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Formula One Whoopin'
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By Carol Einarsson | 06/08/2009
Category: F1

JEERS to the move to FOX. Ironic that last week in another series I was singing their praises, but Formula One on FOX just doesn’t compare to its presentation on SPEED. Not only are we watching the race on delay instead of live, but where is that theme music that gives us a Pavlov’s dog reaction and brings us joy at the first sound of it?

CHEERS to “anti-clockwise” in Turkey. Makes them sound like they just don’t like clocks.

CHEERS to what looks like much fewer people standing about in the paddock. Maybe they knew they wouldn’t be on live U.S. television, so why bother.

CHEERS to Rubens Barrichello, “one of the true good guys”. When you can be described that way, you’re livin’ life right.

CHEERS to calling turn eight one turn despite the four turns that are part of it. Why it’s not at least turns eight and nine, I don’t understand.

JEERS to an unused track except for this one race a year. That seems silly. I wonder if the Top Gear guys realize that. If it’s unused anyhow, I’d think it would be worth a trip to Turkey to see if they could use it for something.

CHEERS to Mr. Hamilton waving to the camera even without looking in our direction. I wonder what he’s thinking about the situation his champion son is in this year.

JEERS to whatever happened to Rubens on the start. Didn’t we just finish saying how he’s living life right? I guess that’s countered by the adage that nice guys finish last.

JEERS , also, to the short cut that Timo Glock took. Was that a pass in the grass?

CHEERS to a pass for the lead early on even if it was more of a forfeit than a pass.

JEERS to KERS just because I haven’t lately. I will say I feel better about it when it’s not raining.

CHEERS to the camera angle where the cars go up and over the hill and disappear.

CHEERS to rewinding three times to hear what Matchett called Kovalainen’s car. He said “pewter colored” not “putrid colored”. Darn. I liked putrid better.

JEERS to losing at least five spots on a failed pass that resulted in a spun Rubens.

CHEERS , though, to Kovalainen who was as busy, Hobbs says, as a one-armed paper hanger.

CHEERS to a telestrator gone wrong, and pointing at a Red Bull guy with binoculars rather than a side jack.

JEERS to falling down and sitting on a very hot tire. Nice cover, though.

JEERS to the dismal, dismal day, and champion Lewis - not yet pitted - being behind his teammate who already has.

CHEERS to “Jink to the left, jink the right…” but did anyone else but me have the urge to then say “stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!”

CHEERS to “I love the way these mechanics tell these drivers how to drive, but that’s beside the point.” Spoken like a true (former) driver!

CHEERS , also, to “This is where we saw Rubens Barrichello come unglued.” You’ve gotta love the phrase “come unglued,” but I think my mother is the only other person I’ve ever heard come unglued.

CHEERS to quite the illustration from Varsha!! Hang a 100-pound weight from your head, and lay down with your head off the end of the table. See if you can hold your head that way for seven or eight seconds, and do that 58 times. I think my neck hurts just thinking about it.

CHEERS to crazy side-by-side racing between Hamilton and Piquet! And they both came out of it undamaged!

CHEERS to the mechanic telling the driver how to drive and the driver replying, “I can not do that.” That’s right, take a stand!

JEERS to the way the sun reflects off that jack right into the driver’s eyes when he pits. That can’t be pleasant.

CHEERS to the back side of the Red Bull pit sign where the bull is lying on his back with his feet up in the air like a dead bull rather than a Red Bull.

CHEERS to anytime we hear Hobbs say “Oh Dear!”

CHEERS to pointing out an error, “But it was a great moment… the build up was terrific!”

JEERS to the stand-off that’s happening right now in Formula One. Was nothing at all learned from Indy? I know we’re in the U.S., but surely they at least heard about it, right?

CHEERS to Vettel being “at the top of everybody’s shopping list”. That’s gotta be a good feeling.

CHEERS to buying an F1 team “for about a dollar”, but JEERS to your first DNF. Poor Rubens.

JEERS to “Save your car, save your car, Mark is faster.” Right.

CHEERS , though, to Vettel ignoring the order. He may still let Mark finish ahead, but he’s not about to let it look like a whoopin’. (Is there such a thing as a whoopin’ in Formula One?)

And finally,

CHEERS to Jenson Button winning again! He’s so far ahead now that he can sit out the next two races and still be in the lead? He’s won six out of the first seven races and finished third in the one he didn’t win? Yeah, I think he just answered that question. There most certainly IS such a thing as a Formula One whoopin’, and it looks like a 29-year-old scruffy Brit!!



06/08/2009 7:43 am (1)
JEERS to the dunces that screwed up the TV coverage and didn't broadcast the F1 race.

I can state without being wrong that it wasn't on Fox where I live. Or at least on a Fox channel I have. It wasn't on the fox channel that had Nascar.

CHEERS to Speed for having the F1 Race.

JEERS to Speed for making me wait until Tuesday Afternoon before they Broadcast it.

Since I didn't see any of the F1 race anything else will have to wait.

Jim @ Home
06/08/2009 9:40 am (2)

It wasn't on the Fox channels here either. SO like you I have to wait until Tuesday afternoon to see it:(
Buster Bunny
06/08/2009 10:16 am (3)
CHEERS to me knowing that Jenson was gonna win this one ... based solely on "where" he qualified ...

CHEERS to me sleeping and missing yet another episode of "Are there really any drivers in those other 19 cars or did they all just give up??"

CHEERS to Vettel for winning the pole ... But, JEERS to Vettel for losing the race based on one little overshot turn ...

I'd like to say CHEERS to Jenson Button ... But, I did that the first two weeks of the season ... Now, I'm gonna give JEERS to all of the FIA / FOTA / F1 for allowing this debacle to continue ... You've got declining attendance, teams talking of walking, budget cap tirades, etc and yet you allow one guy from one team to continually dominate the sport ... Did you NOT learn anything from NASCAR last year??? It's just NOT good business, boys ... To top it all off, you've got probably 19+ drivers who seem to NOT even care anymore since they don't think they have a snowballs chance in Texas of winning that drivers championship ...

And finally ...

CHEERS to it being less than one month til the Winter Sports season starts ... Figure skating can't get here soon enough ...

I should probably qualify that with: One of the top 4 female skaters in the USA is the granddaughter of a friend of the family ...
Greg in Dallas
06/08/2009 1:58 pm (4)
JEERS to Fox. F1 races are typically run on a very reliable schedule. Not having time to show the complete post-race interview session - on a tape-delayed race no less - is inexcusable. If you don't want to cover the event, don't insult the fans by pretending to do so.
06/08/2009 3:03 pm (5)
Hi Carol,

You wrote: "CHEERS to quite the illustration from Varsha!! Hang a 100-pound weight from your head, and lay down with your head off the end of the table. See if you can hold your head that way for seven or eight seconds, and do that 58 times. I think my neck hurts just thinking about it."

Not to make your neck hurt worse, but think about, say, Dover...hanging your head off the table 1000 times...

06/08/2009 5:05 pm (6)
@Greg in Dallas: The Fox coverage is actually very close to the coverage seen in many nations worldwide, except for the presence of commercials. F1's two-hour time limit and the practice of shortening the race in the event of an aborted start are both policies put into place to appease broadcasters in Europe who hated having broadcasts overrun the end of their scheduled timeslot. Because they don't have the practice of taking commercial breaks during the race itself, they prefer not to have it pre-empt more lucrative broadcasts of things like snooker tournaments and such, where they have TV timeouts and can do commercials during the event.

As for the other two items... they both can be traced directly to Bernie himself. Honestly, Fox would rather keep all the F1 races on Speed (they get pretty much the same ratings regardless of whether they're on Speed or on Fox), but Bernie still thinks that all he needs to do to get a huge rabid fanbase in the US is have the races on broadcast television, so he mandated that four races per year be carried on Fox broadcast TV instead of Speed. He also mandated that those races be broadcast in the "traditional afternoon timeslot" for auto races, so that they'd be in a "more accessible" timeslot for US viewers--meaning that races not in the Americas would have to be tape-delayed. Fox only agreed to the deal if it was done on a time-buy basis, where Bernie bought a two-hour timeslot to air the race in.

In short, if Bernie realized that over-the-air television isn't a significant benefit in the US today, we'd not have the "Fox Four" races.

And honestly... I've seen far, far worse efforts. For example, when the USGP at Indy first started, I don't know if there was *any* US distribution deal for F1 at the time, and ABC, going through IMS, got a deal where they'd show a few GPs the first year, including being the host broadcaster for the USGP. Their broadcast of the other GPs, however, was hideous--I only remember the Monaco broadcast that year (I didn't want to see the others after that), where they showed basically the start and finish of the race wrapped around video packages about the history of the Monaco GP and a travelogue of Monaco. Why? Because they had to chop up the race to fit in a *one-hour timeslot* after one of the NASCAR races they had that year. Oh, and the commentary "team" consisted entirely of, if memory serves, Jim McKay reading a pre-scripted commentary that didn't say much of anything. (No disrespect to the late Mr. McKay, but there's a reason that ABC Wide World of Sports always had Chris Economaki as their racing commentator...)

I'd much rather have the Fox broadcast where they at least show the entire race, with knowledgeable commentators who care about F1 than that.
06/09/2009 6:20 am (7)
Bernie was never happy when the Automobile Club de Monaco had its own ABC deal.

The Fox deal was originally based when 2 of the 4 races were Montréal and Indy. If the four races were Montréal, Indy, Mexico, and Sao Paolo, then we could legitimately have four live races. Now we have four tape-delays of European races, so Bernie's deal with Fox was ruined there.

Call your local Fox affiliate and tell them running four infomercials instead of the F1 races is wrong.

Until F1 returned to the Beeb this year, commercials were a controversy in British coverage when it was on ITV (the network that gave us Millionaire and Idol). The two-hour limits do hurt the drama. Can you imagine what would have happened at the 600 four years ago if a 5-hour time limit was imposed, we wouldn't have seen the Johnson-Labonte finish that is the epitome of great finishes.

As Dick Berggren once wrote to a fan on a racing magazine after complaints about Daytona 500 coverage, and he was emphatic on it, Fox races have to be set for a general audience instead of a hardcore fan on Speed. In the same way, Sprint Cup races 1-13 on Fox are set for general audiences, while 14-25 can be set for hardcore fans on TNT and ESPN Cable, while 26-36 are general audience races on ESPN Broadcast.

That's why you see Darrell often be like the promoter he was when he raced in Nashville, appearing on the track's television show, going over the top to promote the races that weekend. Appearing on the local track's show was the way he was able to promote himself, and be able to have people show up for the races. That crowd who watched the show may not know as much of racing as they do of other things.

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