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Are We There Yet

Charlotte Tidbits o' Trivia
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By Carol Einarsson | 10/14/2010
Category: Are We There Yet

There are seven "Triple D" (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, as seen on Food Network) eateries in North Carolina. All of them are in Charlotte. Barbeque King Drive-In, Penguin Drive-In, Jake's Good Eats, Landmark Restaurant Diner, Dish, South 21 Drive-In, and Cabo Fish Taco.

David Reutimann has one Cup win at Charlotte. Kyle Busch has none.

Bill Elliott has started the most races at Charlotte, with 61. Mark Martin has the most of any full-time driver, with 51.

Among active drivers, the top three with the most wins are all currently driving for HMS. Jimmie has six, Jeff has five, and Mark Martin has four.

Ryan Newman has nine poles at Charlotte, but has never won.

Geoff Bodine has one win but won less than a million dollars in 36 races at Charlotte. 18 drivers have never won a race, but have won more money, even with as few as nine starts.

Derrike Cope has 28 starts, four top tens, and a pole at Charlotte. He's even led ten laps there, AND he's 10th on the list of most miles raced at the speedway, with more than 12,600.

Joey Logano has the best average finish in Charlotte, with an impressive ninth, though he's also only run three races there. Next best is Jimmie Johnson with a 10.2 average finish in 18 starts.

Jimmie has also led more laps than anyone, being first to the stripe 1,370 times.

Of the current drivers, nobody has a worse average finish than Juan Pablo Montoya. His average finish is 30th in the seven races he's run. He has three DNFs and only finished one of those races on the lead lap.

Kyle Petty has one win, 12 top tens, and has won nearly two million dollars at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Charlotte is home to the infamous "levigation" that caused a 22-caution, 5-hour race in 2005, the longest race in 25 years.

Eric Martin



10/14/2010 7:45 am (1)
Is the Sandwich Construction Company still in business? I remember eating there a couple of times on the way through Charlotte. Tons of racing memorabilia on the walls -- and a couple of complete race cars on the roof!

The first time I went to Charlotte was in October, 1990. I sat in the first turn (Chrysler) grandstands, but could see the infield care center from there. Little did I know, the young lady who eventually became Mrs. Luvracing was working there as an RN.

The second time I went to Charlotte, in 1995, I stopped in Raleigh on the way, and somehow convinced this young lady to become Mrs. Luvracing. Two nights later, we watched Bobby Labonte take over the lead when Kenny Schrader's engine grenaded, and cruise to his first Winston Cup win.

Charlotte (thank God it's no longer Lowe's) is a first-class operation all the way, second only to Indianapolis for neatness and cleanliness. It's a good, racey track, with great sightlines. Definitely a good entry for anyone's "bucket list."

Charlotte Motor Speedway was originally located in Harrisburg, NC. However, the town council wouldn't allow alcohol sales/service at the track. So, Bruton Smith had the property re-annexed to nearby Concord, which was a "wet" township.

Concord Motor Speedway is a few miles away from CMS. It's a paved half-mile bullring, that runs on a weekly basis. I've been there. It's nice. A lot of the commercials that feature NASCAR cars are actually filmed there. You can tell by the grandstands and press box being lower than at the big track.

Returning to the manual to figure out how to set my machine _this_ week, I remain....

10/14/2010 10:14 am (2)
Thanks for the reminder about Eric Martin.

Mike Irwin
Bill B
10/14/2010 11:17 am (3)
Does anyone else feel the fall race should be 600 miles too?

Wow those sandwiches must be something else if they need to be "constructed". LOL
10/14/2010 1:34 pm (4)

I just googled it and it looks to still be in business in Charlotte.
10/14/2010 4:28 pm (5)
@Bill B.....no!!! 600 miles is too long for a regular race and too short for an endurance race.
10/15/2010 7:17 am (6)
IMHO, all races should be 500 km (312 miles) or shorter. The only exceptions would be "classic" races, such as the Daytona 500, Coke 600, Southern 500, Brickyard 400, and maybe the spring Talledega race. Anything longer than three hours is too much of a test on the butt cheeks and attention span of the Twitter generation. Zip in, run your race, and zip out.

You don't see F1 running five-hour enduros, and they're the most popular form of racing in the world.

Re: Sandwich Construction Co.: Legend has it that the restaurant is/was located near a number of NASCAR team garages. A few of the crew members got into the habit of dining there, and gained a rapport with the owners. Every now and again, someone would bring a damaged body panel or other souvenir, for the owner to decorate his walls with. After a while, the car parts started to take over, and the owners had a phenomenon on their hands.

Years ago, I'd heard they tried to branch out into other markets, with kind of a "Hard Rock Cafe" approach, but it didn't really go anywhere. However, if the original is still in business, it'd be a cool place to visit if you're in the neighborhood.

10/15/2010 12:17 pm (7)
@ giluvracing:

I'm very much opposed to shorter races (as most know by now), I think they should all be 500 miles/laps.

But your comment did get me wondering why so many people want shorter races now. I think the reason is that nothing much interesting ever happens in the middle of races, and people get bored. Back in the old days, you never knew when an engine would let go, or some other mishap occur, which might take your favorite out, or better yet take the leader out and let your guy advance. There was some level of suspense all thru the race, which is missing now.

So what NASCAR needs to do is not shorten the races, but figure out a way to make the cars less reliable, and add some element of chance back into the middle part of the race.

10/16/2010 5:04 pm (8)
Hmmm...Less reliable cars...less comptetent drivers...more blown engines and wrecks....kinky....

possum, my friend, you might be onto something!!

The racing is so bad, because the cars and drivers are so good. Brilliant!!

10/16/2010 8:19 pm (9)
@ giluvracing:

LOL. But seriously, how often have you heard of a driver "just making laps" until there's a hundred miles to go, and heard people complain that's boring. Back in the day drivers "just made laps", but back then you couldn't be sure he'd still be there when it got to 100 miles to go.

And think, too, where do we see the "good" races? At the tracks where the asphalt is old, and the tires tear up, and the drivers have to struggle to get to the next pitstop and new tires. There's uncertainity there - who'll fade, who'll save their tires & move forward, who'll pit first, who'll wait too long - it adds interest in the middle part of the race. Compare that with the tracks where, barring a wreck, you know nothing much will happen until everyone needs fuel. Might as well do something else for half an hour or so, and come back to the race.


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