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Cheers and Jeers

Busch and Truex, Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat
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By Carol Einarsson | 05/11/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to revisiting Kansas. I'm never sure when my last visit here will be, but I've learned never say never.

JEERS to whatever FOX had going on that caused a delay in TV coverage. When the pre-race is on FOX Business, even those in the Media Center don't see it.

CHEERS to Martin Truex on the pole! He's fast, he's got a great pit box, and he's overdue. Maybe Kansas will be kind.

CHEERS to a painted "restart zone" on the wall, but JEERS that it seems to mean nothing.

JEERS to no ponytail in Kansas, but at least she was wearing bright pink, so there was no missing her if you were wandering pit road.

JEERS to a debris caution when there hasn't even been a wreck. But when the leader is four seconds out front in less than 25 laps, I imagine some raised eyebrows showing concern up in the control tower.

CHEERS to Dave Blaney released from the hospital, but JEERS to the way Ryan found out he was hurt -- via text and Twitter.

JEERS to a loose wheel, but despite hearing DW's voice in my head every single time that happens, I think this might be the first time he's actually sung his song in quite a few years.

JEERS to a pulled fender. I don't think anyone on the #1 team is lovin' it right now. And the black flag, even? CHEERS to NASCAR catching what appeared to be a planned cheat. And CHEERS to Jeff Gordon's admission that he's seen guys do the "hip check" so well, it went undetected by NASCAR.

CHEERS to great weather at Kansas! It really was Goldilocks weather, and that rarely happens here. Lest we get too comfortable, though, announced this week was a swap in dates next year with Talladega. Evidently NASCAR is courting The Weather Channel as a race sponsor for the Blizzard 400 next October 22nd.

JEERS to Guido in the wall, but CHEERS to all the extra media attention Matt DiBenedetto is getting! Interviews, photos, production pieces by the network -- we're really hoping a big money team is taking notice because he's young, and more importantly, this boy is MARKETABLE. That seems to be the main factor for success in the sport, and he definitely has it.

CHEERS to showing a successful card trick at Kansas, as orchestrated for that inaugural  race. Sadly, fifteen years later, there aren't enough fans in any one section of the track to do that. I was shocked by the lack of attendance at this once-packed track that still has the same number of seats they originally built. They haven't expanded beyond what the market will bear. They still have the same number of seats. Kansas Speedway is Lesa France Kennedy's poster child for how NASCAR can affect an entire economy. When the track was built, it was all alone out in the country, and a city has risen up around it. Shopping, nightlife, two other sports venues, hotels, even a furniture megamart. It's a quintessential example of "If you build it, they will come." Despite the tremendous success story that it's been, even Kansas is now falling prey to NASCAR's implosion.

JEERS to smoke out the back of the 6 car, but now Biffle's off the wall? Maybe a caution is just what Bayne needs. No luck, though.

CHEERS to the Red Nose Day campaign on the #18 car. A red nose makes everything better! If you don't have one, they're just $1 at Walgreens and it's for a good cause, helping impoverished children. Proceeds from the event go to Boys and Girls Club, clean water for those who don't have it in developing countries, and other necessities for the poor that most of us take for granted.

CHEERS to the magic that is Larry Mac... but is it a curse? Maybe it's not Larry at all... perhaps it's Mike Joy's caution query that's bringing out the yellow flags!

CHEERS to what looks like the best way ever to hit the wall, and not much damage to Menard's car at all.

JEERS to a lot of words from the booth to try and not use the word "ass". Gordon says Harvick is really going to have to drive his "you know what" off. And then goes on to say a moment later that he's really going to have to "drive that thing off." Just say ass and be done with it.

CHEERS to a whole weekend of beautiful sunsets at Kansas Speedway. All my years travelling to this track, I never realized how many fires they make in Kansas. If you want to add a little spice to the sunset, fill the sky with smoke all afternoon.

JEERS to an A/C unit on fire and filling a driver's helmet with smoke?!! What the heck?!

JEERS to still calling Kyle Busch a "young gun". Ryan Blaney, yes. Kyle Busch? He's 31 years old! Blaney is 22, Chase Elliott is 20, Kyle Larson is 23... THOSE are your "young guns." Rick Hendrick said it best years ago when he said Kyle just ACTS like he's 19.

CHEERS to lap 162, and Danica in the lead. It's only fair to mention, since I think it was just last week when I said it doesn't matter HOW it happened, only that it DID happen.

CHEERS to Denny for leading the series in at least one statistic.. but six speeding penalties? We like MJ's idea of traffic school, but only if Denny wears his fire suit. I think that's already been done, though, and a quick Google search reminds us: Driving School

CHEERS to what seems to be a combination for speed: yellow and red paint schemes. Truex, Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth, and Kyle Larson are the top four, and Junior's on his way to the front.

CHEERS to Kansas being the "home track" for a team based 580 miles away. Basically, Fontana to the beach.

JEERS to trouble for Truex, and having to revisit the pits for something not of his or his crew's making. Parts failure: Joe Gibbs Racing.

CHEERS to taking a chance, and pitting with 56 to go, and no plans to return. I hope this pans out, because RJO's own Dave Clark grabbed this pic of KB coming into the pits just now!

JEERS to a loose wheel for Carl Edwards. Those five lugs only have to be ON; they don't have to be tight.

CHEERS to Tony leading the race! Now he's at least as good as Danica, and I'm pretty sure that's what he was shooting for today.

JEERS to the 17 in the wall, and nobody bothering to tell Truex the reason for the caution.

JEERS also to what should have been the video proof of Tony's position relative to the leader, but didn't seem to prove anything at all.

JEERS to so much talk about "Can you imagine Kyle Busch WINNING at Kansas??" Yes, I can, Jamie, because he has. Three times, in fact. and twice in the past two years. I realize all the people talking about this were referencing his efforts to win a CUP race at every track, but given his multiple trips to Victory Lane at Kansas, I'm annoyed at how they're making it sound like he's never won here. I'm reminded of the way they all started lumping his "NASCAR wins" together to make him seem more successful. You can't have it both ways, FOX. You can't pretend all his NASCAR wins are equal, but then turn around and pretend he's never won here because it wasn't a Cup win.

CHEERS to Denny threading the nee--- uh... JEERS to Denny threading the needle. Didn't work out quite as well as you'd hoped, I'm guessing.

CHEERS to Mike Joy's reference, a 7-10 split!  Keep in mind, though, it's pretty rare that split can be picked up, and when it is, it's because either the 7 or the 10 was thrown against the outside wall and bounced back to collect the other pin. Has there ever been a better cross-sport analogy than that? One big difference, though: in bowling, the ball doesn't end up a mangled mess.

CHEERS to Joey out of the infield care center, but even bigger CHEERS that Denny is okay. I think we also need to say CHEERS to NASCAR for whatever changes resulted in a driver-side impact to Denny's car causing more damage to the 22 that hit him than to his own car. Joey having nowhere to go and Denny facing down the track was an ugly thing to watch.

CHEERS to asking the question, "When one teammate has a win and the other doesn't, do you cut a buddy some slack?" Not today -- maybe not ever, really.

CHEERS to Stenhouse in 11th, on the lead lap, after hitting the wall earlier. By contrast, Danica is 2 laps down in 22nd and no wall impacts recorded.

JEERS to multiple cars nine and ten laps down, and not involved in any wrecks. How are they so slow?

CHEERS to a battle between Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick. The 4 car might be freaky fast, but the 18 is apparently freakier.

CHEERS to Ryan Blaney in fifth!!

JEERS to fourteenth being viewed as a "good" thing for Truex.  How's that Gibbs affiliation working out for you today?

CHEERS to Kyle Busch finally winning a CUP race at Kansas to add to his three other wins here, and CHEERS to an impressive burnout!  I think he is a driver of extremes, and the reason it became such a big hurdle to overcome just to win here was because of so many "agony of defeat" moments he's endured at this same track, during Cup races. But now he's done it, and now there remain only two unbeaten tracks -- in the Cup Series. (Because before they celebrate him "finally" winning at Charlotte, remember he's already got EIGHT "NASCAR wins" under his belt there.)

JEERS to calling the restart the "move of the race." I think the move of the race was sticking with your plan and not pitting again. Remember, won and lost in the pits!

CHEERS to Martin Truex, the most disappointed we've seen a driver in a long while, but able to still find a little positive there, that soon he'll win. "It's all part of racing."

CHEERS to the M&Ms crew making sure all the photogs in Victory Lane had candy. I don't know who it was, but there was one crewman who managed to completely clear the risers that enclose Victory Lane. I'm not sure what the distance was, but that's a long way to throw a bag of candy!!

And finally,

CHEERS to a great weekend in Kansas! It seemed to be a weekend of highs and lows, and more disappointment than usual, wrought with miscommunication, but an RJO interview with Richard Petty? Yeah, that's a pretty cool deal right there. We'll consider this trip one for the WIN column!




05/11/2016 1:37 am (1)
JEERS to Carol feigning concern about her most hated driver Logano. Hamlin, who cares he started the damn mess. JEERS to the media for ah "oh well, racing deal" with Hamlin, (AND I AGREE IT IS) Less than two years ago, the media however took another viewpoint regarding Brad and the beloved Jeff Gordon. The garbage that happened after that race was shameful, and the narrative still is shameful. Hamlin does more damage and "it's racing" (again it is), Kes races the favored son and the villagers of all shapes and sizes wanna torch him. The logic of Nascar fans and "journalists" astound. An observation. As for Marty Truex, blah, blah, blah. Same old, same old. 3 Wins in 380(?) races with various teams, that ain't all bad luck, sorry. Martin it seems is always "overdue". Kinda sick of the narrative. My opinion of course.
05/11/2016 10:18 am (2)
Fan is the short form of fanatic. No logic involved.
Bill B
05/11/2016 11:14 am (3)
Yep BNP. No allowance for severity. Getting wrecked out of a regular season race as the result of a ill-advised move is not the same as getting wrecked out and eliminated from the chase. It may not be apples to oranges but definitely apples to applesauce.
05/11/2016 11:28 pm (4)
The reasoning of it the "wreck" being in "The Chase" or "regular" season is the very problem with the format. Maybe a wreck happened at the end of the "regular" season and Joe Blow needs that win. He IS effected as to whether he is in or not. On the other hand fans seem to say that "Chasers" should not be "raced" and there is clear evidence when one is raced, and a "racing deal" happens all hell breaks lose. To me the in and out of "The Chase" defies what the purported intent is "To race". Different standards, different rules and opinions, all BS. Race 36 races, the best man wins. Playoffs NOT needed as the same people race each other the whole season, every week. You beat so and so week in and out, not a big mystery as to who should be hoisting the Cup. Hypocrites.
05/12/2016 5:35 pm (5)
JEERS to NASCAR.... fining Tony for laying it on the line about the unsafe use of less than five lugnuts. The NASCAR mafia strikes again.
05/14/2016 9:34 am (6)
I missed the Kansas race because I forgot it was on Sat (so thanks to Carol for the recap), but I have to LOL at Gordon for admitting he's seen the hip check before...prior to this year he was in his race car during the races, so the only way he could have seen it was if it happened to his car. A subtle way to admit to pushing the bounds of the rules.


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