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Cheers and Jeers

Watkins Glen - Really Just Bristol Practice
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By Carol Einarsson | 08/09/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to reportedly sold out, and actually looking sold out. Granted, they only have about 30,000 seats to fill there, but to actually sell out ANY NASCAR race these days, well, good on you, Watkins Glen!  It must be all the Boris Said fans.

CHEERS to David Fife because every time he does the invocation, I wonder if he ever learned to do a proper Don Knotts impression, but JEERS to including Cheez Its in your prayer. What, there aren't enough signs around the track?

CHEERS to former United States Marine, JW Cortes. I wonder what it cost Kaplan University for him to wear that shirt. The anthem was slow, but respectable.

CHEERS to the all-time BEST-timed rockets red glare! Okay, there was no red glare, but the BOOM! of the rockets was the best EVER!! And CHEERS to the C130 Hercules and that sound!

TEARS and many prayers for the Clauson family. Just tragic.

CHEERS to John and Johnny Persons, but another duo command that, while we appreciate the short-and-sweetness of it, was still a duo command.

CHEERS to the aerial tour of the road course! That should be the view for the entire race right there!

JEERS to the aerodynamic advantage for JGR using the wipers when nobody else did, but CHEERS to an aerodynamic advantage that nobody else has because you're just smarter. I'm not sure I know how that's an advantage, but I agree with whoever said, they don't ride for free... there's gotta be something to be gained by that or they wouldn't be there. And I have to admit, if there's an advantage to be found by using them, I'm a little shocked (and disappointed, maybe?) that Chad didn't figure it out first.

CHEERS to Michael McDowell's 200th start. He's a genuinely nice guy!

JEERS to damage on the 88, but at least it's for a good reason. And Jeff Gordon said Dillon slowed more than he expected, which means he slowed more than necessary. It's a Sunday afternoon along a winding country road, but you don't have to drive like Grandma!

CHEERS to three-minute pace laps providing lots of time to fix things. But on the other hand, JEERS to three-minute pace laps making for crazy-long cautions!

CHEERS also to too many men over the wall... If you're penalized anyway, get the most bang for your buck! Everyone! Over the wall!

CHEERS to JJ always competitive. It seems today his goal is to win the "Most Penalties on Pit Road" Award.

JEERS to a tire outta control, but CHEERS to the guy hanging as far over the wall as humanly possible, reaching with every inch he had to try and catch a tire. If only he hadn't clipped his fingernails, he'd have had it!

CHEERS to Steve Letarte's frankness. This is why we like having a crew chief in the booth, because that was clearly a crew chief speaking right there!
I don't like WHAT he said, HOW he said it, or the delivery.
I understand the pressures on this young man, but he's the driver! It's his job to perform. I know that's hard to say, but that's what we see in sports. To be the GUY, to be the leader of this team, he has to lead his way into The Chase. And if he wants to compete in The Chase, he has to find a way to deal with the pressure -- and I've yet to see that from AJ Allmendinger this weekend.

CHEERS to Danica in the lead! Sure, everyone else pit, but still...

JEERS to a caution for a tire on the loose, and a broken promise from the booth to reveal the owner's name.

JEERS to a huge wreck! And look at that, a smashed-up Cheez Its car... darn it. I was wondering if there'd be Cheez Its cannon in Victory Lane if he won. See, THAT would be a great way to use a celebratory cannon!

CHEERS to Casey Mears getting through. A good bit of luck mixed with a good bit of talent never hurt anyone!

CHEERS to the NASCAR Water Bottle Brigade. "What do you do for a living?" I hand out water bottles among parked cars in traffic. "Oh, so you're homeless?" No, I work for NASCAR.

JEERS to another multi-car mess!! David Ragan revisiting his old style of driving? Biggest disappointment in that one was that Carl Edwards was caught up in it. I'd wanted him to win just because Stanley was on his car this week and no matter who's behind the wheel of that car or what number is on the door, it makes me think of Marcos Ambrose, and to see his car in Victory Lane again was going to be a very sweet sight.

CHEERS to Erik Jones and Martin Truex getting a teammate next year!

CHEERS to Geico!! BEST. EVER. COMMERCIAL!  Playing Marco Polo WITH Marco Polo!  Laughed out loud and couldn't wait to see it again! That first shot of him standing there in the pool -- advertising WIN!!

CHEERS to TV taking full advantage of fans in the stands. Lots of video coming back from commercial showing people there really are fans at the track. Either they were shooting plenty of B roll or there was some investigative reporting going on -- was that Lester Holt I saw? Who are all these people and why have they congregated here in Watkins Glen, NY? Stay tuned to Dateline NBC.

CHEERS to penalties and passing under caution. If you don't maintain pace car speed, you don't keep your spot. Just ask Marcos Ambrose how that works. And CHEERS to Kyle Larson with the idea to just drive past him.

JEERS to the lame "I was slowing down for the ambulance." Right. And the friend of a friend gave you a pill at a bar and  you took it. Right. You'd better pull over at those ambulances, AJ, your pants seem to be on fire.

CHEERS to that non-wreck with 10 to go! That was the best kind of wreck ever! Two cars spin, are rolling BACKWARDS, right themselves, and both carry on forward. I'm not sure I would have even called a caution on that. And when did we (and WHY did we) stop having local yellows?

CHEERS to both Ryan Newman and Matt DiBenedetto for some mighty fine driving right there! Probably easier to just look in the mirror if they want to see who's behind them rather than turn their whole car around like that, though.

JEERS to the 2 and the 18 for that line they keep taking on each restart. Come on, boys, you know that's not going to help either of you.

JEERS to another wreck. David Ragan is still in the race? Well, not any more.

CHEERS to Snickers on the 18 car because Kyle Busch is the kind of guy you want to give a Snickers to so he'll be a nicer person. Imagine the disappointment, though... "Here, Kyle, have a Snickers. You're not quite yourself. Oh... here's another one so you can try again."

CHEERS to Martin Truex: "The strategy is to home the 11 pinballs the 22 off the damn race track and we go on and win this thing!"

JEERS to BK punting Truex, but the way he held back to give Martin time to collect himself is plenty of evidence that he didn't do it on purpose.

JEERS to Kyle Larson wrecked, too... and by whom? That would be cautious driver AJ Allmendinger who's still blaming others for his own bad behavior. Sure, blame Larson because you weren't keeping speed. So you wreck him. I hope NASCAR takes a look at that because paying back a guy for something he did to you is a whole different thing than wrecking a guy because you don't like NASCAR's ruling.

CHEERS to Brad Keselowski for the best ever hand gesture! Truex was very much pay-back-minded until Brad's hand out the window and then pointing to himself. That was classy.

CHEERS to the interview, "What did Brad say?" He told me it was his fault. I told him I knew that.
And finally,

CHEERS to Denny Hamlin with yet another win, his first at a road course! But even more because of that shot of him getting out of his car. Wow. If you know back pain, you get it. If you don't, I pray you never do. There is a "look" to a guy walking that way that's immediately identifiable to anyone who's ever felt it. I ached for him and wished someone nearby had a cane to hand him.

I don't know if you'll like it or not, but here's something a little different.
CHEERS and JEERS Indy: The Lost Column 



Bill B
08/09/2016 6:21 am (1)
LOL at "CHEERS to Danica in the lead! Sure, everyone else pit, but still...".

"De fault. The greatest two words in the English language."
Homer Simpson
Greg in Dallas
08/09/2016 12:48 pm (2)
I'm glad I wasn't the only one watching who was wondering about the owner of that lost wheel (no Darrell, I did NOT say loose wheel).
08/09/2016 2:11 pm (3)
@ Greg: I think the lost wheel was from DeBenedetto's car.

@ Carol: you wrote "JEERS to the 2 and the 18 for that line they keep taking on each restart." This is what's taken most of the pleasure out of watching races at the Glen. They need to tear up all that pavement outside the track, and put the gravel traps back. Drivers should have to stay on the track, and if they get off the track there should be consequences. The skill of racing on a road course has largely been lost because the track has been so degraded.

08/09/2016 3:28 pm (4)
@possum: Yes. CHEERS
08/09/2016 5:06 pm (5)
I've come to enjoy the road races but I agree that the gravel traps provided for more of a penalty for crazy driving like we saw on Sunday.
JEERS to having a Llama in the Marco Polo ad. Since when do llamas belong with an explorer from Italy who traveled to China??
Bill B
08/09/2016 6:18 pm (6)
Awesome point possum. Agree 100%.
08/10/2016 10:10 am (7)
JEERS to Kyle Petty in the announcers booth. He must be getting paid by the word. I wish he would just shut up once in a while
08/10/2016 10:22 am (8)
CHEERS to the idea of bringing back local cautions. Unnecessary full course cautions are like watching cement dry.
08/10/2016 12:26 pm (9)
How sad; Brian Clauson was the "real deal" on dirt............Just plain great in an open wheel car..................
08/11/2016 6:46 am (10)
JEERS to one more racing death of a young driver. If you don't think that it can't happen every time they buckle in, shame on you. CHEERS to a relatively good race at the Glen but lets put the "road" back in road racing and not put pavement where they want to drive and make them stay on the track for a change. CHEERS to Jeff Bruton's description of the wreck that the #17 had and why he got loose. JEERS to the fact that they are able to treat the curbs just like part of the track. CHEERS? for Danica in the lead?????? Glad you're back Carol.
08/11/2016 7:53 am (11)
Kyle Petty hasn't been in the booth since NASCAR left TNT.

08/11/2016 10:16 am (12)
nlucas, it's Jeff Burton who is driving you crazy with his constant jabbering. He's become the new expert on everything related to every car, every crew member, every track, every everything! I'm with you - just shut up and let us enjoy the race!
08/11/2016 2:36 pm (13)
@SrRaceFan - I'd guess it's actually Steve Letarte that nlucas is mistaking for Petty. They have somewhat similar voices and phrasings, and I've made that mistake a couple of times, wondering what Petty is doing on the telecast.

I agree that Letarte and Burton are struggling to find the balance between being informative and being noisy. Unfortunately they don't have the example of Ned Jarrett or Benny Parsons to guide them, and if they use Darryl & Larry Mac as a guide it's no wonder they're overdoing it (the current Waltrip/Gordon booth is better, but I suspect the NBC guys'd avoid being too obviously influenced by the competition).

08/11/2016 8:01 pm (14)
John, you could be right. The only thing I'm sure of is that Jeff Burton never shuts up and drives me crazy! Okay, so it's not a drive - it's just a short putt.... I wish we had more Jeff Gordons in the booth ALL the time - he's much easier to listen to and he knows when to shut up. There are others I wish were in the booth, but they're either too busy racing or they've gone on to bigger and better things. Of course, my viewing preferences are jaded anyway - I'd like to watch the race, not someone's feet, not brake rotors, not the underside of cars flying over me. My attitude sucks! lol
08/12/2016 9:49 am (15)
@SrRaceFan: Well, I like the foot cam and the suspension cam - it fascinates me that some drivers switch from left foot to right foot braking approaching a corner, for instance. But I agree they can be over used.

The camera angles I don't like: rear bumper - unless it's a replay of a wreck, this angle tells me nothing about the race (I'd rather have a driver's eye view looking forward, to know what he's seeing and reacting to). The gopher cam - totally useless - I'd pay someone to go paint over it before the race. The right-side camera pointing at the driver's head during night races - it's too dark to see anything useful, and the strobe effect of the lights going by is incredibly annoying.

I'm convinced neither FOX nor NBC ever watch their own telecasts. I can't imagine they'd keep doing stupid stuff (like the gopher cam) if they actually saw how bad their telecasts are.

08/12/2016 5:36 pm (16)
A JEER - losing another driver, condolences
to the family and friends.
Cheer - grumpyone and possum on the mark, its
not a road race - rip it up and put the traps
back in, stay on the course, typical ignorant
thinking,but heck,thats the norm with the dictation/input from nascar.
Anybody watching mid-ohio qualifying, sand traps have done their job.

08/13/2016 4:48 pm (17)
CHEERS to the Xfinity race - love the rain, love the traps - great racing! NASCAR needs to take notes....
08/13/2016 6:10 pm (18)
Carol, best race of the year, hope you captured it to watch, as Sr said, great racing, top tier nascar too stupid to see how they lost the basics, $ $ $ is the engine.

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