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The Mysterious Madhouse of Spain!
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By Carol Einarsson | 05/11/2009
Category: F1


CHEERS to Jenson Button on the pole AGAIN! And the joy of his father was shared by all.

CHEERS to the Acura commercial for the American Le Mans Series. The testing round for the next generation of Acura automobiles.

CHEERS to Giancarlo, happy to talk to Peter. And we like Peter's encouragement that at least he's starting in a place to avoid the first turn wreck. He said it so certain that it was inevitable.

JEERS to showing the guy going off for a bathroom break as he appears to be... um.. de-wedging himself?

JEERS to the dismay in Peter Windsor's voice at the presence of all the greats at the back of the grid.

CHEERS to "I wonder if I should disturb Adrian, no the last time I did he was a bit ratty."

CHEERS to the play by play of Felipe blowing his nose. And then being so grateful for him merely saying "thank you".

CHEERS to "We got a word out of Michael." Barely.

CHEERS to RPM and Steve Matchett teaching us how important the end plates are on the rear wing, and how they change from track to track. And we thought it was just another place to put your sponsor name.

CHEERS to how easily Bob Varsha says Circuita de Catalunya as though it's his native language.

CHEERS to Jenson Button in the spotlight as a winner and no longer just a back-marker. Late bloomer or maybe just changing neighborhoods to the haves from the have-nots. Whatever the magic is, it's nice to see.

CHEERS to Spain feeling like home. It is the Charlotte of Formula One. What a fantastic piece with the analogy that it feels more like coming home, but someone has rearranged all the furniture. A Braun where a Ferrari used to be, a Red Bull where you'd expect a McLaren. "It's a mysterious madhouse where a driver whose best days were said to be long behind him is leading the world championship!"

CHEERS to Mark Webber who narrated a trip around the track without watching the accompanying video. He did it from memory?! Wow!

JEERS to the bad fortune of Heikki out in the first round of qualifying for the first time in his career. Welcome to the back of the back, Heikki, where all the other racing greats are starting!

CHEERS to Hamilton's option of starting on the grass.

JEERS to an ugly start. And bits o' cars everywhere! The debris field looks like an aircraft went down.

CHEERS to Kimi making up six spots in that melee. See? It's not always a bad thing to be starting in the back.

CHEERS to a report on drivers returning to their traditional helmet colors.

CHEERS to referring time and time again to Kimi as "the Finn".

JEERS to backwards tires. It's like running a marathon with your shoes on the wrong feet.

JEERS to that annoying sound on Kimi's car and his car dead on the track. Aside from the amusement of all the little men chasing him, that's not a good thing to see.

JEERS to unmatching uniforms for Barrichello's pit crew.

CHEERS to a ground cam that doesn't have a gopher in it.

CHEERS to "Mario, when I see your car move, I wave the green flag." Very nice!

CHEERS to relaxing at 188 miles an hour. At least he wasn't talking on a cell phone.

CHEERS , and Happy Birthday, to Nick Heidfeld. If he wins, I wonder if they'll compare him to Cale Yarborough. Probably not.

CHEERS to the crowd reaction to hometown favorite, the great Fernando Alonso.

CHEERS to Rubens Barrichello, perpetual second fiddle. Almost makes me wish his teammate would blow at least one race.

CHEERS to Mark Webber who might now be looking at a podium finish, just the fourth of his career.

JEERS to needing Massa to conserve fuel. This isn't exactly Darlington on a Saturday night where you can count on a late-race caution.

CHEERS to "You need to keep saving, you need to keep saving." -- "What do you want me to do?!"

CHEERS to Peter pointing out the lunacy of allowing the competition to know they're almost out of fuel, but I especially like Hobbs' suspicion, "Maybe it's a double bluff!" AHA!

CHEERS to Matchett's list of recent failures and wondering, "What has happened to the Ferrari infrastructure?!"

JEERS to "Here's a guy, Louis Hamilton, current world champion, he's now 22 seconds behind Rosberg." And not knowing if or when he apparently spun to have been in that position.

CHEERS to Massa finally deciding that finishing a few positions back is better than not finishing at all, but I was kinda hoping for the double bluff.

CHEERS to "Who would have thought this time last year that Button would be lapping Hamilton." Indeed. I don't know if it says more about Button's success or McLaren's catastrophic failure.

CHEERS to a phenomenal last lap pass on the outside of a turn by hometown boy Fernando Alonso. And the crowd goes wild!

CHEERS to "The Button Kingdom" and Jenson winning again! I like how he waves to the crowd as though they care at all about anyone that's not Alonso. Well, maybe the corner workers do. It's nice how they were all clapping for him.

CHEERS to how happy Jenson is to win, as well. He seems to appreciate the success and enjoys soaking it all up.

CHEERS to the return of Champaign, too, and no more fuzzy fruit juice.

CHEERS to Rubens going back to get the fourth guy. "Hey, come back here! We're still taking pictures!"

And finally,

CHEERS to the best example ever why Bernie's crazy idea to award the championship to the guy with the most wins is, in fact, a crazy idea. I guess Bernie never considered that a guy would wrap up the championship with five or six races to go. Maybe Jenson will have it all but wrapped up, but as long as the points remain as they've been at least the others have a glimmer of hope and aren't mathematically eliminated.

Catch the next race from Monaco on Sunday morning, May 24th at 8am Eastern only on SPEED!



05/11/2009 3:06 pm (1)
Hi Carol,

Wow - first comment? Doubt that'll ever happen again.

You wrote: "CHEERS to Mark Webber who narrated a trip around the track without watching the accompanying video. He did it from memory?! Wow!"

Not only from memory, but almost perfectly in sync with the video he wasn't watching. Most remarkable bit of broadcasting I've seen in recent years.

And you wrote: "JEERS to that annoying sound on Kimi's car and his car dead on the track. Aside from the amusement of all the little men chasing him, that's not a good thing to see."

I was trying to figure out where, exactly, on the track that was. It did not seem all that wise for all the workers to be running along side, if Kimi was still on the race track.

Also you wrote: "JEERS to needing Massa to conserve fuel. This isn't exactly Darlington on a Saturday night where you can count on a late-race caution."

JEERS to the Ferrari crew, who apparently had never thought that situation might come up, and didn't seem to have any clue what to do. Telling Massa how fast to run, to make it to the end, would have been helpful.

Plus you wrote: "CHEERS to the return of Champaign"

Return _to_ Champaign, perhaps? But why would they go to Illinois? (the risks of spell-chequers, who can't tell you that you meant champagne).

Lastly, you wrote: "Catch the next race from Monaco on Sunday morning, May 24th at 8am Eastern only on SPEED!"

Gonna wear the TV out that day - F1 from 7:30 till 10, the Indy 500 from 1 to 4:30, and the World 600 from 6 till 10:30 or so. (a useful link for TV channels & schedules, if you don't have it" www.racefantv.com )


05/11/2009 6:24 pm (2)
Kimi was off the track on an access road. They showed an overhead map briefly to show where he was stopped.

And of course... champagne. Let's go with the "blame the spell checker" theory. I like that better than "I'm an idiot" truth.

05/12/2009 11:15 am (3)
Carol the above comment is why I read your column. You make me laugh out loud (no lol for me.
Greg in Dallas
05/12/2009 1:30 pm (4)

Race Fan TV: thanks! :)
05/12/2009 2:34 pm (5)
Here's another racing TV schedule site


Jim @ Home
05/13/2009 1:29 am (6)
So whadday'all think about the CJF1 column? This week we had an amazing (insert sarcasm here) 122 hits to the page. I just don't know if the audience is there. The assistant says I shouldn't quit doing it, but I have to find an outlet similar to Jayski's, only for open wheel. If anyone has any ideas, please share them.

Where do you go for your F1 reading? Can you post links to the page? How can we spread the word?

I'm open to ideas!

05/13/2009 7:46 am (7)
I get my F1 info here and from that widget on the right hand side of the site.

JEERS to a possible buget cap causing 3 teams to announce they won't be back in 2010 if the cap is still in place.

Jim @ Home
05/13/2009 9:32 am (8)

Obviously I like the CJF1. But I'm at a loss how to get it's existance more widely known - I scan over various UK based websites every now and again, but I don't know of any like Jayski that give a list of sites.

05/13/2009 10:51 am (9)

In the Widget on the right column of this site ts says this;

Ferrari also considering withdrawing next year
Maranello, Italy - Ferrari is the latest Formula One team that has threatened to [click that headline in t
05/13/2009 12:00 pm (10)
Are you sure Matchett is involved in one of the teams? I know Peter Windsor is involved, but hadn't heard of Matchett's involvement.

05/13/2009 12:35 pm (11)

That sounds more like it. I knew someone was involved and i think the name I wanted was Peter Windsor.

I guess that means besides my feet being shot it seems my Thinker is broken as well.

My E key now looks like my F key
05/13/2009 3:12 pm (12)

I hadn't noticed those in the sidebar (sometimes the sidebar doesn't load for me...I think our firewall doesn't like it).

In any event, Ferrari threatens to leave F1 about every 3rd year, so I will take that with a pretty big gra

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