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Cheers and Jeers

Ain't No Lobster at Dollar General!
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By Carol Einarsson | 07/19/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

JEERS to me for no column last week. Not only didn't I write about the race, or record the race, I didn't see one bit of the race. I understand that Martin Truex got screwed by NASCAR, though, and having seen just that smidgen of the race, I agree. I've seen guys all year (and last year, too) pulling up that way, something we all know NASCAR said was no longer allowed a couple years ago, but then they stopped enforcing it. Now suddenly it's enforced?? Did he pass on the left? Yes, but once you stop enforcing something, as NASCAR had, I think you have to make it a rule again before you randomly start penalizing guys. It would be like black flagging a guy for throwing a water bottle out of the car. Rules clearly state you cannot throw anything out of the car, but they do, we watch them, NASCAR watches them, and nobody is penalized. I hope Martin's team has told him not to throw any water bottles out, too. But last week was a busy one, and it just didn't get done. I checked for a Monday morning replay, but evidently NBC isn't so much into that like FOX was. By now it's online in full-race video, but now it's so late that it's pretty unlikely (okay, not even remotely likely) that I'll watch and write about it.

JEERS to Kyle Busch's facial hair experiment. Didn't he used to have a sponsorship with Pedigree? I wonder if they make mange medicine. Seriously, that's the kinda thing you do in the off season, or at the very least, when there's an off-weekend and you have two weeks until you have a TV camera in your face. (Unless you're Tony Stewart and need a mere five-minutes notice to produce a full-face of hair.)

CHEERS though to the photo of Samantha Busch's repulsion at a live lobster. That was a fantastic picture!

CHEERS to Keelan in the pace truck with his Dad. I know some fans think we see too much of this little man, but I disagree. When I see moments like this, I just think of the oh-so-precious memories being made for both a man and his son. And lest we forget, would we have names like Chase Elliott, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Ryan Blaney, etc, in race cars today if they hadn't been following their dads around at the track? So there's more TV cameras now, but the racing father-son thing hasn't changed.

CHEERS to Alex Bowman in for Junior. Sure, it's an unfortunate circumstance, but so was Ernie Irvan's wreck when Dale Jarrett subbed. It wasn't a great way for us to be introduced to Jamie McMurray when Sterling got hurt; or Kevin Harvick when Dale died... but by those bad situations, successful racing careers were hatched. Maybe this is a golden opportunity for Alex Bowman. Question, though... Will there be more disappointed fans next week if Junior doesn't race, or if he DOES?

CHEERS also to Tony Stewart having what looked like an encouraging talk with the 23-year-old. What a sweet moment to have captured.

CHEERS to this week's special helmet featuring a man hug and Tony's first wife, Greg Zipadelli. Remember all those years he stood on the grid with Tony for the pre-race festivities? I know Tony's having these special helmets made to trade with other drivers, but I hope that one finds its way to Zippy's office, and I kinda think it will. I sometimes wonder how differently those troubled times of Tony's temper would have turned out if not for the steady big-brother presence of his friend. There's no question he was the best man for the job of Tony's crew chief during those times.

JEERS to the Olympics commercial boasting that for 17 days, we're UNITED. We're a country. Why can't we just be united ALL the time. 17 days is our goal now? Just hold it together, America, and at least try to look normal to the rest of the world for seventeen days.

CHEERS to Carl Edwards taking off his sunglasses for TV interviews because it reminds me of Dale Earnhardt every single time. Bill remembers, but at this point, we might be the only two that know the significance.

CHEERS to the Canadian national anthem. Done perfectly and without all the "look at me" attitude we see from American singers performing our own anthem. I just wish we'd gotten to hear Kirk Young sing our anthem, too. When did we stop having the same singer do both songs? Remember what a treat it is whenever we get someone from north of the border to sing our song? Probably exactly what Dave said -- it was an NBC thing to push their musical show.

CHEERS though, to Caroline Burns for her presentation. It was lovely.

CHEERS to Pastor Joshua Johnson who prayed for the drivers specifically to have self-control and patience. I'm not sure those two admirable traits are conducive to good racing, but it was nice to pray for character in addition to safety.

CHEERS to the "Cutest Child Moment" award going to Taylor Hamlin for singing along to the national anthem. I hope she's in the front row next month for the Bristol anthem!

CHEERS to our flag "still being there" for at least one more Sunday.

CHEERS to Gov Maggie Hassan for her command to start. Four words and only four words, but stretched out as if she were in suspense what the four words were, and a pranking cue-card boy was turning them one at a time, with just one word per card.

CHEERS again to Rick Allen's professional way of starting a race. Refreshing, but yet disappointing that doing such a good job with that task is a novelty.

JEERS to Kevin Harvick who's darned lucky that was Chase Elliott he just cut off that way or else he'd have been in a whole different situation than chasing down Denny.

JEERS to grossly under-populated stands. Looks like five hundred Canadians came down for the day.

JEERS to trouble for Michael McDowell and the booth entirely ignoring it. The director thinks it's important enough to show, and to also include the audio replay of the radio exchange, but nobody cares to pause their conversation to talk about it. Did someone kick the cord for the booth monitors and they can't see what they're supposed to be talking about?

CHEERS to Dave Burns for the quote, "If the bear gets his nose in the tent, you get the whole bear!" It just reminded me so much of Buddy Baker talking about poking a stick at a bear. I miss his descriptive language. Maybe I need to go pull his book off my shelf and peruse a few stories...

CHEERS to "It's a huge strain on a relationship when a teammate takes your information and outruns you with it," as Martin Truex outruns Carl Edwards. Thanks for the help, Carl!

CHEERS to Matt DiBenedetto holding off Kyle Busch for a time and not rolling over for him. Nope, not today. I'm on the lead lap and you just don't need to get by me.

JEERS to trouble for Chris Buescher. They should install bells in his car like you hear at railroad crossings, and when he wrecks or spins, those bells sound for all the traffic to just hold up.

CHEERS to the Smithfield Ham Cam. We like the bacon cam better, but Smithfield never lets us down with their marketing of meat.

CHEERS to "Chad Knaus is not a comfortable person to work with."  But also CHEERS to the testimony of Steve Letarte to the leadership of Chad Knaus. I hope Chad gets a chance to hear that.

JEERS to driver error and a speeding penalty costing you from 11th to 28th, but really isn't that what a rookie season is supposed to be about? Making mistakes and learning from them is what will shape Ryan Blaney into greater success.

JEERS to apologizing for language on the radio from Blaney to his team.. we never understood it, so you get a free pass on the alleged profanity. It's the Juan Pablo Montoya rule.

CHEERS to one more perspective on the Alex Bowman deal -- this week he's not just learning how to drive in a more competitive car, but imagine how he feels passing his fellow back-markers. It's like when you're walking on one of those moving walkways at the airport, and you feel like you have a walking superpower.

CHEERS to aerial coverage by Smithfield... is that the Bacon Blimp? Paint it like a pig and watch it fly! Oh the possibilities!

CHEERS to "Everyone says a mile and a half is a mile and a half, but I promise you they're all completely different, the way you drive them and the way you set the racecars up."  Keep selling it as if your job depends on it, Jeff, but we're not buying it. And why are you even bringing that up at a place that ISN'T a mile and a half?

JEERS to more pit trouble for Martin Truex. The longer this goes on, the more I think he should just petition NASCAR for a shorter race -- short enough that they can do it on one set of tires and one tank of fuel. If he didn't have to pit, he'd be golden! Broken shifter? We'll give you vice grips. Or not. Fourth gear only? Okay, I guess that'll be fine. Can you do that also with no clutch??

JEERS to the end of a great day for Alex Bowman, in the wall only because of  a flat tire. And on the same caution, the 24 of Chase Elliott has a tire problem? What's going on at Hendrick?

JEERS to smoke coming from the wheel well of Kurt Busch's car. Sometimes I say things like that just to surprise you.

CHEERS to Jamie McMurray solidly in contention, fighting for fifth!

CHEERS to Kasey Kahne! Where'd HE come from? And I wonder where he got his tires, because they couldn't have been from Hendrick.

JEERS to the wreck of red and white. Four red and white cars: Newman, Edwards, Kahne, and Larson.

CHEERS to the quote from Ryan Newman, though: "I hit the 19. I don't know what he was doin'. Knocked him into everybody. Entirely an accident, but everything's fine. For YOU, maybe.

CHEERS to Tony Stewart in SECOND!!  I've read lots of championship scenarios that I like (Truex, for one), but if Tony won and retired, wouldn't that be as perfect as it could be? And if you think about the last time he won, it was after having fired his crew chief. Maybe there's something about knowing there's a finality at the end of the year that makes him drive better?

CHEERS to Matt Kenseth winning, but why do we care about the Dale Jr./Matt Kenseth comparison when talking about the winner? That was irrelevant and just weird, like someone spent time putting together a stat package and just couldn't wait for an appropriate time to use it, so just use it as soon as possible.

CHEERS to being bowled over by a little girl.  I don't know how closed you've been to NASCAR drivers, but something a lot of people don't really talk about is that in sports, the "petite" size of a driver is second only to jockeys. Dave was quite surprised when he realized this in Kansas. I think the words, "Do people know Jack Roush is a midget?" may have even been spoken. So the idea that Matt Kenseth could be knocked unsteady on his feet by a little girl -- maybe not so surprising.

CHEERS to Tony living his life in a way that maybe we all could do more of... less like we want or need to impress anyone, and more like just living. Does he have a certain image? Yes, but it's just what he IS. It's an unshaved and sometimes surly guy. There's nothing he has to do differently for sponsors or fans. He just exists. Contrast that with some other drivers who have a certain image and must work to maintain that. How stressful it must be to have to "put on" your image when in the presence of TV cameras or fans.

CHEERS also to Tony's quote, "I'm proud to be running my last year in a Chevy." He may have made nice and smiled for Joe Gibbs, but Tony's years in a Toyota were some of the most uncomfortable to watch. Wait-- what? Did he just say nice things about Goodyear?? Wow. We ARE in the end times!!  like an old man on his deathbed making amends with all his enemies, is Tony trying to make nice with those he's offended?

CHEERS to a great post-race interview with Alex Bowman.. that was so sweet!

JEERS to the lobster on the car. You probably know by now, I'm not a vegetarian, not a friend of PETA, and surely no tree hugger. I recently took a "global footprint" assessment and it said that if everyone lived like me, we'd need 5.9 planet Earths to provide enough resources. I'm proud of that number and think if I really assert myself, I can make it an even six planets. So with that insight, let me now say, I think it was horrible to put that lobster on the hood of Kenseth's car! It's a living creature, and we have a certain duty. If you want to eat lobster, that's great. Leave it in the water until such time as you cook it. But to set it on the hot hood of a car like that seems quite cruel. The whole practice of giving a lobster trophy has always made me uncomfortable, but this was just over the line. It's a living creature. We have laws being passed about leaving dogs in hot cars, but we're putting this rubber-banded lobster on a hot car to die slowly? 

And finally,

CHEERS to Matt's middle daughter, Grace, who was given clear instruction to stand here and hold up your thumb for the pictures. Hats dancing all around, changing one after another, people moving about, cameras flashing, people chatting (and no more cameras), and that obedient little girl remained standing, never wavering, holding her "thumbs up" posture. The moment she turned around and realized everyone else had moved on and not bothered to tell her was quite sweet. And as an addendum, as I was looking up her name so as not to confuse her with her older sister, I realized Ross is 23 years old now. What?? Wow.



Bill B
07/19/2016 6:14 am (1)
I don't think the tire issues for Bowman and Elliot were a Hendrick issue. I believe they were a Truex issue. From what I read both the 88 and 24 got stacked up on the restart when Truex pulled a Harvick and stayed in line on the restart when he knew he wasn't going to be able to accelerate normally on the restart. That is so wrong. I didn't like it when Harvick did it and I feel the same way with Truex. How selfish.

Wow, a little too much love for Tony in this article. Objectivity be damned!
a different Bill
07/19/2016 8:10 am (2)
CHEERS to Carl Edwards taking off his sunglasses for TV interviews because it reminds me of Dale Earnhardt every single time. Bill remembers, but at this point, we might be the only two that know the significance.

You were so excited I think Christmas and Birthdays were covered for the next 10 years.

JEERS to the lobster on the car. You probably know by now, I'm not a vegetarian, not a friend of PETA, and surely no tree hugger. I recently took a "global footprint" assessment and it said that if everyone lived like me, we'd need 5.9 planet Earths to provide enough resources. I'm proud of that number and think if I really assert myself, I can make it an even six planets. So with that insight, let me now say, I think it was horrible to put that lobster on the hood of Kenseth's car! It's a living creature, and we have a certain duty. If you want to eat lobster, that's great. Leave it in the water until such time as you cook it. But to set it on the hot hood of a car like that seems quite cruel. The whole practice of giving a lobster trophy has always made me uncomfortable, but this was just over the line. It's a living creature. We have laws being passed about leaving dogs in hot cars, but we're putting this rubber-banded lobster on a hot car to die slowly?

THIS. All of it. Shame on them.
07/19/2016 10:41 am (3)
CHEERS to a column this week! We were concerned about your well-being last week, Carol - afraid that maybe you were sick or something.

CHEERS to Matt Kenseth on his win - none of my favorites did well, so Matt was at least above my unfavorites.

JEERS to Jeff Burton in the booth. He talks over everyone all the time. It's like he thinks that what he has to say is more important than anything or anyone. He is no expert and needs to be more low key!

CHEERS and JEERS to having a good memory at times! Anyone remember when Carol could not utter a single good word about Tony Stewart? When week after week, she dissed him about one thing or another? Quite a change in tune now that he's retiring....

Lastly, JEERS to the stupid lobster trick. It's a beautiful creature and I'd love to eat it, but not after it lays on a hot hood in the baking sun. Couldn't they have just held it up, presented it like a trophy, and then put it on the pedestal? I think the person who dreamed up that trick had been in the sun too long...

CHEERS to next week's race - I'll either be cheering for Junior or Gordon - a win-win situation!
07/19/2016 1:11 pm (4)
The "change in tune" has nothing to do with Tony's retirement and everything to do with his change in attitude and behavior.

Mallards Motorsports
07/19/2016 5:01 pm (5)
Pretty sure the Ryan Blaney obsenity was the F-word, if anyone cares. Never heard it live; only went back to hear what he said after they apologized...probably 99% of listeners never would have noticed if they hadn't made a point to apologize.

Maybe NH needs a "New Hampshire Rising" to get rid of a few seats...

I was actually quite tired of the Tony routine which is too bad because he's fun to listen to when, like recently, he's in a better mood...

Mark Martin, Smoke, Gordon, Rusty, DJ etc...the old guard almost all retired now...I like many of the newer drivers but as a group not sure they are matching the previous generation...

Bill B
07/19/2016 5:25 pm (6)
Meant to say something about the lobster earlier. They were parading it around before the race too. I eat lots of meat and seafood. I just don't think there is any need to torture my soon to be dinner before it is processed/cooked. To me a picture or seeing it in the aquarium would be fine. It's not a trophy, it's a living creature. (you need to kill and get it stuffed before you can treat it like a trophy)....LOL
07/19/2016 7:04 pm (7)
JEERS to Truex for stacking up Elliott and Bowman. Both had good runs, especially Bowman. JEERS to the Gibbs team for failing inspection on Matt's car but what the hell, pay the 25K dollar fine and keep the win. Seems about right to me. JEERS to the "debris cautions" once again. They had to know whose water bottle that was. Got a simple fix to the problem. All water bottles have to have the team name on them. NASCAR knew who is was but did nothing. Yet, they penalized Truex two weeks ago for passing on the inside coming into the pits? Just more of the same crap from NASCAR. Finally one big JEERS to the race. Bush leads, round and round and round. Just one more boring race and the ratings showed it also. Down 13% from last year. And one more JEERS to the lobster idea. For God's sake get a trophy and with a lobster and leave the lobsters in the ocean where they belong. Absolutely pitiful.
07/21/2016 1:27 am (8)
JEERS to Jesus Joe getting away with a pittance of a penalty. JEERS to NASCAR diluting the value of a win. What do you tell your kids if you have any..see dear he cheated but he got to keep his purse and his win? Come on.

JEERS for the long ago gimmick of the lobster! Loudon New Hampshire is very much land locked. Why not a trout from the hundreds of lakes in the area? New Hampshire has the smallest per mile coastline of all the New England states. Got sick seeing that poor old creature on the top of the morons car. The lobster deserved a much more dignified end! IMO.

Maybe NASCAR should revisit their slap on the wrist policy, JGR and Toyota just made a mockery of it. And fans noticed!
07/21/2016 1:32 am (9)
Oh and for the record, that is Atlantic ocean coastline. Hey, you never know what the hell people know about things, apparently not much in this day and age.
07/21/2016 2:22 am (10)
....And I should clarify further, NEW HAMPSHIRE has the smallest Atlantic coastline of the all the "coastal" New England states, I can picture someone screaming about Vermont. LOL. Duh.
07/21/2016 6:54 pm (11)
All in with grumpyone, stupid trophy cooking on a car, but heck its nascar and don't expect a clue from them.
The anthem was fair, a little slow but at least no warbling. Plenty of empty seats, another down tv rating, the 10year, 100mil per year to replace sprint? Yeah right, can't wait for the godaddy/chuckycheese cup series, good luck finding a knucklehead that would pay that kind of cash. Although, a mis godaddy would look better than a mis cheeseball. :-)
Bill B
07/21/2016 8:47 pm (12)
Just saw this story today and couldn't resist sharing it since it kind of fits right in with our lobster comments....

07/22/2016 2:20 pm (13)
@ Bill B - yeah, that eatery is just around the corner from me. Gotta wonder, tho, how long that lobster will live before dieing of natural old age.

@ Grumpy, KBToys, et al. Don't JEER Gibbs, JEER NASCAR for the idiocy that is the laser station. A dozen cars fail every race because it's absurdly precise. Kenseth just had the misfortune to fail and also win the race.

@ Grumpy - of course NASCAR knows how to fix the debris caution problem. They _don't want_ to fix the debris caution problem. They'd rather have more if possible (notice how it seems every race now has a "competition caution" - just a bogus debris caution by another name).

@ Mallards - yeah, Loudon could stand to lose 50,000 seats at this point. But I'll dispute your comment on the new drivers, I think Elliott, Blaney, E Jones and the like will do just as well.

07/22/2016 5:50 pm (14)
possum - comp cautions are the new norm, nascar
end of quarter, maybe the nfl can be the new owner? The nfl cup. Just call it a tv timeout
caution. Sad.
And yes, laser check after the race? Heck even
f-1 does not go this far on micro management, sad days.
07/23/2016 2:41 pm (15)
Carol: Glad to see your back, you never know these days. Anything can happen.
Lack of fans, the yuppies have moved on. Go back to the tracks and fans NASCAR shoved to the side, some are still there...............

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