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Cheers and Jeers

They All Disappear When We're Fog-Dancing
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By Carol Einarsson | 08/03/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to a Monday morning race because it affords a lovely Sunday afternoon nap, and because the races seem cleaner and quicker on Mondays as if they've all texted one another with the agreement to just play nice so they can go home.

CHEERS to a nice (and funny!) interview with Matt DiBenedetto. Watch for that slide job going into turn one where he passes 33 cars. Yeah, it's been a rough patch since Bristol, but gosh he is a nice young man!

CHEERS to interviewing Jeb, too. Worse things could happen to a rookie than having an uncle with a motor coach at the track!

JEERS to the phrase "concussion-like symptoms". Why can't we just call it what it is anymore? I guess it's not any worse than "flu-like symptoms", though that's just a euphemism for "puking his brains out in the bus."

JEERS to firesuits for reporters. When Dave Burns was interviewing Josh Wise, it just made that practice look more ridiculous. Reporter dressed like a driver, and driver dressed like a fan. Just silly.

CHEERS to a shout out for Michael McDowell... If you're watching, we're looking for you! And CHEERS to Marty being the guy to find him.

CHEERS also to shining a light on the efforts of a family to save one child through international adoption.

CHEERS to Rick Allen making Nebraska proud! And where's that athleticism now? "In my kids!" We love proud dads!

CHEERS to Chaplain Monte Self for a great invocation! And to Meghan Wotring for singing on Monday when we don't usually get an anthem at all.

JEERS to me breaking respect and not just laughing, but rewinding during the anthem to watch a replay of a kid popping his mom in the nose. It's probably not proper to laugh out loud like that during the anthem...

CHEERS to Maj Gen Roger Teague for a perfect command to start!

JEERS to that dinky water bottle for Carl Edwards. If you're going to put a straw in a bottle like that, at least make it worth the trouble and give the guy more than six ounces of water!

CHEERS to the "bubble drivers" and asking "Who will do it today?" but I'm pretty sure it's not Junior.

JEERS to that really annoying water drop in the middle of Tony's on-board camera.

JEERS to a competition caution. It won't ever stop being a stupid thing.

JEERS to hopes dashed for Martin Truex. That has to be extra disappointing to hang around a track for so many days and then be done this early.

CHEERS to having a guy like Jeff Gordon at your disposal, but JEERS to how this is shaping up... Maybe it would have been a better idea to put a guy from an underfunded team in the 88 to show what he can do in a car that has money.

CHEERS to the overhand throw of a tire on the 24 crew. Impressive!

CHEERS to the combo paint scheme on the #1 car this week with the red and blue. What a beautiful car!

JEERS to blaming that mess on the 43. It didn't look to me like Almirola expected Jeb to give him the lane as much as that he got loose into Burton. Expecting the lane is when you come across a guy's nose and he hasn't lifted like you expected. Door to door, though? I don't know what Letarte was thinking with that comment.

JEERS to fog. That explains what we were looking at through Tony's on-board camera. I know dark and fog are remarkably masked by TV cameras, but come on.. just two more laps to half-way!

JEERS to telling the story of Austin Dillon and his grandfather driving the #3 without mentioning that same grandfather having broken a promise he made to Dale Earnhardt's mother. Not to mention, Austin Dillon's father drove the #31. Why isn't that more important than what his grandfather drove in equal obscurity, but is far more associated with a great racer that's not a relative? RCR owns the 31, so why wouldn't the boy drive his DAD's number? Because it's all just a boat load of crap, that's why. Austin Dillon in the #3 has nothing to do with his grandfather having driven that number.

CHEERS to lap 80, and look at Kyle Larson! Today might finally be his day, and what's great about it is that nobody would argue that he doesn't deserve it.

JEERS to a rookie driver buying into the hype. What an ass. If you don't know how to get a guy loose and then pass him without wrecking or losing all those positions for yourself, get in line, Skippy, and stop trying to show off skills you clearly don't have.

CHEERS to "Wheels", aka Mike Wheeler, evidently the crew chief for little-known driver Denny Logano.

CHEERS to official meteorological terms, "It's just a steady crappy little rain." Look out, Cantore, Joey's comin' for your job!

CHEERS to Brian Scott AND everyone around him for that maneuver! Not only didn't he wreck, but nobody else did either. Well done, boys!!

CHEERS to lap 105 and a real race breaking out! Look at Hamlin, Logano, and Newman and the 24 sucking up to Denny like he's a 20-year veteran!  Oh, wait... well... it was great for a moment anyway. But one day, he WILL be a 20-year veteran and he'll carry that off. At least this way we get to hear Chase Elliott apologize to everyone he ever met and take responsibility for every thing bad that's ever happened in the history of NASCAR.

CHEERS to what must surely be the thoughts of each new back-marker leader before pulling in the pits... how long can I stay out and be the leader before they make me come in? And with the fog the way it is, why is ANYONE pitting?

JEERS to yet another lug nut to the noggin. Why is this only now an issue?

CHEERS to a fog caution with Chris Buescher in the lead! See now? That's a smart move right there!! Then again, it's the middle of the day, and shouldn't this burn off? It's August!

CHEERS to Bob Osborne, too, quite an underrated crew chief, in my opinion.

CHEERS to the in-car cameras showing how the fog looked at driver's eye level. Not so bad to drive in, but I sure wouldn't wanna do it at race speed!

JEERS to NASCAR mandating that drivers are not allowed to unbuckle. What the heck??

CHEERS to the irony of Rick Allen's words, "All these teams want is the opportunity to be on the track, to be seen. And this is the possibility for Chris Buescher to be seen." And what're we looking at on TV? Fog that prevents anything from being seen. 

And finally,

CHEERS to Chris Buescher, a first-time winner, and CHEERS to having the respect of an oft-critical guy like Tony Stewart calling Buescher "better than anyone that's been in that 34 car before him." Sure, this win may have the dreaded asterisk, but a win is a win, and Buescher IS an Xfinity champion, so we're less likely to discount this win as a fluke. Good on you, Chris Buescher!



08/03/2016 3:19 pm (1)
The competition caution is another pointless interruption of the race. Same thing as debris cautions for water bottles that the drivers throw out when the want a caution. It kills the momentum of the race and makes it boring to watch.
Bill B
08/04/2016 8:19 am (2)
Nice to see you back with an article Carol.

Thanks for the race review it was especially welcome this week. With it being on a Monday (I recorded it), a race at Pocono, and the race being decided by weather, I just didn't have the desire to watch the whole race so I fast forwarded through most of it in an hour. So thanks to you I know some of what I may have missed.
Possible new motto... "Race Journal On Line, the go to website for lazy NASCAR viewers"... LOL.
08/04/2016 5:46 pm (3)
It was really great to see Tony and Jeff make the lap side by side at Indy. I have been a reader long before you got a gig of your own. . Are you alright? I really miss reading your column......................

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