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Cheers and Jeers

God Was Building His Character
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By Carol Einarsson | 05/31/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to the military presence at the track. I know much has been written this week to correct those who think Memorial Day and Veterans Day are to honor the same set of people, but they are different. However, this morning in church, our pastor asked any who have served, to stand. And with them standing, we prayed for the families of those who had lost loved ones. As he explained, those who are still among us and have served, are representatives for those who didn't come home. I think that's a wonderful way to tie them together. How many of those who are still among us, at one time in their service, may have been responsible for carrying a wounded brother out of the bloody situation that ultimately took his life? I think all those who served consider it an honor to stand as representatives for those who didn't make it home. 
CHEERS to the greatest day in racing, but JEERS to me missing the first 2/3 of it. How did I forget about Monaco?? 
CHEERS to Mark Martin in the pace car, but JEERS to no camera and microphone in that car so we could talk to him before the race. I didn't even hear FOX mention his presence at all! Poor form, FOX. (Disclaimer: I didn't see any but the last couple of minutes of the pre-race, so if they had a spot on him before the race, I stand corrected.)
CHEERS to the giant Thank You, Tony banner! Nice touch! I hope there's something at least as big at Indy, if not bigger. 
JEERS to whoever failed the anthem AGAIN. I don't know if it was FOX or the Speedway, but someone blew the anthem feed with a bad mic mix that left it sounding as if our own military didn't know the tune of our national anthem. I want to blame FOX because how do you put something on TV without first doing a sound test? But yet if they got only the track feed and couldn't correct it in the production booth, it was all on the shoulders of CMS. And the most angering part of it is that this is not the first time they've had this same problem. Shame on you, sound guys, wherever you are, for failing our military that way. 
CHEERS to all the tributes to the fallen heroes, but JEERS to cheapening that with Darrell Waltrip's ridiculous signature boogity. You just DON'T combine an honorable thing such as giving one's life for his country with a high-pitched squeal of boogity boogity boogity. Have some damn reverence!!! I wish I knew where that even comes from, because my feeling is that someone is telling him to say that. I know the TV guys are always looking for signature things and have been the ones behind pushing the BBB thing. My sense is that if you were standing one-on-one with Darrell, and asked him what Memorial Day means to him, he'd tell you from his heart about people he knew, family members lost, maybe a neighbor he knew when he was a kid that never came back. And I'd say chances are greater than 90% that there'd be tears in his eyes before he stopped speaking. He is a man who loves God, loves his country, and knows the honorable nature of those willing to die in uniform. So then I wonder, is he insecure in his job with FOX? Is he afraid to say no to the TV suits? The start of Sunday's race was just a disgrace. FOX and NASCAR ought to be ashamed.
CHEERS to Martin Truex Jr. on the pole. Here is a man that just does NOT give up! And what's the best way to compensate for potentially crappy pit stops? Get yourself into that first box.
JEERS to a competition caution for a green track. What?? Since when do we do THAT? It's a stupid thing to begin with for any reason, but we've only done it before when practice or qualifying was rained out, with the explanation that the teams (despite thousands of miles raced here before) haven't had any real track time. But they HAVE, and it rained last night. Big stinkin' deal. 
CHEERS to Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney both getting speeding tickets. One without the other just wouldn't seem right. 
JEERS to 16.8 seconds in the pits! What on earth is wrong at the 78 team? Is it all Cole Pearn? Is it his lack of leadership? 16.8 is just inexcusable. 
JEERS to a spin by Brian Scott, but there's not much damage, and looks like he'll be okay. I sometimes wonder when he has random bad things like that happen, if there's not some self-fulfilling guilt thing going on there. Richard's mother, Elizabeth, gave her blessing to her racing family with just one condition: no alcohol sponsorship or association. Some may argue this isn't the first time that a Petty car has had sponsorship from an alcohol company, but since the merge with then-Evernham, none of the cars brought into that fold by Petty (the 43 and 44) had alcohol sponsors. Only the car numbers on the Evernham side did. A loophole? Certainly. But now that the blurry line is erased and we're into Twisted Tea with both Petty feet, we have to wonder about the power of covenant. You gave your word, RP. Stand by it. It's your momma, after all. 

CHEERS to the paint on the 48, and Lowe's straying from their standard scheme. Never mind that it appears to say HI forwards and backwards on the hood, we still love the red, white, and blue!
JEERS to trouble in the 78, loose enough that it appeared he had a tire going down. I know loose is fast, but too loose is wrecked. I hope they haven't pushed it too far.
CHEERS to the biographies of fallen heroes being shared by Mike Joy, but this whole race has been an emotional roller coaster as we go from race fan to grieving patriot, and back to race fan again. 
CHEERS to the flag and USA emblem on the 20 car. We like it best when sponsors forego their own logos to dedicate an entire car to a patriotic theme, but we accept that this is still a business, so we're okay with shared schemes such as this one. The flag "skirt" was beautiful. 
JEERS to Austin Dillon, idiot driver. Jeff Gordon called it "evasive", but DW nailed it, "I think he just went till he hit somethin'!" Nobody's saying he intentionally hit Kenseth, but he was driving like an idiot and there was nothing in his way that he had to go that far out to avoid. There was a time we worried that Jeff Gordon's more recent experience in the sport would push Darrell to irrelevance, but with Jeff's constant excuse-making for every driver, we're glad DW is there to wave the BS flag now and then. 
JEERS to a chassis adjustment on the 78, because while I know the track changes after dark, he's dominated the race, and I think the only way he can lose this race is by something stupid happening in his pits. Now it's just a matter of waiting to see what it is that happens this time.
JEERS to the 22 team causing a penalty for their driver. To be fair, though, I don't know how that isn't a penalty more often. The driver is coming down pit road at 55 mph, and to measure your jump off the wall to exactly when he crosses the line a pit box away has to be nearly impossible. I'm surprised how often they all get it right!
CHEERS to this year's NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees, but JEERS that it includes both Richard Childress and Rick Hendrick. Both are certainly deserving, but not yet. What other sport inducts current participants into their HoF?? They're both still competing, and shouldn't be inducted until we can display the full body of their accomplishments. 
CHEERS to Mike Joy and the mental image of Carl Edwards trying to slow down in the pits by throwing out an anchor. 
JEERS to throwing away your race... Carl speeds on his penalty pass-through, and now he has to stop in his box and think about what he's done. 
CHEERS to Jimmie and Chad. If Truex doesn't win, I'd rather someone beat him on the track than that he loses it at the hands of his own crew. But what's that? Harvick is gaining?

CHEERS to records broken, but isn't it interesting how that perspective changes? If it was Jimmie Johnson leading all these laps, we'd be whining (and maybe some of you are anyway), but when a guy has the respect of his peers and the love of fans, it's somehow become as exciting as a no-hitter. In the world series. Game seven.

CHEERS to driving it until you see Elvis!

JEERS to Larry talking about all the other issues that have happened to Gibbs engines. Really?

CHEERS to four words spoken that sum up everything about Sherry Pollex, as spoken by Michael Waltrip: She's a great woman. Yes, she is. If you want to see strength, and love for others, and humble, and giving, and amazing faith -- everything that's opposite of self-centered, you look at this woman. What a role model for us all!

CHEERS to Chad Knaus declining a pit box interview. Yeah, I'm workin' here! Has he ever done that before? Good for him! Third place, three seconds back from the leader, and 17 laps to go... why is anyone even ASKING for an interview??

JEERS to highlighting everything that's gone wrong with the 78 car, that's prevented his victories this year.

JEERS to the phrase "beat cancer." I no longer think you ever do. Once it visits your doorstep, it may get quiet from time to time, but I don't think it ever really leaves your consciousness. You never beat it, you just hope to always have the lead.

CHEERS to Kyle Busch making it off the track and into the garage without bringing out a caution.

JEERS to another tire down, but CHEERS to Blaney off the track, too, without a caution!

CHEERS to mentioning Jeff Burton's debacle at New Hampshire. No comparison at all to this domination, though.

CHEERS to Martin Truex AND Sherry Pollex, the best example of a partnership that I can think of in the sport.

CHEERS to Martin unplugging his radio and just driving around, alone with his thoughts.

CHEERS to 392 laps led! What a nice record to hold.

CHEERS of the biggest kind for Martin Truex finally getting back to Victory Lane, and never giving up!

CHEERS to the best Victory Lane interview, possibly EVER. The hug... wow.

CHEERS to Jimmie, "I kinda felt like he was playing with us..." Yes, yes he was.

JEERS to Michael Waltrip for being the one to talk about the adversity faced by Martin Truex when HE was the one responsible for the first big domino that fell in the career of a good man. How DARE he be the one to talk about the adversity of Martin Truex! It's just sickening. I'm sorry, Michael, but you do not deserve to be proud of him. Just... just.. shut the front door.

CHEERS to Darrell Waltrip to Mike Joy, "The next time you ask me have I ever..."

And finally,

CHEERS to how much love there is for these two people, all the drivers loving Martin, and the wives rushing to hug Sherry. The DeLana hug was the perfect picture of what the NASCAR family is. This is the kind of moment that is the best of NASCAR.



05/31/2016 8:24 am (1)
Wow! I havent seen anything that dominant in almost 25 years since Kyle Petty had all but Irvan lapped leading 484 of 492 laps at the Rock in 92.

Maybe not a night fr the highlight reels, but definitely one for the history books and nice to see a nice guy be the one to do it.
05/31/2016 9:17 am (2)
CHEERS to a great column, Carol - you nailed it on all counts!

JEERS to the sound problem during the National Anthem - that made my ears bleed!

CHEERS to Truex hanging tough, taking on all comers, and making all NASCAR fans proud because he showed us his softer, human side.

CHEERS to me finally enjoying a NASCAR race again - there's always hope...

And finally, CHEERS to Rossi - he comes from good stock! I knew his Grandpa before Alexander was even a twinkling in anyone's eye.
05/31/2016 10:00 am (3)
JEERS to "boogity" etc. I hit the mute button at the start so that I do not have to listen to that jackassery.

CHEERS to Sherry. Watching her joy brought tears to my eyes. I had a sister who had breast cancer. She beat it but it came back and killed her. It does that a lot less often than it doesn't but, DAMMIT, why can't I stop thinking about it right now instead of thinking positive thoughts for Sherry and be happy for her first time "in public without her wig?" You go girl.
Bill B
05/31/2016 10:05 am (4)
CHEERS to a very limited opportunity for those that sucked to hide their "suckyness" by taking advantage of NASCAR's entitlement programs (the wave around and lucky dog). The few cautions that there were fell late in the fuel run when tires were starting to wear and would have required taking on significant risk to stay out. That's the way racing should be... if you can't run with the big dogs you lose laps.

Since you didn't mention it specifically and people have short memories, that Jeff Burton debacle where he led all 300 laps was the result of NASCAR mandating restrictor plates (at a one mile track!!! LOL) which produced a travesty of a race. There was no passing, there was no racing. It truly was a parade all day as the restrictor plate pretty much removed everything but track position and pit stop efficiency from the equation.
05/31/2016 2:22 pm (5)
I am going to blame the Anthem debacle on CMS. I went to the All-Star and rented a FanVision. I programmed in my favorite driver and my friends favorite driver. Fine. But the"radio" broadcast was hideous, voices I didn't recognize, total freakin' idiots who basically just told me I was at CMS (duh) and how exciting it was (it wasn't). Realized I was listening to something called "Speedway Television" and had to manually program in the MRN broadcast. Sneaky, sneaky Charlotte Motor Speedway.
05/31/2016 3:26 pm (6)
CHEERS to you Carol for taking Mouthy Mikey to task regarding Martin Truex. Who was he trying to kid trying to be Mr.Nice Guy with him.Martin has more class in his baby toe than Waltrip than will ever have. His out and out greediness cost Martin his ride ,lost a long time sponsor and ended up causing a lot of people to lose their jobs.He should not be allowed to be on any T.V. show having to do with auto racing. One .he s a liar, a cheat,has no respect for doing what's right when you drive drunk and crash besides risking innocent lives he wasn't man enough to take his punishment instead leaves the scene and hides in his pool house till he sobered up.He was never and will never come close to being a race driver,so why keep around.
06/01/2016 2:48 pm (7)
CHEERS and JEERS from my first race at Charlotte!

CHEERS to very easy in. Rt 49 and right on Morehead Rd and I didn't hit brakes until I entered the parking lot right across from Turn 1/2. I could have hit the billboard with a driver - Golf ball shot over the road. CHEERS to relatively easy out, they put us on Morehead and out to 29 and the to I485 (about an hour out to the interstate) and I was in my hotel bed in Asheville by 2am. Thanks to the fast race too.

CHEERS to tram that took us around the track and right to gate 4...

Great seats, GM Section G and row 48. CHEERS to the entry way to the stands that comes in at row 25... Only had to walk up 23 rows instead of 48... LOL

CHEERS to the Anthem... No sound issues where I was at the track. JEERS to the invocation that included "Coke 600" by name.

The turns are higher banked in person than they look on TV...

Walls were still yellow from the All Star race. I thought I recalled they would paint them white for the "real race"...

CHEERS: Given the way the race played out, I end up watching Ryan Blaney (due to 2 pit road penalties) work his way through the field twice. He would rim ride the top of 1 and 2 and have the speed to pass the next car entering 3... And I understand he was working his way back to his position. He never got much higher than 16 or 17th... But he passed a lot of cars doing it.

CHEERS to Kurt, another top 10...

CHEERS to Martin, Otherwise the 48 or 4 would have won...
06/01/2016 6:37 pm (8)
always a Cheer for your writeups Carol!
and always a Jeer for Dumb Sr and Jr...
Go away and bless us all.
06/02/2016 6:58 am (9)
JEERS to a pathetic race. Happens every so often when a crew chief hits on the perfect set up and the driver is flawless. CHEERS to Truex for being that driver on that night. JEERS to Mike Waltrip. ALWAYS about him and his plight. So sick of the pandering Waltrip brothers. They simply need to leave. CHEERS to another good article Carol. Seems as if you got you mojo back. Hope so.
Mallards Motorsports
06/03/2016 7:13 pm (10)
Haven't watched the race yet. Satisfied a lifelong dream and attended the Indy 500 and returned to the hotel in time for Charlotte but, um, nobody could stay awake. Sounds like I didn't miss much but good for Truex. The thing I noticed about the Indy race was it actually was a race - lots of passing and drama all the way through. See where NASCAR has admitted "they need to go back to the drawing board" on the 1.5 mile tracks...indeed they do...may have to watch it this weekend just to see the Waltrip's miscues...sigh.

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