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How'd He Do That?

Jimmie Johnson Wins Fontana
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By Carol Einarsson and Dave Clark | 03/21/2016
Category: How'd He Do That?

Jimmie Johnson beat the field at Fontana this week, but how'd he do that?

After a staff meeting at RJO, we boiled it down to the top four factors that put Jimmie in Victory Lane.

4. Flawless pit stops! The 48 team was jammin' this week! They had fast stops all day, and at least twice they did it in 11 flat.

3. Kyle Busch's flat tire bringing out the last caution gave Jimmie the break he needed. Do you suppose he'll buy Kyle a beer? Naw... I don't think anyone ever buys Kyle Busch a beer.

2. Jimmie Johnson starting on the inside of row two on the last restart, really couldn't end up any other way. And it didn't hurt that he was restarting behind The King of Second Place Finishes.

1. A red cape and an S on your hood is clearly an advantage!



03/21/2016 11:36 am (1)
I heard the 4 reasons on the podcast.
Do you really mean "brake"?
03/21/2016 1:37 pm (2)
As an English major and a life member of the grammar police, I would gently point out that in #3, it should be "break" not "brake". :)
03/21/2016 3:43 pm (3)
It gets me every time, not because I don't know the difference, but because of the speed with which I type, and the high number of times my fingers type those five letters in that order, referencing a means of deceleration. Thank you for keeping me on my toes!

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