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Cheers and Jeers

Rainy Days and Mondays, Both Good for Kurt Busch
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By Carol Einarsson | 06/08/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

 JEERS to rain on Sunday and racing on Monday. If history holds true, this should be an "efficient" race. There's always a different feel to a Monday race, as it's apparent that drivers want to just get it done and go home.

CHEERS to a magnificent flag waving as I think all flags ought! I'd say the way that one is waving, it rivals Talladega's in beauty.

JEERS to no anthem or invocation. I understand it's hard to hold over talent, but if it was performed yesterday, it's on tape and can be replayed today before the race.

CHEERS to Penske on the front row. Just two cars, and to have them both do well is impressive.

JEERS to a caution on lap four? That's not very Monday-like. Guido must not have gotten the memo.

CHEERS to Pocono restarts and "the fan" as they spread out across the whole track. If we can't have our old Dancing Trees that I loved, I guess this is a nice consolation that brings some unique characteristic to the track.

JEERS to the way the cars look dented in on the sides now. I know it's helpful, but I don't like the look of it.

CHEERS to the possibility of Tony returning to Victory Lane. That would be almost as refreshing as a first-time winner. And with Jeff Gordon winning in his final year, I think he's set a standard for all retiring champs to "go out like Gordon".

JEERS to a competition caution and drivers already saving fuel. It's lap16!

JEERS to "Matt Kenseth has that first stall off turn three" and we see Matt Kenseth come in somewhere in the middle of pit road? I'm pretty sure this was my own misunderstanding of what was said, but still I remain perplexed.

JEERS to whatever happened in the 78 pit that has Martin's nose dragging the ground.

CHEERS to Kyle Larson in the lead. The crowd at the track may not be as big on Monday, but it still counts as a win. Maybe today?

JEERS to a bad day inside of the first 25 laps for a bunch of nice guys. First we have DiBenedetto spinning, then hitting Truex in the pits, and now Brian Scott has trouble.

CHEERS to the penalty on the 2 car. Remember the dent I mentioned earlier? It was that 2 car I was looking at. It was that way from the get-go.

JEERS to a planned cheat. When you have a tool at the ready to FIX what you did, you may as well wear a guilty sign. And now trouble for Joey, too. So much for that Penske charm.

CHEERS to Ryan Newman evening that score. Well, not really evening... more like one for you, three for me.

CHEERS to Harvick moving through the field. Am I the only one that consistently looks at the "Jimmy Johns On Board Camera" graphic just waiting for the time someone slips up and spells it Jimmie?

CHEERS to the one camera angle that, lap after lap, is obscured by a giant flag of red, white, and blue!

JEERS to another Matt D event. He was the underdog feel-good story at Bristol, but we fear he's piqued. He's so likeable, so marketable, and all eyes were on him. If he could have just backed it up with SOMEthing... It didn't have to be wins, because we know that's dependent on good equipment, but one thing an underfunded driver can do to move up through the ranks is at least show car control, and unfortunately, this young driver seems to spin more than average. Is he suddenly trying too hard? Pushing his car too far?

CHEERS to "Last week was Memorial Day, and thanks to all of you for your comments about our efforts to honor those who sacrificed for our country..." You're welcome.

JEERS to the clear vision cam because any time you put a camera on a guy's head, viewers get woozy.

CHEERS to Chase's dad hangin' around watching the race. But even though his boy is leading, the old guy isn't smiling. Hmmm...

CHEERS to DW for knowing where M&Ms are made, I think. That may be the oddest bit of knowledge I've ever heard shared during a race.

CHEERS to that amazing double-block by Chase Elliott, holding off both Matt Kenseth and his teammate Kyle Busch!

JEERS to Kyle Busch, "You tell the 24 I'll remember that..." So it's not enough that he races in the lower ranks, but now he's bullying rookies in the Cup series? Nice. How dare a kid that's more well-liked than he is, actually out race him. With the increased popularity and exposure of guys like Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson, and Ryan Blaney, I'm looking for driver 18 to have more meltdowns throughout the year and into next year.

JEERS to trouble for Tony, and taking his teammate with him. And again, Danica took someone else with her. It wasn't her own doing, but when it turned out to be Landon Cassill, I'm guessing she wasn't too awfully disappointed. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

JEERS to being wrecked by your boss. Now she can't even trash-talk the guy that crashed her! Bite your tongue at the track, but at least she can talk Ricky's ear off all the way home.

CHEERS to the analogy of "blood in the water", and a slow car surrounded by feeding sharks. Shark #31, shark #4, and shark #2.

JEERS to a #46 car in the wall, and now on fire. And to no tell-tale evidence at the ready for what put that car in the wall. Left front? Maybe. Broken rotor? Perhaps. But a guy doesn't usually look over his shoulder like that unless he's lookin' to give another driver the stink eye or a condemning point of the finger.

CHEERS to John Klausmeier stepping in to lead Kurt Busch's team. That can't be easy under any circumstances, I don't imagine.

JEERS to watching a replay eight times and changing my mind at least three times. First looked like Newman was tucking in behind the 18 and misjudged. Then looked like he never touched him. Whatever caused it, though, Kyle's mad, and understandably so.

CHEERS to "Put down your tweeters, we are not cheerleading." I think Mike may only be speaking for himself, though. Darrell Waltrip and a "Go, Junior, GO!" is definitely over the line. However, while it may be unprofessional from a sports broadcaster standpoint, we've come to accept that's just Darrell, former driver and friend. I think I'm at the point with this crew that the only one held to any professional broadcaster  standards is Mike Joy. And maybe that's how it ought to be.

JEERS to more bad luck in the 78 pits. Good grief.

CHEERS to the 18 back on track. If nothing else, he can still beat Matt DiBenedetto.

JEERS to another wrecked car, this one Jimmie Johnson -- dangerously close to avoiding the wall, but not quite successful.

CHEERS to "Lift 100 yards early..." I'm as impressed as Darrell that they've gotten so precise with fuel mileage that they can tell a driver such a specific instruction as that. Question is, will your driver do it?

JEERS to the freaky girl dancing on the Sprint commercials. Had just about enough of her. About a month ago, even.

CHEERS to digging up the video from Las Vegas, showing the effects of the last time the #2 team cheated -- a trophy and the win!

JEERS to a ridiculous ending to a race, with race cars competing to go as slowly as they can but still keep other guys behind them who are also going as slowly as they can. The fuel mileage races I like are the ones where guys are running out of fuel for having raced so hard, not like this.

CHEERS to Kurt Busch, though, and his interim crew chief winning for a team where the boss crashed out and took another of his own cars with him.

And finally,

JEERS to Monday races. That's all.

And ICYMI, check out Dave Clark's article posted earlier this week:

Harder Than You Think!



06/08/2016 8:54 am (1)
CHEERS, though, to your comment evoking memories of the old days at Talladega and the "slingshot," when the waning laps would be run at an ever decreasing pace as no driver wanted to be in the lead on the last lap.

"You first sir. No, no, I insist, you go first."
06/08/2016 9:36 am (2)
All the pre-race was on MRN radio only -- this is the rain's fault!

On the double block, CHEERS to Mike Joy referencing NBC Daytime in the 1960's. "Chase Elliott to block, circle gets the square!" Pierre S. LaCock III would understand that one very well!

CHEERS to Darrell's reference of D-Day. We should always remember Normandy.

CHEERS to Darrell trying to think of Fred Aldous as Junior was going to the front.

We can't see the "dancing trees" because the fence blocks the view of those trees in motion down Long Pond but I'm always haunted for some reason now once we see the cars exit Turn 1 because of what happened last summer.

JEERS to it being only 400 miles. Miss those 500 mile endurance tests.
Bill B
06/08/2016 11:25 am (3)
A surprisingly interesting Pocono race. More drama than one would suspect.

As always, a nice review of the race Carol. Thanks.

But, I'm just wondering why I should fear Matt D being curious about anything (paragraph 19, second sentence)... LOL :)
Bill B
06/08/2016 11:27 am (4)
... and then I make my own mistake by using the word "suspect" instead of "expect".
That there is justice.
06/08/2016 11:54 am (5)
It wasn't a bad race for Pocono. I am surprised that the column looked more than half red with JEERS. (I did not count).

JEERS to calling it a "gas milage race" for TV. Nobody ran out of gas and Kurt went around the track twice after the white flag plus burnout.
06/08/2016 12:34 pm (6)
CHEERS for Monday races if no other reason than there's no Mikey and his irrelevancies on the broadcast.
06/08/2016 4:04 pm (7)
CHEERS to Elliott and Blaney, in the T10 again. It seems like every race one or both of them is running with the leaders.

Here's a piece of trivia for you:

Career Top-5 / Top-10 finishes:
Elliott 5 / 10
Blaney 2 / 8
Patrick 0 / 6

06/09/2016 1:40 pm (8)
I have been a Elliott fan since 1986 but it seems obvious that Elliott and Blaney are the future of NASCAR.
To me the future looks good.
06/09/2016 6:18 pm (9)
Possum, you forgot to put the number of races that they have each run. That tells the real
06/10/2016 4:53 pm (10)
JEERS to myself for not seeing that Dave wrote
the earlier article.
JEERS to comp cautions, why? Oh, its nascar, track got a bath, everybody make sure they are
toweled and dried off.... jeez.
07/01/2016 5:53 am (11)
The singers that butcher our National Anthem.
Carol,you said it best. They think its all about them.The word is respect!
CHEERS to Tony,his win made my day




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