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I Was Just Wonderin'...

Sons Arrested - What's Next for Roger Penske?
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By Carol Einarsson | 08/10/2012
Category: I Was Just Wonderin'...

Okay, now Roger Penske's SONS have been arrested? First Kurt Busch, then AJ Allmendinger, and now his two sons (who are in their 30s and really should be beyond the age of embarrassing their upstanding father this way) are causing grief for the Captain. When you compare dirty drug tests and yacht club break-ins, Kurt Busch's potty mouth and bad attitude aren't looking so bad anymore, are they? Wait. Yes, they are.

David Reutimann is rumored to be moving to JTG Daugherty Racing. Could be a replacement for, or better yet, a new teammate for Bobby Labonte. I suppose this means I'll have to cut some slack to Brad Daugherty if this comes to be. I still don't think he belongs in the booth, but if he's giving a ride to both Labonte and Reuti, we'll have to be more measured with our words, I suppose.

Joey says he has two offers for a ride next year. Well, one of them is to stay where he is, so can we count that? Oh, and that offer only exists if they find sponsorship. So... kinda sounds like he might have one offer, the details of which we don't know, but they may be as sketchy as the one that exists at JGR.

A.J. explained to Dilner on Race Hub this week all about the mistake he made, and I still don't understand why if this was an isolated "mistake" why there's so much explaining about how a person turns to drugs. All the pressure, not running well, not leaning on other people for support and advice when he needed it... Even Matt Clark said on Race Hub, "He needs a credible story."

With all the trouble for Roger Penske, I wonder if Steve Park has thought more seriously about the offer he threw out when everything happened at Daytona, and maybe taken his uniform to the dry cleaners.

Scott Speed says he'll be back with Leavine Family Racing next year, and that it's a full-time ride. He didn't say, however, that they had a sponsor or that they'd actually run the races. Can a start-and-park ride be considered full-time if they attempt to start and park in every race?

David Stremme will step aside this weekend for a driver named Patrick Long. As far as I can tell, he's run one ARCA race, a dozen K&N Pro Series races, and one Nationwide race (at Road America where he started 7th and finished 14th). Why would that make him a better pick than David Stremme? Keep taking guys like Stremme out of the road course races and when will they ever get the experience they need?

Former NASCAR Cup driver Gerald Wayne Schild was shot and killed at a man camp this week. Aside from wondering when he ever raced in Cup (which I learned was five races in 1974 when he was 19 years old), I now know what a "man camp" is.

And to learn more about Jerry Schild, check out this story from 2009 shared by our friend Eddie: He Can Spare a Kidney, But He's Not Slowing Down: Pipeliner Jerry Schild



08/10/2012 5:30 am (1)
Just maybe, the sons offer a glimpse of just how upstanding, the Captain really is..? Something like an apple and a tree....some kinda old saying......
Bill B
08/10/2012 5:52 am (2)
Yep, lately Penske has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

I thought the same thing about Scott Speed. Good luck with that Scott.
08/10/2012 7:21 am (3)
As much as I am a fan of getting Steve Park off the couch and back into a race car, I've got to think that even he is having second thoughts about offering to jump into the middle of the train wreck that Penske Racing has become these days.

Although, by now, Pennzoil has to be to be thinking that Steve Park did a way better job of representing them than the last two jokers they've been sponsoring.

Mark and Jay Penske are just two more examples of spoiled brats thinking they can get away with anything they want because they're rich. The tragedy is that they're probably right. The women who they assaulted have already refused to press charges. The break-in will probably be plea-bargained to a parking ticket or whatever, and they'll go on their merry way.

Fortunately, I'm not given to that sort of behavior, because if I was, they'd probably throw away the key. That's how things even out these days.

Hey, a full-time ride is a full-time ride. It's not Scott Speed's fault that the car overheats, or has handling issues, or loses brakes, or whatever every week. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a race car.

What car # is Boris Said in this weekend?
08/10/2012 12:50 pm (4)
It's hard to believe that this is the first time we've ever heard of the Penske boys getting arrested. And at their ages too! I would be mortified if I were Roger's sons. It's not like their dad is just some random guy.

I agree with you giluvracing. We wouldn't be so lucky and charges would be pressed. I wonder how much it costs to have boots cleaned? ;)

08/10/2012 1:27 pm (5)

The arrest just happened. and random guy or not:
I'm 38, and pretty sure my dad would whoop my backside if I got caught peeing on and yelling racist comments at someone...
08/10/2012 2:32 pm (6)
"we'll have to be more measured with our words"
... is this not a good practice anyway? :)
08/10/2012 2:58 pm (7)
Update to the Reutimann rumor from Jayski's

UPDATE: "I'm not sure where this came from, but Bobby Labonte is the #47 driver," said JTG Daugherty Racing co-owner Tad Geschickter. "Bobby's done a great job for us and our sponsors. We are continuing to work on getting the right tools in place to help our team perform better."(JTG Daughtery Racing)(8-10-2012)

Jim @ Home
08/10/2012 3:34 pm (8)
Hi Carol,

You wrote: "David Stremme will step aside this weekend for a driver named Patrick Long. As far as I can tell, he's run one ARCA race, a dozen K&N Pro Series races, and one Nationwide race (at Road America where he started 7th and finished 14th). Why would that make him a better pick than David Stremme?"

Um - Patrick Long has two class wins at Le Mans, plus various other victories in ALMS and Grand Am. Stremme has, as far as I can tell, between Cup and Nationwide, raced in a total of 6 road course events. Given a choice between one of the best road racers out there (there's not many folks can claim a win at Le Mans on their resume) and someone who's run 6 road courses in their career, it's not hard to figure out who you'd want.

Given Stremme's career long pattern of skipping road course events, I'm going to guess he really doesn't care that he's not getting experience at them.

08/10/2012 4:40 pm (9)
It sounds like the Penske Bros have the "rich boy syndrome".... at 30 something yrs old... (sigh) This is what happens when kids are spoiled brats.... they just grow up to be spoiled brats.

AJ did not make a "mistake"... he needs to come up with something better.

"Man camp".... I have not goggled this... actually, I am scared too! lol
08/10/2012 5:01 pm (10)
I was, too, so I asked a guy. LOL He googled it and told me, so then I googled it myself. You're okay to do so. :-)

And I quite agree with your analogy that a mistake is accidentally picking up the BLUE pen rather than the BLACK pen. Good example.

I have a feeling the Penske boys didn't grow up as spoiled brats. It just doesn't seem the Roger Penske way. If they had, we'd have heard tales of them in trouble when they were 18-24 years old when they were first adults out testing their freedom paired with their wealth.

08/12/2012 5:53 am (11)
perhaps you should take another look at the meaning of mistake. Seems to me the first two sure apply, especially the poor reasoning.

   [mi-steyk] Show IPA noun, verb, mis·took, mis·tak·en, mis·tak·ing.

an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.

a misunderstanding or misconception.
Bill B
08/12/2012 10:57 am (12)
Or as the Delta brothers said to Flounder in "Animal House"...
"you ____-up, you trusted us".

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