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I Was Just Wonderin'...

How Many Other Drivers Annoyed with Danica?
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By Carol Einarsson | 08/08/2013
Category: I Was Just Wonderin'...

I wonder if Tony has a new-found understanding of other team owners he's worked for that frowned upon (or even prohibited) racing in other series.

And I also wonder if maybe Tony's lost a little something behind the wheel of those sprint cars he so dearly loves. Two weeks in a row involved in nasty crashes that sent someone to the hospital. If you haven't seen the video yet of the wreck, it sure looked like 100% Tony, and entirely avoidable. Seemed like something even a second-year driver could have (and would have) avoided.

Well, it looks like Willie finally got his wish to have more sponsorship with Clint Bowyer than merely a Duck Dynasty sticker on Bowyer's camo limo. I wonder how many of the family members will be at Watkins Glen this weekend. Happy Happy Happy!

I probably shouldn't be so amused, but the statement "Stewart will remain hospitalized for observation" tickled me. I imagine a picture of Tony in a room with one-way glass, and people observing him: Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists.. and wonder what the caption might say.

Maybe with his injury, Tony can get some sponsorship on his car from Hoveround scooters.

Denny Hamlin vs. Kyle Petty. I wonder if Twitter has taken away the sting of the old adage (that only loosely applied anyway), "Don't ever argue with a man that buys his ink by the gallon." I know at the very least, Twitter has probably shined a spotlight on the immaturity we all exhibit at times. How long before a driver merely tweets to another, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Travis Kvapil is quite annoyed with Danica Patrick's continued inability to avoid wrecking his car. I wonder, if you took an anonymous poll among racers, how many of them feel the same about her driving.

ESPN published something that says the NASCAR stars are getting older, and that's not good for the sport that's trying to attract younger viewers. However, their stats say the average age of the top 10 is 36.5, which is four years older than it was in 2008. Well, I say if they're only aging 4.5 years in 5 years, doesn't that mean they're getting younger? See, it's all in the spin.

For years I kept a certain tier on my cable for the sole purpose of getting Speed Channel. I wonder what I could save if I reevaluated that after the best racing channel ever is laid to rest this month.

And one more thing I was just wonderin'...

Kurt Busch is going to run the last race of the IndyCar Series this year in order to prepare for next year's Indy 500? He apparently feels he needs the practice, or else he'll feel "lost" next year. I wonder how those in contention for the IndyCar championship feel about having a lost driver on the track during their final race, potentially changing the outcome if he gets in the way.



08/07/2013 8:20 pm (1)
Given that starting in 2015, Fox Sports 1 will carry half the Cup races in Fox's part of the season, and the NEW Best Racing Channel Ever (NBC Sports Network) will be carrying a large part of the rest of the season, I suspect you probably will need to keep it for professional reasons, if nothing else. ;)
Bill B
08/08/2013 5:47 am (2)
Denny needs to stop acting like a 14 year old girl. Calling people names via twitter is not the way adults should handle things.
08/08/2013 10:10 am (3)
Kyle Petty has as much right to his opinion as the cookie cutter drivers. He said the he did mistake what Denny said and that's ok too but when the masses and their all precious social networking mode cant make any logical argument why Danica is a worthless driver and just a cash cow and Denny can't just keep his mouth shut then they are all spoiled little children. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without being called jr. hi names. Damn, people grow up. Sometimes the truth hurts and you must deal with it. Kyle, keep up the good work. Some of us in this country enjoy the truth every once in a while. Let the other "reporters" ask their fluff questions so that NASCAR and their "drivers" will be happy and make them look good. We don't have enough "honest" journalists these days and Kyle is a breath of fresh air. Oh and the Waltrip's could leave today for all I care.
08/08/2013 1:49 pm (4)
I was wondering the same thing about keeping Speed after it become Fox Sports 1 but if they're going to have the races on it then I guess I have to too. Darn it anyway.

I think that the fact that Kyle admitted he misunderstood the original statement goes to show that maybe they should all get the facts straight before making silly comments anywhere...& that applies to everyone. (won't happen but it should)

I'm not a driver but yes, am annoyed with Danica...because she has a nice cushy ride next year & my Ryan doesn't. I know its been talked about alot but it still upsets me so...

And as to Kurt being a lost driver on the IndyCar track...he wouldn't be the first one. That's all I've got to say.
08/08/2013 2:15 pm (5)
I agree about Kurt, and though I don't follow IndyCar racing much, I feel the same as when there'd be rookies in their first race near the end of the Cup season. When things get down to the wire, and the battle for champion is close, there just shouldn't be a "fish out of water" driving around that could affect the championship.

08/08/2013 2:31 pm (6)
@ Carol:

On the age thing, I think ESPN has totally missed the point (and thus missed a good story). Time was when a driver had to spend time in the lower series, and didn't get a full-time Cup ride until he was 27,28,29. Then we had a period where "development drivers" were coming into Cup very young. That didn't work out so well, with Logano being a prime example. So, with budgets tight owners aren't taking chances on very young drivers now, and we're moving back to drivers being older, 25+, when they get to Cup. And that is naturally moving the average age of the field upwards, back towards what it was in the 90's.

All in all, I don't see a problem there.

08/08/2013 2:39 pm (7)
@ Carol, Rocketgirl:

I think it's a good plan for Busch to run the race at Fontana, because it'll give him experience doing one thing he's never done - a three-wide start. Better to make your first try on a wide track with a small field, than in a big field on a narrow track.

08/08/2013 5:40 pm (8)
It might be time for Smoke to give up the sprint car racing. When your hobby starts to negatively affect your day job... there might be a problem.

As for Denny and Kyle Petty... Denny hits up twitter more than any teenager I know, and he's a whiner. Kyle is a breath of fresh air... at least he says what most of us are already thinking, and if he misunderstands something... he owns it.

I don't think Travis K is the only one annoyed with Danica. I would think the list is growing, and growing.
08/08/2013 6:31 pm (9)
And I bet NASCAR would have a secret talk with any top-tier driver that dared to question her presence in the Cup series.

Bill B
08/08/2013 7:32 pm (10)
If you looked back at NASCARE articles from ten years ago, they would be peppered with the term "young gun". We all remember that. So, with only 43 spots in the field and 15+ years being easily attainable by a successful driver who avoids serious injury, why is anyone surprised that there is very little turnover and very few opportunities. I'd say we are a least 5 years away from the next wave. Yesterday's young gun is today's veteran.
08/09/2013 2:15 pm (11)
@ highbanks:

Thing is that Stewart can afford to give up his day job, unlike most of us. If you told him "one and one only" he might just choose sprint cars and retire from Cup.

08/09/2013 2:55 pm (12)
@ possum

I don't think it really matters that he can afford to give it up, or that he might prefer sprint cars over Cup. Regardless of how much money he has, at this point and time his day job has obligations to sponsors, employees, etc...
08/09/2013 2:57 pm (13)
@ Carol

No doubt about that... most of the "big" names, defend Danica's "learning curve". Its almost like it is scripted, because they all say the same thing.
Mallards Motorsports
08/09/2013 4:33 pm (14)

"As for Denny and Kyle Petty... Denny hits up twitter more than any teenager I know, and he's a whiner. Kyle is a breath of fresh air... at least he says what most of us are already thinking"...

Often it seems Kyle is the only one who will take on NASCAR and, you know, speak the truth. Such a contrast to nearly all the other talking heads; DW is the worst - he often gives us this pompous smarmy smirk that says "yeah I know what is really going on but NASCAR will be mad at me if I say it so I'll just be PC and toe the line"...just say what you really think or go into some other line of work...
08/09/2013 7:36 pm (15)
And I also wonder if maybe Tony's lost a little something behind the wheel of those sprint cars he so dearly loves. Two weeks in a row involved in nasty crashes that sent someone to the hospital. If you haven't seen the video yet of the wreck, it sure looked like 100% Tony, and entirely avoidable. Seemed like something even a second-year driver could have (and would have) avoided.

WHAT??????????......Carol, you are WAY outta line on this.....jes' sayin'
08/13/2013 2:20 pm (16)
From the angle of the video I saw, Tony should have been able to miss the car and avoid the wreck. The other driver wasn't where he was supposed to be, but a driver of Tony's ability should have missed it.

It does make ya wonder how sponsors feel about the double dipping of series. Not sure I'd be all that happy about pouring millions of dollars into a race team to have backup drivers driving because of something that happened in a different series.

and for the record:
GO KP! :)

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