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Cheers and Jeers

All Havoc Ensued
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By Carol Einarsson | 05/17/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to a very nice invocation and a great anthem! Tom Dixon did a fine job, and paired well with "bluegrass day" at church! Yes, we had a fiddle, a harmonica, and a bunch of bluegrass-hymn-singing guys in plaid flannel this morning. What a great day to watch a race!

CHEERS to that monster jump by Kevin Harvick -- WOW!!  It was like he was the only one that saw the green flag, OR the only one with an extra cylinder in his car! THAT's the way to start a race right there!

JEERS to still no full-coverage of SAFER barriers at Dover.  WHY???

CHEERS to 36 laps in, and Harvick SIX SECONDS ahead of second place!

JEERS to a competition yellow. They're professional drivers and teams, and can manage their own pit stops without NASCAR mandating a caution period.

CHEERS to Ollie's Bargain Outlet just because of the picture I have in my head of what that place must be, even though I'm sure it's not.

CHEERS to the throwback picture of Chris Economaki interviewing Richard Petty. Any time we can revisit the history of the sport, that's a good thing.

CHEERS to any race car with ACME on it. Mike Joy may say it has nothing to do with Wile E Coyote, but we know otherwise. Don't be surprised if there's a debris caution later for an anvil on the back stretch.

CHEERS to whatever crewman on the AAA team was in charge of wrapping the posts inside the car for TV. They are all so perfectly spaced that I suspect it was a sheet rather than individual stickers. But if it wasn't, I applaud the guy with the proper amount of OCD and finding himself in the right line of work!

CHEERS to Trevor Bayne and Kyle Larson both driving sideways and holding on to their respective racecars.

JEERS to the 83 in the wall, and catching Denny in the pits. JEERS to Jeff Gordon saying DiBenedetto should have kept rolling rather than stopping, as though that was an option. Gordon made it sound like the driver stayed out to get the caution.

JEERS to having to "butt scoot" across the wall, but CHEERS to Matt out of his car under his own power.

CHEERS to the 43 car coming into the pits rather than waiting for things to get worse. Thank you, Tony Stewart, for pushing my fender in. Unfortunately (but fortunate for Tony), Almirola isn't likely to pay back the 14 car.

CHEERS to the paint on the 17 car! What a great-looking car, but despite trying Sunny D again every ten years or so, I'm not sure there's anything more foul sold in a bottle for human consumption than that pseudo juice product.

CHEERS to everyone that drove by the wrecking 7 car and didn't hit him! A car in the outside wall is one thing, but a car in the outside wall that then slides down the track across traffic, ups the fear factor a hundred fold.

CHEERS to Martin Truex in the lead!

CHEERS to the close-up of a tire covered with picked-up rubber, and to the hand that pulled some off for the TV viewing audience to see. Anyone else wonder about that pink blob, though, that looked like gum?

JEERS to Tony Stewart, "They race like there's ten to go on every restart." Firstly, isn't that kind of the point, Tony? And secondly, didn't you just try to wreck a guy for racing you? Almirola is now two laps down in 30th. If there's not ten to go, why do you care?

JEERS to radio trouble for the 24. Hopefully Chase has at least heard stories of old-school hand signals from his dad.

CHEERS to Jimmie Johnson just one lap away from leading 3,000 laps at Dover. With 240 laps remaining, I bet at least one of them finds him out front.

JEERS to the empty seats at Dover... just gets worse every week at each next track we go to, doesn't it?

JEERS to whatever is wrong on the 4 team that has the whole group of guys definitely NOT "freaky fast."

CHEERS to Laverne and Vera, and Dale Jr the animal whisperer. Maybe even better than water-cooler Dale.

CHEERS to tire cleaning on a pace lap, but Larson got very lucky just now, coming within a hair of swinging his rear into the approaching Biffle! That was a close call on a caution, for something that would have been a ridiculous way to damage your car.

JEERS to the 55 blown up, and then not locking it down and staying against the outside wall.

CHEERS to Harvick able to stop his car and not hit the 48, but JEERS to him having to.

CHEERS to the battle between the 2 and 42, and a reference to Sambo's? Wow! Thanks, Mike! I think I just flashed back more years (decades) than I care to admit. Sambo's. There are some things you don't remember until someone else mentions it, but I remember my parents stopping at Sambo's for coffee with friends after bridge on Friday nights.  

JEERS to Michael Annet wrecked by the wall...and Jamie McMurray.

CHEERS to the Sunoco Symphony, as directed by Conductor Jimmie Johnson.

CHEERS to an outside pass by the 42. That inside just wasn't working, so why not try the outside? And in just a couple of laps, he's already a second ahead of BK.

JEERS to Brad's troubles continuing. Now he's wrecked, thanks to a slow car that probably shouldn't even be on the track.

JEERS to taking so long to call the caution for debris when we saw all the pieces of the right front fender come off the 2 car. But then again, CHEERS to taking long enough to throw the yellow that the team had time to get their pieces together and ready to install when Brad arrives.

CHEERS to a well-prepared team, and patching Keselowski's car with a new fender and sheets of tape, and never losing a lap. Meanwhile in the #4 pit, there's a group of guys pitting their car with the speed and efficiency of Billy Bob changing a tire in his yard, with a beer in his hand.

CHEERS to Trevor Bayne picking up the debris. Do we still have to have the caution, then? It looked like a strip of duct tape to me.

CHEERS to how much "Kyle Larson wants this first win, and nobody wants the win more," but Gordon sees that second place guy, right? I'd say the desire of Truex is at least equal to that of the 42.

CHEERS to the pass finally accomplished, and in part thanks to the help of Michael McDowell.  

CHEERS to yet another day when it looks like Truex might win.

JEERS to Tony blown up, and ironically, now he won't get to actually race with ten to go.

CHEERS to teams of men on their knees with cleaner and towels, scrubbing their pit boxes to get them free of the mess laid down by the 14.

CHEERS to Tony definitively stating that it was a track bar that started the whole mess. I don't care about you doubters in the booth, it WAS a track bar! It was as if he'd heard what they said up there.

CHEERS to lap 3,000 led at Dover for Jimmie, even if it is under caution.

CHEERS to counting cars, and Truex restarting fourth so he can get his preferred lane.

JEERS to whatever just happened to Jimmie's car that caused a multi-million-dollar wreck. Wow. No win for Jimmie, no win for Truex, no win for Harvick... just a mess for everyone. Eighteen cars. I wonder if Tony's disappointment has changed, now, with a perspective that because he was out early, he was spared the impact that all these other guys suffered. Everything happens for a reason! And if Truex's team hadn't been counting cars to manipulate their starting position, he'd have been spared. There's a lesson there somewhere.

CHEERS to the best description of that restart, as stated by Kyle Busch, "And all havoc ensued."

CHEERS to candid interviews with driver after driver, and Jimmie explaining his step by step efforts to get his car going. It wasn't for lack of trying.

CHEERS to Junior and also Greg Biffle, obviously neither really wanted to be interviewed, but they were willing. And I'm not buying that Junior isn't hurt.

CHEERS to Aric Almirola, injured, but willing to be interviewed. AND making sure he had a sponsor hat for TV, even if he had to steal it off someone else's head. "And to top it off, I think I have a broken pinky finger. That's not very manly, is it?"

CHEERS to the SAFER barrier, but JEERS to the impact by the 19. That was a hard hit!

JEERS to blaming Kyle Larson, because the 19 was loose before the 42 ever got there.

CHEERS to Clint Bowyer, "My car hates me." Maybe so, but you still have the cutest kid in the field right now.

JEERS to Kurt Busch driving Dover like it's Darlington, and plenty of stripes on the side of his car.

CHEERS to the racing between Larson and Kenseth, but I'm not sure it's a smart thing for the kid to tag the rear of Matt the Brat. And enter Chase Elliott!

CHEERS to Kyle Larson thinking better of his plan on how best to pass the 20. Race clean and earn the respect rather than wreck him and spend the rest of the year looking over your shoulder.

CHEERS to Chase Elliott, staying in the hunt because for awhile there, it looked like Larson and Kenseth would wreck, and he'd drive past for the win.

CHEERS to Matt Kenseth for a hard-fought win, teaching a couple of kids how you defend your position and take the checkers!

And finally,

CHEERS to a GREAT race at Dover!! It's no secret that TV ratings are down, track attendance is down, and all things NASCAR are in somewhat of a slump. We could argue for days how to resolve it, but I don't think it will be fixed with any further meddling. The remedy is to keep having great races like we saw on Sunday, with natural racing unfolding in all its many facets. Really fast cars not being in contention because the crew is moving with all the speed of sloths on decaf; other fast cars caught up in the unfortunate wrecks of others; a champion suffering a gearbox issue that he's never before seen in his career;...etc. All of those naturally-occurring things are part of racing and contributed to a great race, and a fantastic finish! The only meddling that NASCAR needs to do to rebuild this sport is to start getting rid of the cookie cutter tracks and feature more short tracks in the series. Then let the real racing attract the fans again.



Bill B
05/17/2016 6:51 am (1)
Awesome Dover race. I was at the race on Sunday and have been going to the spring race for the last 20 years. There are two things I can say about it.
The first is, it was very cold sitting in the stands. The wind was strong and relentless and if you had any clothing with you it was being worn. Many people with children left before the halfway point because you could just see they were cold. There was only one spring race where I remember it being a more miserable day and that race involved both cold and intermittent sprinkles.

The second is that it was probably the best Dover spring race in the last 20 years. If not, definitely top 3 for sure (to be honest, it's hard to remember things from more than 10 years ago). That race was a real surprise considering the first 100-200 laps looked like it was going to be a typical Dover conveyor belt race.
05/17/2016 10:11 am (2)
CHEERS to everyone whining for Truex. 13 years and he's only managed 3 wins so this is his normal thing.
CHEERS for Edwards into the wall. Kyle had the space as the replays showed, but this ended bad for Carl just like when he tried to do the same thing to Brad at dega in 09. Ol horse face won't learn to quit trying to take an occupied space. In his interview he indicated he will take Larson out in the future, pay attention Carol cause he will.
JEERS to Truex again, it was Truex, not the team that slammed on the brakes so he could start outside. Not the team as you said.
JEERS to Stewart for wrecking Aric, CHEERS that Stewart won't make the chase, no way.
JEERS to Austin Dillon on the track running at half speed and causing Brad to hit him coming out of a blind corner. Park it Dillon. CHEERS for Dillon for no cup wins in 3 years and none in his championship year in xfinity too. Poor Richard.
05/17/2016 10:47 am (3)
JEERS to me for wanting to put a personal comment here.

CHEERS to a good race and the tv showing racing as opposed to just showing the lead car.
05/17/2016 3:08 pm (4)
CHEERS to Elliott. The TVs didn't find time to mention it, but the outside line was Johnson, Truex, Harvick, Elliott; and Elliott found his way thru when everyone else wrecked.

Apropos of both the 55 wreck and the SAFER barrier, Dover was designed with a lot of banking on the straight, to be a "self-cleaning" track. That means it's very hard for a driver not to spin or slide to the inside, no matter how much he wants to hold it on the outside. And it means the SAFER barrier has to be custom made, which is probably part of the reason it's not there.

I recall Sambo's. The forces of political correctness put them out of business, because of the association with the story of Little Black Sambo (the chain was actually named for founders "Sam" and "Bo").

05/17/2016 3:52 pm (5)
CHEERS for the writeup Carol, thanks!
CHEERS - to Mike Joy in prerace - MW (dumb jr)
is down in the pits annoying the drivers, classic.
CHEERS - a human that knows how to sing the anthem, with a nice flyover.
JEERS - comp cautions - ah the highest level race teams, let them dictate their risk/reward, oh but its nascar who puts money in front of bodies when it comes to the safer barrier.
And the last JEERS - dumb sr & jr - go away,
please, there is hope.
05/18/2016 7:55 am (6)
I thought it was a great race.Thank you Carol for the great recap. I happen to like the brothers in the booth,others must also, or they would be history................
05/18/2016 4:10 pm (7)
CHEERS, as always, to Carol. :)

JEERS to a faulty transmission tearing up so many racecars. yikes.

CHEERS to FS! replaying the race on Monday morning so when I forget to put a tape in before church, I can still record it.

CHEERS to Carol, again, but this time for telling me that 1998 is the same calendar setup as 2016, so that when I inherited my grandpas VCR that only goes to year 2013 I can still set up and record races. :)

JEERS to me for being too cheap to buy a dvr...

I'm confused by your statement that they SAFER barrier would have to be different at Dover because of the self cleaning nature of the track. How do the two (SAFER BArrier & straight banking,) connect to making a special barrier necessary?

CHEERS to Chase Elliott. Another impressive run.
CHEERS to Kenseth, winning where he made his first start.
CHEERS to Jimmie not wining. Or Kyle Busch. Those are always good things, lol

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