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Cheers and Jeers

NASCAR-nage in Talladega
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By Carol Einarsson | 05/03/2016
Category: Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to NASCAR coming to its senses, with the help of Tony Stewart. If there's one place we don't want nervous drivers wondering how many lugs are tight, or even installed, it's Talladega.

CHEERS to Michael Waltrip in the race, sparing a grid walk.

CHEERS to Mark Wakefield for a lovely invocation. No sponsors, but even more,
CHEERS to the 313th United States Army Band for a proper anthem!!

CHEERS to the Hurcules out of Maxwell Air Force Base which, in my mind, is one of the greatest productions in aviation for no other reason than it looks like a million tons of steel and no explanation for how it remains up in the air.

CHEERS to the track announcer revealing his age, and making it known that he's at least in my generation... When you start to say the year, and you mistakenly start with "19..."

CHEERS to Master Sergeant Larry Nix for his command to start. Perfect!!
JEERS to manipulating the points system to get points without really racing, but CHEERS to Tony taking care of Tony and playing the game that NASCAR created. A wreck at Talladega at this point of his recovery could end his season the week after it began, and it's just smart, if you can, to avoid it. I wonder, though, what would happen if that idea caught on, and more drivers opted to hire back-ups to relieve them at the first caution.

CHEERS to FOX for how they dress Jamie Little. Remember the days of firesuits on NBC and TNT, men and women dressed alike? They appreciate that she's not a man, and allow for a FOX logo on a feminine outfit. Nice touch!

CHEERS to Larry Mac's Twitter name, @LarryMac28 because while he's worn many different hats, his time with Davey is what he cherishes most.

CHEERS to Kasey Kahne with stubble all over his face because I think it's only been this year that he could actually grow facial hair.

JEERS to whatever that mess of miscommunication was in the pits that had Danica sideways.

JEERS to Matt DiBenedetto caught up in someone else's mess. How unfortunate.

CHEERS to Tony making a deal with the surgeons. If you'll let me race Richmond, I promise not to undo your handiwork at Talladega.

JEERS to more problems in the pits, and nobody managing Denny's departure. Pity Biffle had to pay the price for another team not doing their job.

CHEERS to Michael Curtis Waltrip in the lead. Again, doesn't matter how it came to be, it came to be. And here he is, leading with former employee Truex behind him... uh oh... "Hey, Mike.. remember when your cheating scandal cost me my job?" I know that's not really how it happened, but it's at least fun to entertain the idea of that kind of payback.

JEERS to the wild ride for Mike, but CHEERS to being virtually undamaged by that crazy wreck! Maybe he glanced Mears, but how he didn't hit or get hit was just amazing!

JEERS to debris on the nose of J-Mac's car. If only someone would go ask Brad to scoot up, I bet he would.

JEERS to a Dale Jr Performance Update when he's already out of the race.  They should have just shown him sitting in a chair drinking a Mountain Dew. Here's your update.

JEERS to a barrel roll at 'Dega. We haven't seen that in awhile, and watching the roof flap come up on Jimmie's car but not on Buescher's, you gotta wonder if there's a difference in performance that's related to budget.

CHEERS to Trevor Bayne in the lead!

JEERS to Amelia in the wall again. I think it's time to park her back at the house in the dead car pasture.

JEERS to the in-car camera of seeing a steering wheel come off in the hands of the driver!! However, I'm going to agree with Mike Joy, that was a very "Dale Earnhardt" way to handle the situation. I don't need no stinkin' steering wheel!

CHEERS to "You're second guessing a guy who's second guessing a guy!"

JEERS to no penalty for Kyle Busch below the yellow line and advancing his position. Hello, NASCAR??

JEERS to Kurt Busch who just ought to have enough experience to know, by now, that you can't push a car in a turn. You just can't.

CHEERS to the animation between Chad and the NASCAR official. Uh oh...

CHEERS to Landon Cassill for holding onto that car and re-entering from the apron without incident. That was simply amazing!

CHEERS to safe exit for both Danica and Matt Kenseth after those two hard hits, and Matt upside down for so long. What is going on???

JEERS to a bad situation set up on the final restart. There's just no way with a handful of laps left at Talladega that this will end smoothly. You're just asking for trouble... and here it comes.

JEERS to a mess like that behind the winner. And shame on NASCAR for using wrecks like this to advertise and try to build interest in the sport. This isn't racing.

CHEERS to the possibility that existed, though, for most of the race, that might have seen either Jamie McMurray or Trevor Bayne in victory lane.

CHEERS to Brad Keselowski for an entire day of blocking three lines at Talladega and NOT wrecking the field (or anyone else, for that matter). He might be the only one to drive a clean race, so it's nice to see him bathed in brew with the checkers in hand.

JEERS to 33 out of 40 cars involved in wrecks at Talladega. I'm still shaking my head at what appeals to people about wrecking cars and guys on their roofs.

And finally,

CHEERS to Matt Kenseth's parting words to Joey, "I promise you..." How does Joey not yet get it? Is it arrogance that makes him so unwilling to talk things over with other drivers? Is it just a Joey-Matt thing? I dunno, but I can't imagine that dismissive smirk of his has ever or will ever help resolve a disagreement. Is it too soon to wonder which Chase race Matt will use to exact his revenge?



05/02/2016 4:54 pm (1)
JEERS to the wrecked cars but CHEERS to some really good racing moves by quite a few drivers including Bill's boy Chase and Dave's boy Ryan.
CHEERS to seeing more than the front 3 or 4 cars. But maybe that was due to the tight formation.
CHEERS to the overhead shots. I wish there were more of them.
05/02/2016 10:02 pm (2)
CHEERS to a great column, Carol - and early too!

CHEERS to BNP's comments - they mirror mine!

CHEERS to having Jeff in the booth - he's aware of so much with these cars and doesn't dwell on his old teammates and cars. Very refreshing!

CHEERS to Kes - he earned that win, but JEERS to so many heavily damaged cars. Glad all the drivers only suffered bruises - no broken bones, just broken dreams.
05/03/2016 1:21 am (3)
I am hard pressed living in the rational world to understand what Logano OWES Kesenth? Who the hell is he? What did Logano do to cause Michael Annett to lose control, hit Danica, who hit Matt and who Logano was caught up in the accident? What happened MANY LAPS PRIOR (LONG LAPS) was racing and Logano let him back in. HOW in God's name with a rational mature viewpoint can Carol, Matt or any other hater blame Logano for that? Matt knows how to light the match. Logano did nothing wrong, nor did Danica. Matt maybe should retire, he seem to blame Logano for everything. But it will play out in the media,truth be damned. You all want him to be subservient, he used to apologize for breathing on the track, even when he wasn't involved. It got him more ****e from the bullies. He has matured,and ain't taking their ****e anymore. For someone to applaud the Kenseth embarrassment yesterday, well...It speaks volumes, the obvious be damned. Your opinion, but short on facts or common sense. Way too obvious. which is your right but damn..don't be so freaking obvious in the hate factor. Oh too late, that ship has sailed a long time ago. Matt is vengeful and is consumed, who in the hell would want to bother with Coo-Coo Bonzo? I know I would not. We walk to the other side of the street when we see crazy. Logano apparently too. Kenseth from now till he retires will blame Logano who got a DNF 75 laps earlier for his problems on the track, that die is cast. Sadly. Logano is handling it just fine!
05/03/2016 9:46 am (4)
JEERS to Kenseth and his anger management problem. It's always someone else's fault, isn't it Matt?
CHEERS to the safety equipment that kept Danica Patrick alive. Her hit moved that wall a few feet.
And CHEERS to the Dillon boys for their good day!
05/03/2016 10:16 am (5)
Yes, CHEERS to Jeff in the booth. He's a welcome addition and I am enjoying his commentary.

But JEERS to calling it mismanagement that put Danica sideways in the pits. She knows her pit is early and she came in far too wide, allowing cars the get inside of her and then turning left right across their noses. She was in the wrong place and should have known it. She recovered well, though and this was her best race this year until she was in the wreck with Kenseth that was not of her making.

And double JEERS to too many airborne cars.
05/03/2016 10:38 am (6)
JEERS to Carol for cheering the always whining Kenseth. Pay attention Carol, Matt said he lost 4 spots due to Joey when looking at the replays showed clearly he gained one spot, ending up right in front of Joey. So Matt lied again. Matt has always been a sneaky whiner. KBTOYS said it all right in his response above. Get it right.
Carl Edwards had it right when he almost punched Matt when they were teammates.
Bill B
05/03/2016 11:36 am (7)
What pore excuse for a race. By my definition that was a demolition derby.

I usually disagree with KB just for the fact that she sees the world through Logano covered glasses but I agree with her on this.

Kenseth exacted his pound of flesh at Martinsville. That should be the end of it (unless Logano wants to re-ignite it). Sunday was just a racing deal at an RP track where crap like that happens all the time. Hopefully Matt will realize what a putz he was for making a big deal out of it. Both he and Logano need to let this feud go and get back to racing. I don't think it's a mystery why neither are racing at the level they were last year, this whole thing is a distraction that is taking away from what they should be focusing on.
05/03/2016 12:39 pm (8)
Actually I think Joey handled Matt's tirade in the best way possible, the cool way, NO RESPONSE! What was Joey supposed to do set up a bigger argument? Matt ended up looking like a fool and that Joey smile was priceless.

Jeff vs DW? No contest, Jeff hands down. He's up to date on everything while DW is 20 years ago. By the way, I'm older than DW but know when to acknowledge when I'm behind times. I don't make it a contest like DW tries to do, a contest he simply can't win.
05/03/2016 1:50 pm (9)
Kenseth created some bad karma at Martinsville last year by taking out Joey. He may not win until he can get over himself.
05/03/2016 4:09 pm (10)
JEERS to Carol's attitude about Joey and little Whiney Mattie. As I posted last year I lost all of the respect I ever had for Kenseth. He is a whiner and arrogant whiner at that. Noting is ever his fault, just like Danica. Yea, it was Joey's fault that he got shoved down under the yellow line. Guess that NASCAR didn't penalize Joey because he let whiney Mattie back in line and its Joey's fault that he put whiney Mattie back with the squirrels. Hey whiney Mattie, just STFU and drive. That is your job. Drive and keep you pie hole zipped. PLEASE. JEERS to Danica, who has been in the sport long enough to know that you don't let two cars under you coming into pit lane and they cut across their nose to get to your stall. JEERS to her crew chief or especially her spotter for not telling her to stay low to get to her pit. Yea, its always someone else's fault right Danica? Even JG said you were wrong. JEERS to Carol for having a strong dislike (hate?) for Joey.
05/03/2016 7:20 pm (11)
@mrclause: agree with you 100% on Gordon. Two things I'm noticing with the broadcasts this year:

One is the "Larry, Curly and Moe" show is gone, they sound like professional broadcasters instead of a failed comedy team.

The other is Gordon quietly and politely correcting Mike & Darryll when they get something wrong. It's forcing both of them to work harder at being accurate, because they know they'll be caught out if they're not.


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