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I Was Just Wonderin'...

Delayed Justice is No Justice
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By Carol Einarsson | 01/23/2014
Category: I Was Just Wonderin'...

Penske Racing has changed to Team Penske. So now their initials have gone from PR to TP. I dunno about you, but when I hear TP, there's really only one thing I think about.

I wonder how NASCAR feels about the new nose on the Fords, an improved design to stop their fake grille bars from making debris. Maybe the new design isn't to stop the debris as much as it is to hide the launching mechanism that lets a driver shed that piece when he most needs a caution.

So Tony Stewart who's been married and divorced three times in six years to his crew chiefs has declined Zippy's offer to remarry. Seriously. Nobody looked better standing next to Tony during the anthem each Sunday, and nobody handled his roller-coaster emotions better. Come on, Tony, take him back!

Given the fight Jeremy Mayfield put up insisting his innocence with NASCAR and in the court of public opinion, it seems odd, doesn't it, that he'd plead guilty to so many of the charges against him, including possession of stolen goods, and possession of drug paraphernalia. And I wonder why a guy that doesn't use drugs would need paraphernalia. Y'know, I can't think of a single time I've needed drug paraphernalia. It's kind of, as Alton Brown might call it, a uni-tasker.

Don't get me wrong, I like Steve Letarte as much as the next guy, but I don't know why Earnhardt Nation is up in arms with his decision to go to TV. Maybe I missed the news of all the Dale Jr. championships that were won during his tenure. Okay, okay, settle down. What I like best about Steve Letarte is not what he did for the 88 team, but what he did for Junior as a person. When you can help a driver win, that's nice. But when you can help a friend grow, that's great! Besides, the more Steve Letarte we get in the booth, the less room there is for guys like Ray Evernham and Brad Daugherty.

Chip Ganassi has divested himself entirely of all-things Earnhardt. Teresa's been kicked out (we wonder if she'll even notice), and we wonder what she'll do with all that extra time that she'd been spending on her involvement with the team.

Travis Kvapil's court date was continued from November 19th to January 17th. Yeah, that makes sense. Take a court date from the off-season and move it to the middle of January when it can most interfere with your chances of having a job for the 2014 race season. Of course I'm kidding. We're sure it will be continued again, since the hope is for everyone to forget that this guy assaulted his wife in the family home with three children present. Sadly, this tactic works pretty regularly, but we hope the folks at BK Racing care more about the domestic abuse victims than they do about retaining the services of a violent perpetrator against women. Update- SURPRISE!!! Since I initially wrote this, it's now been continued until February 28th.

If BK racing has any doubt about how character can affect business, perhaps they can talk to NAPA (who we're happy to see is back, and aligning with Chase Elliott!) I wonder what his talking can would say. And I wonder if it'll sound like a pre-pubescent boy.

And with a guy like David Reutimann out of a ride, don't you wonder why Chick-fil-A hasn't come on board to sponsor a driver yet? Not just Reutimann, but there are a few that would be quite suitable for that sponsorship.

What's the big deal about Rusty doing the Daytona test? It seems there was quite a big PR splash about a pensioner playing race car driver.

HOWEVER, having said that, I hope you had a chance to see the first episode of Idris Elba: King of Speed from the BBC. Someone mentioned that Rusty Wallace chap and what a cool guy he seemed to be, and after watching the show myself, I had to agree. Seeing a whole new side of Rusty Wallace, maybe feeling more relaxed in front of a BBC audience, he was a whole different guy! I hope you get a chance to find it somewhere online. Last I checked, the BBC had successfully blocked it, but if you can find it, it's definitely worth viewing! Other highlights were the segment with Junior Johnson, also showing a different side than we usually see on American TV.

NASCAR has outlawed tandem drafting in the Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series . Officials warned teams that if anyone attempts to hook up for a tandem draft during the season openers in February, both cars in the tandem draft would be black flagged. This sure seems a great way for a back marker to get someone else punished. I wonder what team will be first to issue orders for their lowest-ranking car to go up and attempt to hook to the competition for the team's primary car just to get that guy black-flagged. Genius!!
Best quote I read this week: "I am so sick of hearing about the 3 car back in NASCAR. I am sure NASCAR has some script for the 3 to win Daytona so they can get some attention. RIP NASCAR" Your thoughts?
Yes, we've all heard that in 2015 Jeff Burton and Steve Letarte will be in the NBC broadcast booth along with Rick Allen. What may have slipped under your radar, though, is that Dave Burns will be on pit road! Yes, Dave "Bristol Bowling" Burns! This is a pit road reporting win for NBC. I'm not the only one who remembers Bristol Bowling, am I?

So much speculation about what's being cooked up at NASCAR Command Central, but possibly changing the Chase YET AGAIN. There are rumors (I think Webster defines that word as: "rumor: n. a fact in NASCAR that the governing body, its associated sponsors, and/or participating teams/members have denied to be true, but will soon come to fruition") that even after making the Chase (and there will be more than the Jeff-Gordon 13), teams will be eliminated as the season winds down.

Gene Haas is interested in Formula One. Hmmm... and Gene Haas was the mastermind behind hiring Kurt Busch...

Qualifying is changing to be a little more like Formula One, and while old-school purists may not like this idea at all, I have to say it sounds good to me. Qualifying, one car at a time is just not really all that exciting to watch, but change it to be a heat-race style and now you're watching RACING for qualifying. Now as long as they don't put the whole thing on FS2 or some other cable channel that I recently canceled, we'll be good to go! I think it adds to the TV attraction, and also gives more value to those that are traveling to the track.

My apologies for the absence over the past few weeks. Life is sometimes big, y'know? And for reasons I can't explain, the injury to Michael Schumacher took the wind out of my writing sails. Remember when I used to write about F1, but after the horrific accident involving Felipe Massa, I quit? Yeah, it felt a little like that, and I have no idea why. And in related news, Michael is still in a medically-induced coma, but the reports no longer use the word "critical". He is listed as stable.

And saving the best for last,

In case you've yet to hear the news, thank you all for praying for our friend Steve and his family. On Monday, he had his follow-up test after months of chemo and radiation treatments. The tumor is gone, and cancer no more! Praise God for answered prayers of so many, and for great medical care! It's the best news we've heard all winter!!



01/23/2014 2:21 pm (1)

Thanks for the tip about Idris Elbe. And while the show is blocked on the BBC site, a quick Google search turned up a link to it on YouTube. For those who are interested, here's the link:


It is worth the watch, even if some of Idris' automotive history lessons are a bit fanciful. The only downside is that I just spent an hour watching the show rather than doing what I was supposed to be doing.
01/25/2014 11:02 am (2)
I was quite surprised to see Ganassi removing the Earnhardt name. Actually, I guess I was surprised that there wasn't a great big stink made about it.

So glad to read about Steve. Always one of my favorites, and good to hear he is cancer free. Cancer sucks.
Greg in Dallas
01/27/2014 2:05 pm (3)
The situation with Michael Schumacher had a tiny personal resonance with me. I used to go snow-skiing all the time, and I like ducking off the marked trail from time-to-time to "slalom" in the trees.

I was at the resort in Breckenridge, CO one year and was with an odd-numbered group of folks. I was therefore riding up the lift with a stranger who - looking at my jacket - asked if that was me he'd just seen going off into the trees at the top of Gold King. I confirmed that it probably was... In a simple, matter-of-fact tone, he informed me that someone had died right there earlier in the weekend. I checked later, and sure enough, a guy training for a competition had run head on into a tree right there at the top of the trail. I decided after that day to restrict my off-the-trail adventures to the relatively slow "green" slopes at the bottom of the mountain (if at all).

Skiing is a lot of fun, but (like with a lot of other activities) you should never let your attention wander. People and other obstacles can appear "out of nowhere" in mere moments if you're not vigilant.
01/29/2014 2:46 pm (4)
Sympathy on the puppy dog :-(

Apropos of the Ford grille, if I'm not mistaken that was a stock production piece. As it was the only stock part on a "stock car" race car, we should celebrate it's existance (to the best of my knowledge, there are no stock parts on either the Chevy or the Toyota. For a long time all the teams used stock GM Saginaw power steering pumps, but I don't beleive they do any longer).


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