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Cheers and Jeers

Martin's Mistress - The Lady in Black
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By Carol Einarsson | 09/09/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to All Things Throwback! Best race of the season, and one to save on the DVR, I'm certain! I only recently deleted last year's race for space, and I'm not sure I don't regret doing so.

CHEERS to five sticks of gum. I know this is only year two, so it might be premature to say this, but every single year, this gets better! No detail is too small, and we just can't express enough appreciation for the creativity of every person involved. 

CHEERS to Bill Elliott standing with his boy. That's just nice to see. I bet he sure is enjoying this season of life, maybe even more than when he was driving.

CHEERS to the longest invocation EVER!  Give an old pastor a microphone and a congregation on a Sunday afternoon, and ... that was just heart-felt!  And if you missed church on Sunday, well, you just may have made up for it.

CHEERS to ... what? Greg Brady? YES!! Am I the only one who didn't know he sang? That was a great anthem, but even more was the IDEA of it! 

CHEERS to the T-38 flyover, an old-school plane from the early 60s that Dave in the RJO Research Department tells us has a top speed of 858 mph.

CHEERS to the Command to Start because even though you know how we feel about more than one person doing it, there was one voice that we heard loud and clear, above the other three, and that was Mark Martin. So nice to see him at Darlington! After his earlier comments about feeling there was no place for him at the track, I was saddened that the NASCAR community had so greatly failed to express the proper amount of appreciation and love for him, to cause those feelings. We don't always get the chance to fix a wrong, and I'm glad so many are showing appreciation to him for the contribution he's been in our sport! 

CHEERS to the Underbird!! Wow, wouldn't it be something if Biffle won this race, to see that car do a Polish Victory Lap? 

CHEERS to a spin in the middle of green flag pit stops because nothing keeps a crew chief on the ball like having to adjust his whole strategy. 

JEERS to a spun #6 car because despite the "poll" that awarded Tony's throwback as fan favorite, there is nothing like seeing a square six on the side of a race car again! I'm not sure how old he was, but it may have been double digits before my assistant stopped making his sixes square whenever he wrote that number.

JEERS to a slow stop for the 2 team, but then again, if we're truly doing all things throwback, CHEERS to the 2 team for a "retro pit stop" with a 1975 pit time!

CHEERS to the old-school booth team, and for them NOT being dressed retro. Ned Jarrett is just far too dignified to ask him to dress silly. 

CHEERS to the 18 Interstate Batteries scheme in tribute to DJ. I have to admit, until now, I wasn't liking it at all for DJ. When I see that car, I see Bobby Labonte, not Dale Jarrett. A tribute car to DJ should only be the UPS car.  But then everything turned when DJ reminded us that's the car he was driving when father Ned called his Daytona 500 win. I get it now, and I love that!! 

CHEERS to a Kyle Petty Mello Yello commercial, and JEERS to me having been fast-forwarding to catch up to live race time. I now fear I've missed some great commercials.

JEERS to something really off in the #2 pit box. It's like they've lost their rhythm or something. Seeing the rear tire carrier have to dance around that air hose was impressive to watch, but time consuming. 

CHEERS to a word we don't often hear in NASCAR anymore, but that I remember fondly from my first races watched: ole, as in "motor ole". 

CHEERS to the music, too!  Stayin' alive, stayin' alive... 

JEERS to Tony Stewart acting like an idiot. He has so few races left, he can't go pay back other guys for maybe something he remembers from ten years ago? Instead he puts Brian Scott in the wall for... nothing?  Jerk.

CHEERS to Steve Letarte, though, for this, "It's hard to defend a three-time champion.. car control.. I don't think he misjudged it. I think he just basically took his frustration out on Brian Scott." The reason we appreciate this is because, as a former crew chief, Letarte knows well the excuses drivers make for why they "got into" another guy, and he's heading off any of Stewart's excuses at the pass. Before Tony even presents that as his defense, it's been shot down. 

CHEERS to Brian Scott, though, class act all the way! Wow. "I've got a lot of respect for Tony. I'll talk with him, we'll figure it out." A guy puts him in the wall, and Brian Scott still gives him the benefit of the doubt. That's fine character right there, and (as evidenced by my words above), I wouldn't have been so gracious, I'm afraid. 

JEERS to seeing the 48 in the wall, but again CHEERS to Steve Letarte pointing out that if a six-time champ has that kind of problem, there's no better testament to the challenge posed by this race track. Maybe Tony called in a favor and asked Jimmie to show a little lack of control to better his defense with NASCAR in the hauler after the race.

CHEERS to "Here's Martin losing his mind..." 

CHEERS to Kevin Harvick with 10,000 laps led, and in good company. If it wasn't for the throwback theme, the 4 car might be stinking up the show. 

CHEERS to Josh Wise avoiding the nearly-stopped car of Jeffrey Earnhardt. I wonder if Kyle Petty could have a talk with that youngster about how it's okay to admit sometimes talent skips a generation. 

JEERS to whatever is wrong on the pit crew of the #4 team. I expect it's the hardest job on pit road to be subject to the outbursts of a driver not shy in his criticism, but at some point, shouldn't they recognize better performance would be the best payback to their critical driver's tirades?

CHEERS to the entertainment of "I didn't think I even touched him." Right. 

JEERS to, "Oh, the 21 got in the wall.." Yes, he did -- after the 47 hit him! What is wrong with Jeff Burton?

JEERS to... wow... what was THAT in the #4 pit box?  They cut away from the split screen and timer at about 13.5 seconds, but when I timed it, I had 17.2 seconds on that stop. And 11 spots lost. This is not how you win a championship, boys. 

CHEERS to Kyle Larson being in position to win a second race in two weeks. One team's failure usually results in another team's good fortune, and the lead this ate in the game is not a bad thing to inherit! (Though having said that, Harvick has already gained back seven spots, and he's comin' for you!)

CHEERS to Chris Buescher hanging in there by a 13 point margin! Sure, the rain win was luck, but hanging onto that opportunity has taken a certain amount of grit.

CHEERS to Tony's day cut short so he can sit and ponder the admonishment he'll get from Mike Helton, as he waits for the race to end. Or he'll at least have more time to walk to his motorcoach and get his check book before he has to report to the hauler. 

JEERS to some kind of chaos in the NBC production booth. We see some skirmish on the track at the edge of the shot, but we don't go back to it. Then we see it again as we're cutting away from a different shot. Then they mention the smoke from the 27 and radio that he got into something/someone, and still nothing on screen? 

JEERS to Tony's interview. When I saw him talking about his blown-up car, I was hopeful we'd see something nice from him about Brian Scott, but then it was -- in true throwback fashion -- a return to ugly Tony of past. Maybe he didn't realize the retro theme was to remember all things good, not to revisit a time when he was so disliked by the fans. How very disappointing. 

CHEERS to "Another One Bites the Dust" -- PERFECT for Darlington!!

JEERS to every side, every corner, and each end of the 41 smashed up. Wow. But CHEERS to the eye of Steve Letarte, seeing the first time, and then showing us on the slo-mo replay, how the white lettering grew ever closer to the track on that left rear tire of the 27 car. Impressive!

JEERS to the wrong kind of consistency. The #4 team puts their driver two more positions down. 

CHEERS to the 31 team doing everything they can to get Ryan Newman in the Chase. It's easy.. just win the race.

JEERS to giving the impression that Kurt Busch was seeing the replay when it seems he wasn't. 

JEERS to whatever has happened to the 19 car, but at least he got out of the way.

CHEERS to the battle between two unlikelies. Maybe it's unfair to put Martin Truex in that class, but it's nice to see those two cars fighting for the lead. 

JEERS to the notion that Brad Keselowski "had no idea" Kyle Larson was coming. He doesn't have a spotter??

CHEERS to Kevin Harvick up to third! You know how Denny wins when he's been hurt? I think the angrier Harvick is with his pit crew, the faster he drives. Well, the faster he HAS to drive, I guess.

CHEERS to the sound bite of Rick Allen, "Remember, over the last three pit stops, Kevin Harvick has lost seventeen spots on pit road..." I imagine Harvick taking that snippet from the broadcast and playing it again and again at the shop, like putting it in one of those old "easy buttons" to press whenever someone comes in his office.

JEERS to a smashed STP car. So let's see who that "someone" was that he thought was gonna give him more room... wow!

JEERS to Clint Bowyer, and to Jeff Burton for excusing it! Almirola got into him when he got loose, but Bowyer definitely put him in the wall to pay him back. And Burton then tries to sell us a load of "well, who knows who's in control of what...." When did Jeff Burton get this way?? Didn't he used to be quite outspoken?

CHEERS to taking control of your destiny, and Harvick not giving up. But on that restart, on the front row, if Truex out runs you, he out runs you. I'm not sure he can put that on the crew at this point. Sure, the 78 had lane preference, but he sure pulled out to an impressive lead.

CHEERS to Martin Truex Jr! The Southern 500, baby!  And a new brick-kissing event is born, even in the absence of bricks! "Kiss the stripe" just doesn't have the same ring to it, though. What a moment! I wonder if Sherry is there. I hope so!

CHEERS also to the best uniform in the field! The throwback paint schemes were one thing, but the suit complete with a tie and white cuffs was fantastic! Best dressed driver in Victory Lane!

CHEERS to Ryan Newman coming to visit his friend in Victory Lane. That neck grab was reminiscent of Dale-don't-call-me-Senior, wasn't it?

And finally,

CHEERS to Kevin Harvick because this week -- he's right. 100% gave the race away, and that's just a bad situation. With the other SHR teams in the Chase, he doesn't even have a team to swap crews with. I suppose there's the Bakery Boys, but I don't know that we've seen them in a pressure situation.



09/09/2016 9:46 am (1)
CHEERS to a C & J, better late than never.

CHEERS to Ned & Dale in the booth. I could have stood to hear more from them, and somewhat less from Squier.

Not sure about the QOTW - I think I'd have gone with "well, I got lucky" (Ned Jarrett, speaking of his Darlington win).

Also think the "talent skips a generation" was a bit unfair - Kyle was no Richard, but when he had good cars (Wood Bros, Sabates) he was more than competent. There's a lot of drivers who wish they had 8 Cup wins. (and for that matter, Jeffery is Kerry's son, so if "skipped a generation" applied, Jeffery should be on the good side...)

CHEERS to the line at Darlington never being the same. It seemed like a lot of guys were making a low line work at the wide end, using the apron in the middle of the corners and not going all the way to the wall. Don't recall ever seeing quite that line being used before.

JEERS, as ever, to the mis-use of "Darlington stripe".

09/09/2016 10:30 am (2)
CHEERS to another good column, Carol!

CHEERS to Martin Truex Jr on a great win and fantastic show of celebrating!

JEERS to Jeff Burton in the booth - he drove me crazy on the first broadcast and hasn't quit irritating me since then.

CHEERS to Steve Letarte telling it like it is - no sugar coating passing his lips!

JEERS to Tony Stewart - his true colors are once again shining through. Once a jerk, always a jerk. And JEERS to NASCAR for putting a pretty blanket over the hauler meeting.

JEERS to Harvick's pit crew - major screw-ups week after week. And where are his replacements coming from? Danica Patrick's team! Oh, there's a real winner....

CHEERS to Greg Brady's rendition of the National Anthem! I never knew he could sing and he did so with great tone and much gusto!

JEERS to the end of the season being within sight, and of course, JEERS to the Chase which is Brian's contribution to Hollywood entertainment.

The TV ratings keep dropping, fan attendance keeps dropping, and still no changes to CHEER about. Just more rules and regs....
09/09/2016 11:31 am (3)
CHEERS to a long column that hit most of my thoughts on the race.

Except for all the "retro" which was great - JEERS to Darlington living on it's reputation of old. The racing is not nearly as exciting and I believe that contributes to low ratings.
09/09/2016 1:22 pm (4)
Never thought I would say this, because I never could stand Ken Squire and wasn't a fan of the Jarretts, but CHEERS to the retro booth! What a throwback. So reminded me of my early days of NASCAR, not this glossed-over version it is now. I truly hated it when they handed it back to Jeff "Clueless" Burton and Steve "my voice gets octaves higher when I get excited" Latarte.

I hate that I saw the last 12 laps at a friend's house, before going home the next day to watch the recorded version. It's just not the same, and I found myself fast forwarding. I was wondering if there were retro commercials.

I really feel I missed a lot not getting to see it live. Maybe next year!
09/09/2016 4:44 pm (5)
JEERS to the nonsense that is the laser inspection station. Multiple cars fail every week because it's so precise it's almost a detriment, and the post race inspection is just ridiculous.
09/10/2016 11:57 am (6)
It,s hard to be top notch,when you are digging out from under the bus............
09/10/2016 12:00 pm (7)
smokefan14 right on - stupid sequence, you beat
your car from top to bottom racing, and now you want to check it with a laser system?
Everybody should line up, and all back into
the wall and crush the backend. Another sad
sequence from nascar, guess you can't fix stupid.
09/10/2016 5:05 pm (8)
Loved, LOVED, LOVED "underbird"!!!

I also loved the hype and excitement surrounding this race. This is what the 'special' paint schemes are supposed to do. But 'special' has become so routine in the realm of paint jobs, that they just aren't all that 'special' anymore. But Darlington does it right!

JEERS to the 44, and whomever the other team was that didn't participate int he special schemes. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHEERS to a good race.

JEERS to evil tony.

CHEERS to Paul Menard's team choosing a retro scheme that lasted longer than the original. Little Al crashed the original car in the 125 mile qualifying race, and ran a backup Kodiak car in the 500- complete with white paint job and green stripe down the side. :)
CHEERS to my family for putting up with that little tid-bit of knowledge as I repeated it for each one of them during the race, lol


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