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Cheers and Jeers

Night to Day to Night Again - Marathon Racing at Bristol
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By Carol Einarsson | 08/24/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers


CHEERS to rain passed just in time!

CHEERS to the Bryan Clauson tributes by his broken-hearted friends. And for his family to be there for it makes it all the more special.

CHEERS to the race on cable so we can watch the pre-race if we want to and not be hijacked to local news.

CHEERS to Billy Mauldin's invocation. No sponsors, no crap - just praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Sure, we missed it being Joe Gibbs or Darrell Waltrip or Michael McDowell, but with the MRO kids singing the anthem, the MRO preacher was a great choice!

CHEERS to Danielle Peck and a split decision in front of the official RJO viewing monitor this week. One thought it was lovely rendition of God Bless America, and the other seemed to think she might have considered singing on pitch.

CHEERS to the BEST anthem, and proud dad Jimmie Johnson nearby. It was too-quick of a pan for me to see all the other parents, but he was the only one that stuck out in a fire suit.

JEERS however, to the anthem being on the wrong side of the hour. I get that it's part of "pre-race festivities" and therefore is on the pre-race show, however, if that's the logic you employ, then unless that green flag is flying at the moment the race broadcast begins, your argument is invalid. The pre-race is for catching up on news from last week, bringing us up to speed with what's new, maybe a few interviews with people like the pole-sitter, the fastest rookie, a guy with a special story, etc. But the anthem, invocation, and command to start should ALWAYS be after the start of the race broadcast. The reason this is a problem is because some people like to record the race and not necessarily the pre-race. Some people like to WATCH the race and not necessarily the pre-race. Mostly, though, they're not consistent in their policy. If it's always going to be on the pre-race side, we can set our DVRs to get it, but there's no consistency. And this week, with the rain delay, there was simply no rush to get it done quickly. JEERS to you, NBC.

CHEERS to Ken Squier, though we were first surprised at the credit of "narrated by", since those pieces have always been also written by him. We decided, however, it was because of the inclusion of the olympic athletes, and maybe he wasn't able to watch all of that coverage in order to write such an eloquent essay about how the two tie together. Nevertheless, it was nice to hear him still presenting an essay like that.

CHEERS to Isaka getting busted in a most delightful way by Matt Kenseth! "Denny Hamlin?!! That's not what you said 10 minutes ago!!" And the best part was Isaka had already tweeted a pic of him and his favorite driver Matt Kenseth!

CHEERS to the outright silliness of the Huggies Chevrolet. So many jokes, so little time. However, CHEERS to Kyle Larson. Any time you can get free diapers for your toddler, it's a good time. And I hear he's even going to be in a commercial! Side note: A combo sponsor on his car this week between Energizer (with a slogan of "just keeps going") and diapers designed for just such a thing as that... well, the jokes sometimes just write themselves.

JEERS to the 32 car pulling off the track before lap five. What happened to giving it your best? That's just no way for an Earnhardt to behave at Bristol. Having said that, however, at least he helped hold onto whatever the string is for races at Bristol with an Earnhardt taking the green flag.

CHEERS to Kyle Petty and Dale Jarrett in a rain delay, especially when it comes with an original KP song! NASCAR America on your TV, It's NASCAR America, Krista, Dale, and Me! Yeah, they need to get him into a studio to record that and make it the theme song!

JEERS to a planned competition caution because what they SHOULD have is a competition NAP TIME!  
CHEERS to cards to commemorate Tony's last Bristol race on lap 14, but JEERS that they were individually printed cards rather than a group "card trick" like they did for Rusty. There were enough fans there this time to carry that off, and you'd think the track would have been able to look at their own ticket sales and know that. And to ask Tony if he saw it? Ridiculous to think he possibly could have.


JEERS to weather costing so many so much! The Bristol night race is a bucket list item, and while the past few years have been quite disheartening in attendance, this year it was impressive. And then they all went home without seeing a race. Is there anything NASCAR could have done? No, not a thing (except perhaps offer each of those fans a free ticket to another NASCAR race within the next 12 months, because we know there are always plenty of empty seats). Maybe they'd go to another race, maybe they wouldn't, but at least it would be a gesture, and having those fans in attendance at another race would help that other venue at the same time.

CHEERS to the notion that the pack of drivers will follow, single-file, where the pace car leads them. All NASCAR had to do was ask them all to go dry the track. It was organized chaos, swerving and flowing wherever they wanted, and they did a fine job of drying not just the top groove, but the whole thing!

JEERS to so few mentions of the title sponsor of the race.

CHEERS to this commercial that I will stop and watch every time it comes on:
"I was made in the shadows of greatness; shaped by the hands of legacy..." I don't know who wrote that, but wow.

JEERS to dropping from 2nd to 11th for Ryan Blaney after his team let him down in the pits. Maybe Chase Elliott will take responsibility for that later.

CHEERS to Jeff Gordon saving that crazy loose car! A few lost positions is far better than a wrecked racecar!

JEERS to "Your job is to keep him calm, not to argue with him." We're all grown-ups in this sport, right?

CHEERS to Jeff Burton, though, for pointing out that it's really not the spotter's job to keep the driver calm.

JEERS to Justin Allgaier seeming to aim at a direct target on the nose of the 18 car. I have no idea how Kyle was even giving him the benefit of the doubt by calling Allgaier's spotter a moron. The 46 was free and clear until what appeared to be an intentional right turn so as not to miss the 18. Did he see the end of pit wall in his windshield and panic? Did he think he had to avoid going down pit road, so lemme hit this car here instead? That was one freaky wreck that seemed to have no explanation, but since Kyle mentioned the spotter, I sure wish they'd have played that radio transmission to hear what was really said.

CHEERS to Kurt Busch taking responsibility for his own misjudgement, although for a moment, several titles flashed through my head about Dirty Driver Brad Keselowski Burning Two Busches in One Weekend. That's why it's good for him and Kyle to both race in the lower series race -- it gives Brad a chance to take out both brothers in separate races.

JEERS to Kyle Larson's leak! A leak is just NOT good PR for his sponsor, even if it IS oil.

CHEERS to Ricky Stenhouse in second!!

CHEERS to the battle between Chris Buescher and Jamie McMurray!

And finally,

CHEERS to Kevin Harvick and his friend Tony Stewart! Announcers made it sound like Harvick wanted Tony to go out there with him as team owner, but I'm not buying that for a minute. Kevin wanted his FRIEND and teammate Tony out there because it was his last race at Bristol, and it was just a cool thing. Even cooler would have been if he'd taken Harvick up on his offer and just piled himself into the #4 car and left his out there on the track. Not sure how he'd have fit or where he'd have sat, because with his leg and back issues, I'm not sure he could have even done a Hendrick and ridden with one cheek on the door and the other leg outside.

I know it's short and may even seem incomplete, but with the storms we've had and an adjusted schedule to work around them, paired with a delightful picnic on Sunday afternoon that was planned long before it rained at Bristol on Saturday (and even if it hadn't been, I still quite preferred it anyway), well.. this is how it ended up this week. -Carol



08/24/2016 10:56 am (1)
JEERS to the race sponsor throwing the words "Night Race" into the race title, an almost taunt of Mother Nature.
We see who won that battle, don't we? Lol
08/24/2016 12:52 pm (2)
Just for fun, why don't we see how many times the full race sponsorship name is mentioned next week? I'd be willing to bet it will be the same as this week. Sometimes it's not a conspiracy, it's just dollars & cents. TV sells their own sponsorship of the race and are only required to mention the track's sponsorship X # of times, by contract.
08/24/2016 5:26 pm (3)
Yes, CHEERS to a good anthem by the kids from the studio recording, at least they mostly stood still, second time nascar has used it, but heck, way better than the wigwag-knuckleheads that can't sing it, give me a band or the kids every weekend. A great day will be Robin Meade not singing, waterboarding would feel and sound better.
08/24/2016 7:28 pm (4)
Not a CHEERS or a JEERS but a DAMN, to the empty stands at Bristol on Sunday. I know it was supposed to be a night race and it was delayed but I bet there weren't 20K people around to watch the race. JEERS to Kyle B for being a total a$$ once again, with his comments. CHEERS to Stenhouse for his best finish in a long time. JEERS to his girlfriend who was 4 laps down and almost tot a top 20 that she didn't deserve. CHEERS to two groves now at Bristol, even if one is smaller than the other. Finally is it just me or does Bristol seem to really lack something now. Just can't get real excited about the racing any more.
08/24/2016 9:20 pm (5)
No your on the mark grumpy - its stale, and without the sticky from nhra it would have been
the max borefest. As this sport tries to move forwad,mgmt does not care, can't wait for the
chucky-cheese sponsor, would be perfical.
08/25/2016 4:21 am (6)
JEERS to some on here that had several not so nice things to say about a certain driver several races ago with a truly "racing deal" involving KUBU! The hypocrisy astounds.

Now at Bristol, KUBU takes out MANY drivers with a "racing deal" move..and crickets from the Peanut Gallery! Where are your negative comments regarding KUBU? He did take out a lot of drivers. Logano only Busch. Logano owned it apologized and Kurt went on a rant. Now Kurt does it with a significant impact regarding the outcome of the race..he smiles, says "gee it was me" and that is the end of it. I don't expect a fight or anything from other drivers, I do believe both instances was racing! The reaction to both racing occurrences is what fascinates and reeks to the high heaven of hypocrisy from Kurt and "fans". IMO!
Mallards Motorsports
08/25/2016 3:43 pm (7)
Grumpy - the lack of fans on Sunday really struck me as well; especially given how many were originally there Sat. night. All I can figure is they had flights or long drives they had to start Sun. AM. but that would mean maybe 80% of the original fans were from out of state - which surprises me.

Sucks for many of them given the large financial investment. My brother and I went to the Indy 500 this year and we booked an extra hotel night and made flight out reservations on Tuesday just to avoid the crowd and in case race was postponed to Monday. Was able to go back to the track and visit the museum in peace on Monday...extra day cost more but we would have been bummed to go half way across the country and then miss the race. NASCAR could, but won't, give each of the would-be Bristol attendees a free ticket to a future race - not like there aren't acres of open seats at most races...

Also, to me the empty stands somehow really detract from the race - not sure if it is my imagination or not it just seems to make the race less exciting.
09/13/2016 8:13 pm (8)
I know this late to the game for Bristol, but it really bugs me.

JEERS to every time somebody says "world's fastest half mile" during a Na$car broadcast. The ONLY reason is is the world's fastest half mile is once upon a time they put dirt on the track and ran sprint cars. NOT because Na$car races there.

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