Johnson's wins.  Sounds like Jeffie has a case of jealous!  Here's looking forward to a new season and enjoying (mostly) your column every week!

Perfect timing! See, here you are complaining (albeit very politely) that I'm knocking Kurt Busch and I need to find a new person to whine about. But if you ask the 40 Jeff Gordon fans that wrote this week, they'd complain it was Jeff Gordon to whom I was unfair. Everyone thinks it's unfair for his/her driver to get JEERed. Something about pleasing all of the people all of the time and it's just not happening anytime soon.


Just curious, do you have a mental problem????

I think that's pretty much a given, isn't it?


Jeers to DW for being the world’s worst announcer.  I thought he was going to cry when Mikey blew up.  When Tony got passed he made an obnoxious remark "Whatcha gonna do now Stewart?"  He needs to keep his personal feelings at home.   I would love to see Rusty get his job and DW get a boot in the butt out the door. I am so tired of his mouth.

But DW's just doing his job. It's no different than when they wanted Ned Jarrett to call the finish of his son's first Daytona win. They have the anchor, and that would be Mike Joy. Pure professional. No bias, no favorites (aside from maybe Sponge Bob and Bullwinkle), and just doing his job while still able to share true emotion with fans (the fantastic "Twenty years of trying..." call that still resonates in our collective memory). Then there's DW and Larry Mac. Larry can give the nuts and bolts of it, but DW is there only for the human side; the emotional side. He's just doing his job. If your favorites are HIS favorites, you love him. But if your favorites are NOT his favorites, then you probably would rather he take a long walk on a short backstretch.


After reading your "Cheers and Jeers Extra...Just Another School Day" from Feb 19th, I felt compelled to let you know how much I agree with you on the crummy timing of commercials.

Invariably, the commercial is posted at an inopportune stretch of green flag racing and something significant happens on the track.  We are then subjected to the cut-short/missed ads in another ill-timed break moments later. I have a solution for this. Wouldn't it be nice if the network could make use of their picture-in-a-picture ability and show us continued coverage of the race in a little window in the upper corner of the screen when the commercials come on?

Your column gets a lot of attention, so I thought I'd pass this along to you to see if anyone else thinks this might be a good idea.  My husband thinks this idea should be passed along to the networks, NASCAR and the advertisers, but I can't believe they haven't already thought of this. I'd like to see the network try this for a few races (especially the more prominent/popular ones) and see how it goes.  I bet they'd see favorable results.

They tried that. I don't remember what year it was, but gosh, it must've been four or five years ago (?), now. They had agreements with sponsors that they would do just as you suggested.  It didn't work. They didn't, in my opinion, make the windows an effective size. Of course, the sponsor wanted as much screen as they could get, so that put the race in this dinky little window, and the shot then became either a close up of one car (which told us nothing of what was happening in the race), or a wide shot where the cars then were too tiny to recognize who was who and what was going on. It was after that experiment that the decision was made that they'd just start breaking out of a commercial when there was a major wreck. I doubt they'll try the picture-in-picture thing again, especially with the push of the NASCAR-In-Demand packages and such that eliminate commercials altogether.



Hello...? Rick Hendrick got on the radio and asked JG to dedicate the win to them. Did you not hear that? Or did you conveniently leave that out? Not liking a driver is fine, but don't let your bias distort the facts.

Hello...? I never even addressed the fact that Hendrick ordered Gordon to dedicate the race to his family. My point was not the dedication of the race, but the words chosen that diminished Jimmie's wins in the weeks immediately following the tragedy. So what if Daytona is a bigger race. Is it harder to pull a grieving team together 5 days after that kind of a loss and win, or to win FOUR MONTHS later? To me, JJ's wins were by far the more difficult, even if Jeff wants to minimize that.



Did I miss something, did Hal Marchman get fired at Daytona; did he die, or what?  I always enjoyed his invocations, and as petty as it may be, I feel like I missed an important part of the pre-race festivities at the Speedway.  Tell me what happened, if you know.

I can assure you he didn't die. Nor did he get fired. I know he's retiring this year, but don't know why he didn't do the invocation last Sunday.  All I could find in the news was a snippet that "Rev. Hal Marchman was presented with the Dedicated Service Award. The chaplain at the Daytona International Speedway has received many honors for his civic involvement through the years. This was his second award during the 2005 Speed Weeks for his dedication to racing in this his last season of giving the invocation at the track."


How dare you triple JEER the hour of fluff that we had to tolerate before the start of the Daytona 500. Don't you know that NA$CAR has to show us how many famous Hollywood-types they've come to know while rapidly climbing the popularity ladder? Just you wait -- the "(Insert sponsor here) Half-Race Show" is coming. Hopefully there won't be any wardrobe malfunctions...

Sorry, I don't know what came over me to issue such a thing as the first-ever triple JEER. Maybe it's that mental problem rearing its ugly head again.



Not to be argumentative, but I had expected a Jeers for the new 5 way pit stop screen.  While you can see 2 more cars having the work done, you lose the perspective of the overall pit lane, and who is fastest in a relative way - Tony was pitted quite far up the lane, and was rolling log before Michael in the last pit, for example. Also, it kept us from seeing some of the knuckleheaded moves that seemed to abound in the pit lane until they were replayed, if FOX decided we might want to see them.

After more thought, I do agree. The five-way view is great to see the individual pits, but truth be told, in the OTHER view, I'm almost never watching the main team on the screen. I prefer to watch the sides of the screen and watch the "also ran" teams that don't realize there's even the most remote possibility they'll be on TV.



Loved the Cheers and Jeers this week. It feels good to be talking about the current race. I believe you may have missed a JEER, though. I think FOX deserves a JEER for not interviewing Bobby Labonte after his engine failed or to Fatback McSwain on the tire issue Ricky Rudd had that led to his version of the spin cycle. If both had declined, at least they could have let us know they’d declined interviews. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Actually, I missed two. I also neglected to JEER the omission of an interview of Scott Riggs, which should have been included with the other top finishers at the end of the race. Maybe they didn’t have time, though, what with the hour and a half fluff show at the start.



Thank you again for your insightful recap! And your last Jeers to Jeff Gordon -- that really hit the nail on the head. I did like the call to start their engines though.  It wasn't the best Daytona I have ever seen by any means -- maybe the smaller restrictor plates, or maybe because there were a couple of drivers missing like Robby Gordon and the great Ward Burton. It's just sad.

And the worst part of it all, I thought, was that after all was said and done, not only does Robby miss the race, but then they fine him $50,000 and 25 owners points!!  Holy cow!  I think in order to be fined money OR points, the team should have to first be IN the race. I think NASCAR's bone-headed move with that made me an instant Robby Gordon fan. How can a guy be any more underdog than Robby Gordon at this point?



The BEST reporter/writer in our racing world.  I read most writers of our sport but Carol is honest, and most times says what WE are really feeling.  Keep up the good work, Carol.  I don't know how you see so many CHEERS and JEERS during one race, but you do a heck of a good job.  I'm sure you have helpers and spotters, but writing them all so we can appreciate them is fantastic.

Thanks very much!  (And I assume this means you received the check I sent?)



Let me add a big CHEER to your last JEER re Jeff Gordon's Victory Lane remarks. I was beginning to think I was the only one that found them disingenuous and almost an after thought.  Let's hope this is the last time this specious kind of Victory Lane "dedication" will be inflicted on us this season.  One final thought, how about another CHEER for those ol' studs Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace?  So close there at the end -- man, now THAT would have been a Victory Lane speech to watch, from either one.

My assistant was almost relieved that neither one of them won (but I disagree with him on that point). His rationale is that if either had won, it would have made the other even more disappointed. I disagree, however, because we've seen situations like this before (case in point, the last "real" Southern 500), where a veteran wants to win, but if not him, another guy in "his class".  I think if Rusty OR Mark had won, the other would have surely shown up in Victory Lane to congratulate him.


And the final word,

In actuality, it was Front Row Joe who threw the bottle AT Kevin Harvick. Fox/Speed pointed it out in that broadcast and in subsequent broadcasts.

I'm sorry if FOX and/or Speed reported it incorrectly, but Kevin threw the water bottle FIRST, and Joe merely threw it BACK. That's how I reported it, and it's been verified. Actual investigative journalism -- there's a first for everything!



05/13/2011 12:44 am (1)
Yep! That's about how I remember "What's Your BEEF!"

Always seemed that most letter writers at that time came with a [chip/rock] on their shoulders.

I will have to agree with the split screen deal. When I get to see an Indy car race they do the split screen.

The racing half is less than 50% of my TV screen with the sound coming from the commercial hawkimg stuff I'd never buy [like about 95% of the stuff advertised on Nascar] leaving me with no idea what's going on with the race since I can't hear anything[ or see anything] what's going on with the race.

Pre-Race fluff gets carried to the extreme at the Kentucky Derby. This last Saturday the show came on at 4pm while the race itself didn't start until about 6:25pm.

They could have come on at 6pm and had a better show before everyone watching on TV fell asleep.

BTW the one from Jim above is NOT me.

The Other Jim @ Home
05/13/2011 8:35 am (2)
I really liked What's Your Beef and am glad it is returning. What made you pick this example?
05/13/2011 10:04 am (3)
could it be the first ever showing of the dreaded Triple Jeers???

05/13/2011 10:20 am (4)
I picked this one not for any particular reason except I had the whole 2005 WYB Series on this laptop already, it was after a fairly memorable race, and it had all the elements of What's Your Beef? that I thought represented the essence of the column best, for those who may never have read it before.

05/13/2011 10:38 am (5)
"I Wonder" why Cousin Carl seems to be forgiven for all his antics?? And, I wonder if you have ever listened to Steve Byrnes when he has not mentioned Carl edwards??
05/13/2011 1:46 pm (6)
@ Carol:

I always liked the Beeves. Wish you'd picked one with one of my old comments, tho :-)

@ Jim88:

You're severely underestimating the pre-race fluff for the Kentucky Derby: coverage started at 11am on Versus (which is owned by NBC), switching over to NBC at 4pm.

05/13/2011 6:09 pm (7)
I thought I had more of them saved on my laptop, but this one seemed as though it was still topical in the way we still complain about the TV booths and DW, people question my sanity, and typically someone is hacked off that I've JEERed his/her favorite driver.

The column hasn't really had a format since the advent of the comments section, so to be honest, I don't know if I'll get enough hate mail anymore to support the column, but enough people had requested it that I figured I'd give it a go.

I'll leave the announcement up through half of next week to get more notice, and then we'll see where we are at that point.

And I remember your "beeves" fondly. You're indeed a long-time reader!

05/15/2011 7:07 am (8)
It seems like I remember this column when I first started reading and posting here.

Of course the column you chose to put up as an examply definitely falls in line with what you post today... as your still on Jeff Gordon's back! I would have been shocked had you picked something NOT criticizing JG! LOL Too funny! :)
05/15/2011 6:37 pm (9)
How can they justify giving Jeff Gordon Pizza hut favorite of the week, even today they made a big deal of announcing the winner??? Is not he the only one you can vote for?????
05/16/2011 11:42 pm (10)
YAY loved this column! Glad it's coming back :)

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