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Cheers and Jeers

Bad Ass Airplanes and Snow Cone Fuel at New Hampshire
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By Carol Einarsson | 09/27/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to reading something this week that made me chuckle again, "Hilton Bill Weber Hotel". Yeah, possibly one of the best memories of NASCAR in New Hampshire, the infamous melt-down that had TV execs getting out of bed in the middle of the night and flying to New England to "manage" a certain situation.

CHEERS to NBC Sports for the American flag patches on the pit reporters' firesuits. I wish NASCAR would follow suit and include them on drivers' suits. It saddens me to think of all the reasons they won't, though. Can I just say CHEERS to NBC Sports again?

CHEERS to Tony Stewart for his Simpson fire suit, too. I remember a time (before the assertion that NASCAR killed Superman) when EVERYone was in a Simpson fire suit. With a Simpson helmet. And Simpson underwear. And Simpson belts... And yes, Bill Simpson has since sold the company, but there is still a nostalgic warm spot for the man who's life has been spent trying to save lives in race cars. 

CHEERS to the class of Carl Edwards. I've always been impressed with how he takes off his sunglasses for every TV interview as soon as the camera is there, but when he was doing an audio interview in the back of a truck with no camera there, he still took off his sunglasses to look in the eyes of his interviewer. That's just respect right there.

CHEERS to Matt Kenseth's parade wave -- no, his QUEEN's parade wave! Masterful! 

JEERS to Dale Jarrett talking about Jeff Burton's great success at New Hampshire, and including, "He even led every lap of one race!" Well, yes, but there's a little bit more to that story that he didn't mention. Cough-cough-restrictor plates at New Hampshire-cough.

JEERS to an uncomfortable inconsistency clouding what might have otherwise been a lovely 

JEERS to a freaky anthem. Yes, it was slow, but what the heck was that full-body spasm of air 
boxing going on before the presentation? Can't we just get a Canadian back to sing their anthem and then sing our anthem? 

JEERS to the strong wind creating a downforce on that giant flag, and suddenly fans that thought they'd be holding and waving a great big banner of freedom were trying to lift what probably felt like 200 pounds of fabric...each!

CHEERS to the F15C Eagles in the fly-over, otherwise known as some "Bad Ass Airplanes". 

CHEERS to a command to start, but I'm thinking it was canned. It's simply not possible for a guy with a microphone to be talking at the same exact time as the crowd in the grandstand. It was in unison, loud, and clear... I smell something fishy. And fake.

CHEERS to Canadians sitting in the stands to at least make it look like Americans are more 
interested in this sport.  

CHEERS to Clint Bowyer's company on the starting grid. He's surrounded by Casey Mears, Matt DiBenedetto, Landon Cassill, Michael Annett, Cole Whitt, Reed Sorenson, Josh Wise, and Jeffrey Earnhardt. It would be one thing if he were just biding his time until he moves into a rock-star ride next year, but it's looking like even Danica may be faster than his 2017 car.

CHEERS to Bad Boy sponsorship of the race because when you put two giant banners side by side on the wall, we're all singing the same song together, aren't we?  Bad boy, bad boy... 

JEERS to moving Menard's pit crew to Austin Dillon. So lemme get this right -- a pit crew is good enough to get to The Chase, but then you think it's a good idea to replace them with a crew that wasn't good enough to achieve the same? How does that make a bit of sense?

CHEERS to asking Alex Bowman how he's doing in Junior's car after a couple of weeks adjustment, "I'm a lot calmer!" I can't imagine the stress thrown at this kid jumping into that car. What happens, though, if he wins in it when Junior couldn't?

JEERS to "Guftason". Gust Of Sun. Like that. Gust-of-sun. 

CHEERS to Dave Burns for every time he says Sunoco Fuel that sounds like "Snowcone Fuel." I wonder what flavor that is.

CHEERS to green flag pits and NO speeding penalties! NASCAR must have spun their giant Wheel of Misfortune and it landed on a different penalty. We've done lug nuts; we've done "tire not in control"; we've done speeding. What's next, I wonder?

CHEERS to JJ's dedication to learning how not to speed. I bet it's easier to teach a guy to slow down than to teach him to drive fast. Let's hope his practice pays off. 

CHEERS to the leader lapping cars! This is racing as it ought to be, without NASCAR meddling and throwing fake cautions; giving laps back, undeserved; and waving slow pokes around the track to try and catch up with the fast cars. But just as we said all that...

JEERS to a debris caution. Anyone see it? Anyone? Bueller?? They didn't even show us a truck with a guy getting out and picking up something imaginary. 

CHEERS to Steve Letarte (yes, really)! "The goal is not easy; the goal is fast." See how profound he can be when he's brief? Just nine words. 

JEERS to the Rusty bug being contagious. From the booth today we heard about the progress of driver Matt Kenthes. I just don't understand it. Maybe it's psychological. This weekend I was completely incapable of saying three words correctly in order. Fruit. Fly. Friends. Maybe Rusty and Rick Allen's Kenseth is my Fruit Fly Friends. 

JEERS to a production piece about the sideview mirror and how it works. Did we really watch that? A sideview mirror on a car. And don't you pity those three guys who had to take three steps back... and then three more steps back... and now three steps forward... See, race fans? This is how a mirror works on the side of a car. 

CHEERS to using Kevin Harvick's name in the same sentence as "maintain composure". It's good to know the NBC comedy writers are still employed. 

CHEERS to actual debris! And it even looked like something that could do some damage if it were hit!

CHEERS to Luke Lambert and his lovely wife welcoming Ruby Lynn. What a beautiful name! Even more, though, how sweet that he was still wearing his hospital bracelet! 

CHEERS to Danica in the lead! See, Clint Bowyer? Tony's car... you're getting TONY's car next year. Good luck with that.

JEERS to 31 laps down. I dunno, is Josh Wise really giving 100%? Sadly, I think he is.

CHEERS to Billy Scott's strategy. He knows when a driver is horrible, it's the crew chief that gets the boot, so the poor guy is trying everything he can. Stay out when the field pits, then hope for a Lucky Dog, and after that, we'll try for the wave-around. 

JEERS to whatever mess that was in Kurt Busch's pit. His crew must have gone to the same school as the other SHR pit crews, perhaps even tutored by Kevin Harvick's old team. 

CHEERS to Chase Elliott. We're impressed by him every week, and while I won't name names, I know a 47 year old man who is admittedly "fan girling" over him. And now that I think about it, I may know more than one grown man feeling that same way. You know who you are...

JEERS to Clint Bowyer getting into one of his home boys, Michael McDowell. Dude! What're you doing? You're one of us now, and we're supposed to stick together!

CHEERS to the 78 vs 20 battle on and on! Truex is fast, but near-pass after near-pass, he just can't beat Kenseth's cornering.

JEERS to "Chase Elliott doesn't understand that Kyle's not gonna have as many patients as the other guys." Dr Kyle Busch, now? Grammar matters, especially in broadcasting. Just like a crew chief tells a driver that you have to slow down to go fast, I think Steve Letarte would do well to practice that same principle in his new job. Slow down, settle down, and remember you're not in a race with your words. Go watch Vin Scully if you need an example. Or even rewatch the 20 minutes or so from the Southern 500 when Ken Squier and Ned Jarrett were calling the race. No frenzy, just a slow and steady pace. 

JEERS to Trevor Bayne in the wall. Yikes! It looks like his car is four feet shorter now than when it started. Maybe NASCAR can check it with lasers to be sure.

JEERS to any time Steve Letarte begins with, "To be clear..." 

CHEERS to Kevin Harvick for the win! Before the race, the RJO staff was making our own predictions, and one thing said about Harvick was that he wasn't necessarily in the bottom four for next week's elimination because, "He could win any time." And sure 'nough, he did! For the record, I think we have a consensus on three of the four who'll be kicked out after next week: Chris Buescher, Austin Dillon, and Tony Stewart. 

JEERS to how far out fans can stick their arms! Yes, I know there are officials standing every 14 inches along that fence during the race, but why isn't there a second safety fence like so many other tracks have? If they can stand that close at any time, it means it's not nearly as safe as it could be for them during a race when there may be debris (or a race car!) hitting that fence at a high rate of speed. 

JEERS to strategy in so many ways unrelated to fast cars, and more about the politics of NASCAR. Sure, it's just another way to get into a guy's head, when Harvick asked over his radio which one would be penalized, but NASCAR doesn't have to play into it and be so easily manipulated by the drivers. If Harvick hadn't asked that question, NASCAR isn't on Kenseth's radio. 

And finally,

CHEERS to Jimmie's beard growth! For Tony, that's a 5:00 shadow, but for JJ, that's practically Duck Dynasty! I wonder if he's getting an early start for the off season and by Christmas, he'll be Santa. 



a different Bill
09/26/2016 6:33 pm (1)
JEERS to moving Menard's pit crew to Austin Dillon. So lemme get this right -- a pit crew is good enough to get to The Chase, but then you think it's a good idea to replace them with a crew that wasn't good enough to achieve the same? How does that make a bit of sense?

All I am going to say here is that for the first time since I've started watching NASCAR I find myself actively rooting against the car that comes between the #2 and the #4.
09/27/2016 6:37 am (2)
CHEERS to another good column Carol. Just an average NH race but one more JEERS to the trophy. Come on people, a live lobster? CHEERS to the 88 for one more good run. Talk about talent and the difference between great equipment and backmarker equipment. JEERS to the wave around to get a lap back. NASCAR should do away with the rule tomorrow. The drivers earned the lap down now earn it back. But wait then Danica would never finish less than 3 or 4 laps down would she and we all know that can't happen.
09/27/2016 9:28 am (3)
JEERS to NBC Sports for the pit reporters' firesuits. There, I fixed that for you, Carol.
09/27/2016 11:51 am (4)
CHEERS to you always Carol
JEERS - what kinda anthem was that? I salute your military&police service, did he watch the
chicago dingdong, go do a duet with him in his
hallowed hockey pit.
Still waiting for the pull up vertical and hit the burners, all the kids have their ear
protection on.
JEERS - flip a pit crew that got you there, grumpy&diffBill is on the spot.
JEERS - gordon back in the car? Stupid. Seat time for AB is more important, great, now we get to listen as the booth babble on it - nope, mrn still alive, cool.
Bill B
09/27/2016 3:24 pm (5)

Just wondering why seat time for AB is more important for Alex Bowman TO HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS at this moment? Has it been announced that he is anything more than a relief driver at this point? I haven't heard anything from HMS saying he was on their future roster. Until that point it may be more important to AB's career than it is to HMS and their current sponsors. Now if AB is slated to have a contract to drive at HMS next year (and we just haven't heard yet) then I agree with you 100%.
Bill B
09/27/2016 3:28 pm (6)
That first line should be "whey seat time is more important to Hendrick Motorsports"?

Also, thanks as always for a race recap and pointing out those things that I miss when I am flipping back and forth between NASCAR and the NFL. I never thought I'd give the NFL equal billing with NASCAR but I just get worn down hearing nonstop about the chase. Can't they just let us enjoy the race for the race itself.
09/28/2016 2:37 pm (7)
@Carol - CHEERS to the downforce on the flag, because just imagine the opposite - fans being flung every which way, with the flag making an undisciplined exit to leeward (I've seen a baseball tarp do that - amusing, but not with a flag).

@sealevel - JEERS to the seat time comment. Remember, Hendrick has sponsors to worry about, and they paid for NASCAR's most popular driver, not Bowman. Mixing in some Jeff Gordon is a good way to keep the sponsors happy while still letting Bowman audition.

And yes, I do think it's an audition. Hendrick has to be worried that Earnhardt may not come back, or may declare 2017 a "farewell" season. With Harvick apparently happy to drive a Ford, there's not a whole lot of top-tier drivers who might be interested in that ride, so better start looking for another young gun to pair with Elliott.

09/28/2016 4:07 pm (8)
Agree with the comments, but its still stupid, if its an audition then let him drive, sponsor money already paid out, he has driven for jr
motorsports, don't care about gordon, go home play with the kids and cut the grass.
09/29/2016 3:10 pm (9)
Just a FYI, Harvick wasn't the only radio chatter about that restart.

I have noticed that you don't hear so much about how the 88 is running. Now that they know jr. willn't be back in it this year, you don't hear where it is running every 5 mins. Which is a shame, because Alex has been running well.
09/30/2016 3:46 am (10)
The Harvick situation isn't as easy as we thought. Based on what I read on Twitter in June, a sponsorship situation at the #4 team will play out during the next few months. At least two major sponsors of that team are involved -- one is in a contract year, and will Ford not want this sponsor back while they are also the rival sponsor of the new driver coming, and the other is a sponsor that is acquiring the sponsor of a current Ford team that could drop SHR for that other team. Watch out for the SHR-Penske alliance to result in some gamesmanship for Ryan Blaney to obtain a charter.

If both sponsors in question ditch SHR as possible, then we could see Harvick become a free agent very soon. Hendrick is probably keeping some irons in the fire in case that happens.

Axalta probably wants Gordon as a substitute.

Simpson firesuits, but many are switching to Stilo, Simpson's off-season acquisition. Kyle Busch, Truex, and Jr are all Stilo. (Earnhardt switched in late 2012; Simpson acquired Stilo last December)
09/30/2016 5:55 pm (11)
@Bobby - count me as sceptical (even assuming it was possible to parse "rival sponsor of the new driver coming"). Harvick's two main sponsors are ABInBev and Jimmy Johns, and I'm not aware that Jimmy Johns sponsors anyone else in stock car racing or has any rivals (at Penske or elsewhere).

ABInBev and SABMiller are trying to merge, but it's not a given they'd drop one sponsorship in consequence. They are just as likely to try and maintain a facade of competition between the brands.

Blaney's charter will probably come from H Scott (i.e. from Bowyer's car). That team is financially challenged, and selling the charter may be the best way for them to stay in the sport.

Bill B
09/30/2016 7:43 pm (12)
Even though it's Toyota, doesn't Edwards still have Subway? I would consider them a "rival elsewhere", just not Ford.

And H Scott should only consider selling that charter if they have absolutely no other choice. Not being guaranteed a starting spot will not give them much hope of attracting a sponsor. While it might help them in the short run it will kill them in the long run.
10/02/2016 3:23 pm (13)
@ Bill B - yeah, you're right, I forgot about Subway...I guess they are still with Edwards. Seems like he's been Arris or Stanley all year.

H Scott has two charters, I'm pretty sure. So they might be wiser to sell one and run as a one car team.


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