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What I Like About You

Greg Biffle
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By Carol Einarsson | 12/04/2008
Category: What I Like About You


I like that you have an affection for animals and have a foundation that benefits them.

And I like that the foundation organizes the transport of 40 puppies a month from kill shelters in the South to a no-kill shelter in New York to save their lives and give them homes. When I think of puppies with new homes, I think of children with big smiles.

I like that you have had more nicknames than anyone else, but that the one that sticks is simply, "The Biff". Nobody else can carry this off. "The Gord?" "The John?" "The Earn?" No, sir, nobody else can carry it like The Biff!

I like that John Roberts picked you for an entire season in his fantasy league and gained quite a following of other fans who did the same.

I like that you have a wife who's willing to battle (or at least make an in-your-face statement) for her man when she feels you've been wronged.

I like that one of the best stories my assistant has ever told me is describing the look on your face when you accidentally crumpled the package of one of his diecasts that he'd asked to be autographed.

I like that you produce the NASCAR Pets Calendar every year and that there's even a waiting list for people that want to be included, even if Jeff Hammond has to wait two more years.

I like that you've won both Rookie of the Year and a Championship in both the Busch Series and the Craftsman Truck Series, and that nobody else has done that.

I like that you weathered the storm about your Kansas win when fans and media alike questioned whether you were out of fuel or not, even volunteering to go start the car if they wanted to see.

In a very strange way, I can say that I like that you were part of one of my favorite racing confrontations ever. It's not just ANYone that can influence a man to take flight over a race car in a single bound!

I like that you gave Jack Roush his first Championship, a place in history that will always be yours. And your middle name is Jack, too!

I like that you're on the National Celebrity Cabinet of the American Red Cross because you aren't one of those types that cares about animals and not so much about people.

I like that you wear Hollister shirts because that's my assistant's favorite, too.

I like that your dog Foster was on the Milk Bones box. How cool is that?

And one more thing I like about you, Greg Biffle...

I like how you will never ever forget your appreciation and affection for Benny Parsons, and how you get watery-eyed when you speak about what he did for you. You have a heart full of memories about a great man, and whenever asked, you are more than willing to open up that heart and tell us the best of Benny that you know first hand.



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