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Cheers and Jeers

Cantankerous Pays Off!
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By Carol Einarsson | 06/28/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to Bryson Byrnes in his dad's old studio, with a giant pic of joy behind him in Steve's smile, naming Chris Osborne as the recipient of the second annual Byrnsie Award. Look out, Mike Joy, the kid's comin' for your job!

JEERS to makeup overdone. When you have THAT kind of shadow on your face, you may have overdone the mascara.

CHEERS to Sherry Pollex for her strength and her example to others. Behind every man...  We just love everything about this couple!

CHEERS to Denny driving in San Francisco with Larry McReynolds riding shotgun, but JEERS to the obvious rip-off of Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. That said, we love when Larry makes a joke, because it's so infrequent -- "There's STILL no line!"

And our annual reminder: CHEERS to my Sonoma Cheat Sheet. If you want to be able to recognize where drivers are on the track, forget the giant map, and memorize this: Turn one to the left, two to the right, wiggles back and forth. Turns four and seven, both to the right, then some esses, and the giant right-hand U-Turn of turn 11.

CHEERS to "cantankerous" Tony Stewart's summation, "All the balls in the sport have left." Well there you have it.

JEERS to a weird invocation, and even weirder not to see the chaplain. Crazy Californians.

JEERS to a horrible presentation of our national anthem. Can she sing? Maybe. But should she be singing the national anthem? Not in my opinion, no.

JEERS to more camera failure at Sonoma, and not even seeing the guys giving the command to start. Is NASCAR such an intolerant and unwelcome event in California, now, that anyone participating in the festivities does so only under the terms that they not be shown on TV?

JEERS to calling AJ Allmendinger a ringer. I guess that's what we call a guy when he's never won on an oval. One win in eleven years, but because it was at Watkins Glen, he's a "road course ringer." Right.

JEERS to an electrical fire that we could practically smell from home.

CHEERS though, to replaying the in-car view of Clint throwing in all his stuff. The helmet thrown in, knocking the steering wheel down, and followed by perfectly-pitched gloves. The way they landed was, appropriate to the snooty wine-country in which we're racing, reminiscent of a woman slapping a fresh man across the face with her white gloves. Take THAT!

JEERS to a speeding penalty for JMac. I wonder if there isn't some other way we could penalize that at a road course rather than a race-killing pass-through.

CHEERS to Tony Stewart looking like he may have another good day, but what's that? Junior just passed him.

JEERS to trouble again in Truex's pit. Why is this such a recurring issue on this team? Initially I thought it might be that it's based so far from NASCAR civilization, but really, all the crewmen are based in Charlotte, Martin lives in the area as well, and we'd like to think that Gibbs is at least loaning them a car to practice on, but sometimes we wonder.

JEERS to suspicious debris. Toyota Save Mart 350, and we have a debris caution when it benefits a couple of guys who happen to be pitting: Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin, Toyota's top two drivers. Curious.  

CHEERS to Kyle Larson unafraid to assert himself in door-to-door battles with veterans, another thing we like about him. He may not (yet) have the wins to back it up, but he's not at all timid about racing the biggest names in the sport.

CHEERS to Tony Stewart, three wide at Sonoma! That was some crazy racing right there, but we like that kind of fun, especially as rare as it is at this track. Sure, it ultimately cost him four spots, but he has 58 more tries to do that again and make it successful.

CHEERS to the Lucky sign on the overpass because I remember my mom stopping at Lucky's at least three times a week after picking me up from school, but JEERS to the sign next to it that says "Drive Safety".  That doesn't even make sense.

JEERS to another speeding penalty, this one for the 42. Jamie's the senior driver at the team, but that doesn't mean you're supposed to do EVERYthing he does!

CHEERS to Danica in the lead. Doesn't matter how, only that she is. And it lasted all of one commercial break.

CHEERS to Denny passing Danica with care, almost as if they're friends...

CHEERS to actual debris. Given that the spring rubbers are held in place largely by compression on the spring, I don't know why we don't see more of them littering the track as these cars are airborne so much of the time.

CHEERS to the jackman on team 17 cleaning off any dust from the driver's side of the 18, using his butt. That wasn't just close, it was contact!

CHEERS to Tony in the lead!! What?? Cantankerous pays off!

JEERS to a penalty for the 47 team for a tire, but JEERS even more to FOX for making it seem as though the penalty was in any way related to going outside the pit box. That violation has nothing to do with lines and everything to do with a tire being "uncontrolled." Those penalties happen all the time INSIDE the box, and they all ought to know better.

CHEERS to Patrick Carpentier in the #32 -- no idea why he was there, but it was classy to pull off and let the pack pass before he pulled back onto the track. Why did I flash back to Stephen Wallace?

CHEERS to Tony, "I'm not pissed off at anybody..."  It's okay, there's still 17 laps to go.

CHEERS to that restart and Tony jumping out in front of Denny, with Truex going with him!  NASCAR is reviewing the restart, but we don't know what positions? The starting position, of course, and NASCAR is faced with calling that a jumped restart and essentially taking the win away from a fan favorite that desperately needs it, or pretending they didn't question it at all.

CHEERS to "If I look in my rearview mirror and I see Martin Truex, I'm happy." Yup, he's Mark Martin for this generation.

CHEERS to the happy being over, though, as Denny passed the 78. If I look in my rearview mirror and see Denny Hamlin, I'm a little more concerned.

JEERS to Jeff Gordon's AJ-suckup that continues despite him being in 16th with 6 to go. It's not like he's been dominant at this track -- ever! He's winless here, but Gordon's talked all day like the 47 was the one to beat.

CHEERS to Tony's dad at the track, but I hate to be a negative Nellie... does anyone else see that man and flash back to his words when his son won at the Brickyard?

CHEERS to Denny not giving up, and predicting that he'd pass Tony with a dive-bomb.. and then making good on it!

JEERS to FOX for so much IN CAR camera with cars side by side, beating and banging, and viewers not seeing it. What the hell are they thinking?!! We didn't even see the pass by the 11 to take the lead!

CHEERS to full-o-fire Tony, and it's not over till it's over!  When Mike Joy said it wasn't over, I disagreed... but then he reminded us of turn 11. We know Tony's not afraid to push a guy out of the way and either take the lead, or end up with his ass on the wall, so we're about to see which one it is.

JEERS again to another missed camera shot. I don't know if the production truck got to Sonoma this week and found they'd left half their equipment back home, but to have an exciting side by side battle on the last lap and completely miss all of it -- for an outfit like FOX -- just inexcusable.

CHEERS to dad tears. That's almost as good as driver tears!

CHEERS to Denny admitting his mistake was looking in the rearview mirror, and also to  "All's fair in love and war." We'll never again hear that without thinking of Kyle Busch. Fair's fair and all love is war.

And finally,

CHEERS to Tony Stewart! How fitting that on the same day we award the Byrnsie Award for pushing through adversity, Tony Stewart pulls out a win after so many trials the past two years. Winning in his retirement year, and after everything both personal and physical, what a triumph! How fantastic to see him congratulated by every other driver, seeing the respect they all have for him, and sharing his joy at having overcome.



Bill B
06/28/2016 5:59 am (1)
Interesting, JEERS to a dubious debris caution when it benefited Busch and Hamlin but CHEERS to a dubious debris caution when it benefited Stewart. To me both of those cautions were JEERS.
06/28/2016 7:59 am (2)
Carol - I'm glad you had the same thought I did about seeing Tony's dad. I thought I was the only one who remembered. Wonder if he asked him "that's great, but when are you gonna win Watkins Glen?"
06/28/2016 1:51 pm (3)
I remember reading an article that said what an abusive father/husband Stewart's dad had been. I don't know how true it is but there's something about a parent who's never happy with what their child has accomplished that makes me wonder about his dad.
06/28/2016 6:10 pm (4)
JEERS to another caution at the right time to get Tony in the chase. Granted he had to win the race but was put in a position where he should have had no problems. JEERS to Denny Hamlin for his driving skills. Hummmm already in the chase, Tony right behind, leave the bottom open in turn 11 and blame it on looking in the mirror? JEERS to the anthem. It was horrible, worst I have heard in a long time. JEERS for Darrell falling all over Danica when she led for a couple laps. That was the most exposure her sponsor has had this year. CHEERS to JR. for his dishrag caution comment. Wonder if he will get called to the hauler? I doubt it. JEERS to Fox, they seem to be getting worse and not better, especially Jeff. Don't know what's happened but he doesn't handle races like he did with he first started. Strange. Perhaps wants to host a morning show, ya think?
06/28/2016 9:29 pm (5)
JEERS to letting team owners and family in the booth, calling a race. I know, I know, everyone's a Jimmie fan but me, but seriously, he doesn't have to be doing anything and the camera's on him, with Jeff giving some play-by-play drivel about him.

I wondered if I'd be the only one who couldn't stand that anthem. Can they seriously forbid the person from showboating?? Better yet, stick with military bands. Don't even need the words to that song.
CHEERS to the final laps! I haven't been that excited about a race for a long time. I was up, pacing, finally had to hit the DVR ahead a bit because I just couldn't take it. I knew there was going to be a last lap pass. I just had no idea Tony would get it back. I believe Denny let that happen. I don't care how it happened though, just super happy for Tony!
06/28/2016 10:58 pm (6)
CHEERS to a Tony win!

JEERS that I couldn't help but think Denny purposely left the bottom open in turn 11 for Tony to get there.

CHEERS to a good race, none the less. I enjoyed it.

JEERS to Tony almost in the Chase. I didn't like it for Kyle, and I don't like it for Tony. I get that they are playing by the same rules as everyone, but I think if you miss that much of a season you shouldn't be the champ.
Race for wins? Yes.
Win the Championship? No.

06/29/2016 1:35 am (7)
JEERS to Denny with "all fair" line. The one who preaches "driver code". Guess it depends on who the driver is. If another driver did that to Hamlin we would have had the "driver code" speech. But we did get some ripe tripe. "All is fair....." and "He did what he had to do! Hypocrites. And for the record I had no problem with any of it (the moves) It is always entertaining and frustrating watching the hypocrisy that is rampant in Nascar.
06/29/2016 1:49 am (8)
The booth was agast and puzzled with the Hamlin move and so were we, and it seems many others. The cynic in me can't help but think this win was a big gift to start a Tony watch till Homestead. If those cautions and Hamlin doing what he did, Tony would have been a 15 to 20 place finisher. Now he is the conquering hero. Lol.
06/29/2016 5:33 am (9)
JEERS to The Chute. It's still the worst possible thing that has happened because it cheapens Turn 7 while taking out the Earnhardt Carousel (remember Senior passing Mark in the Carousel for his win?) and all sorts of short track bump-and-runs (see Kendall vs Martin and Rudd vs Wallace) where the leader can send the chaser to the grass. Don't forget the unsafe disrespect of track boundaries at the section. A 400km race on a faster full course (100 laps, 1989-97) would be far better and be very fan-friendly, especially for the fans who camp in the section between Turns 4 and 6 by INDYCAR. (Their Turn 7 is a Magny Cours type hairpin.)

The 78 crew is a Gibbs crew and all practice is at Gibbs since it is a de facto fifth team.

Wonder if Fox should have adopted the 2011 Bathurst-style side by side.

Eventually it turned out Hamlin locked the front brakes in Turn 11. Replay showed it but it's hard to find out when you're watching it in real time.
06/29/2016 3:13 pm (10)
@ Carol - I have to take issue with your JEERS of FOX. After all, its "Harder than you think", and they've only had 15 years to practice. Maybe in another 20 or 30 years they'll have the experience to use the in-car effectively.

@ Bobby - Well, just JEERS to Sears Point period. It sucks as a track for Cup cars, and it's only gotten worse over the years.

But what I really want to point out is Hamlin didn't lock the front brakes. It's almost impossible to lock the front brakes on a Cup car (you can, but it's basically a panic situation, a lot more braking than in normal racing). What he did was wheel hop, which is when the rear brakes lock & unlock rapidly. That brought him into the turn faster than he intended, which caused him to run a little wide.

06/29/2016 7:03 pm (11)
Jeer - warbling trash our anthem - stupid, thanks for trashing it. Good job nascar, oh heck, fox gone, they did ok, no more wigwag
sr and jr, everybody else does a good job,
go home, fish, crash into a tree and hope
the wife does not have a 5 iron.
06/30/2016 1:34 pm (12)
I knew the anthem was in trouble when I read the name of the performer on twitter a few days before the race...

For those who think Hamlin gave it to Tony, then why on earth would he have ever passed him for the lead 4 turns earlier? To make it look better? Come on...

Hamlin touched Tony when he passed him so he knew it was coming back and Denny messed up the corner. I also thought Denny might be giving himself some room for a cross over pass back but that never happened.
07/01/2016 6:06 am (13)
Carol,you said it best,the singers of our National Anthem think its all about them. CHEERS to Tony,for him this something very special.


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