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"I believe anybody who tells you he is unbiased is a liar. Being human gives you bias, and you can't avoid that. The best you can ever hope to be is fair."
-David Poole

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2016 Champion
Jimmie Johnson

2016 Race Winners

Denny Hamlin (2)
Jimmie Johnson (2)
Brad Keselowski (4)
Kevin Harvick (2)
Kyle Busch (4)
Carl Edwards (2)
Matt Kenseth (2)
Martin Truex (2)
Kurt Busch
Joey Logano
Tony Stewart
Chris Buescher
Kyle Larson

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"When Steve and I were done talking, I felt happier."
-Kenny Wallace, summing it up perfectly for every person who ever met Steve Byrnes.

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Past Quotes of the Week

"My work here is done."
-Carol Einarsson

Posted: 10/29/2016

"I guess he thought he was in a sprint car again and doesn't know how to control his anger."
-Ryan Newman, about former-friend Tony Stewart

Posted: 09/13/2016

"I think for me it's been easier because I've been through so much of this stuff in my career. I've had a lot of ups and downs; I've lost rides. I've had a lot of crazy, just bad stuff happen. I've watched my life partner get cancer! There's just so many things that have been worse than what this season has been. "
-Martin Truex, Jr.

Posted: 09/09/2016

"The strategy is hope the 11 pinballs the 22 off the race track and we go on and win this thing!"
-Martin Truex, Jr.

Posted: 08/09/2016

"We have a Chris Buescher Day in Prosper."
-Chris Buescher

Posted: 08/03/2016

"Chad Knaus is not a comfortable person to work with."
-Steve Letarte

Posted: 07/19/2016

"Just a bunch of cars crashing. That was about it."
-Matt Kenseth

Posted: 07/06/2016

"All the balls in the sport have left."
-Tony Stewart

Posted: 06/26/2016

"I believe every great driver is bipolar. I believe when you get in a race car that if you're the same person you are out of the race car you're either a terrible person, or you're not a very good racecar driver."
-Brad Keselowski

Posted: 06/14/2016

"I keep telling him he had to lose all those races and that God was building his character to win a big one, and this is huge for us!"
-Sherry Pollex

Posted: 05/30/2016

"He wasn't even that good at dancing in the first place."
-Bryson Byrnes, speaking of Michael Waltrip

Posted: 05/22/2016

"He’s fine. My dad got out of the hospital this morning."
-Ryan Blaney

Posted: 05/10/2016

"You're second guessing a guy who's second guessing a guy!"
-Darrell Waltrip

Posted: 05/02/2016

"What the 24 car did on that restart was sexy!"
-Tony Stewart

Posted: 04/24/2016

"I'm so blessed to be here!"
-Matt DiBenedetto

Posted: 04/18/2016

"He just tried to shut the door on the 11; it just wasn't gonna happen."
-Jimmie Johnson about Austin Dillon

Posted: 04/10/2016

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said."
-Matthew 28:6a

Posted: 03/26/2016

"I don't know what kind of day he was having, but I ... feel bad if he felt like he was put in a position to have to be that desperate a lap down... He must be having a very tough time..."
-Danica Patrick about Kasey Kahne

Posted: 03/22/2016

"Bill Elliott just smiled and nodded at me!!!!
I am fan girling so bad right now!!!!"

-An unnamed 40-something, married, male RJO photojournalist

Posted: 03/13/2016

"What could you have done?
Do you feel like there was something you could have done?

Yeah, got off the brake and missed him."

-Chase Elliott, answering Vince Welch's question

Posted: 03/06/2016

"Being the tail of the lead lap is better than being two laps down!"
-Matt Kenseth, annoyed with his team not telling him scoring had stopped

Posted: 03/01/2016

"Uh, sure. I do not have a better idea."
-Denny Hamlin

Posted: 02/22/2016


Posted: 01/31/2016

"When Steve and I were done talking, I felt happier."
-Kenny Wallace, Who summed it up perfectly for every person who ever met Steve Byrnes.

Posted: 04/28/2015

"Thanks to all for a remarkable day, my teammates @NASCARONFOX. Miss you all. Thanks for your love. @SU2C @nascar and @BMSupdates. #1Fans!"
-Steve Byrnes

Posted: 04/21/2015

"I can't believe Matt doesn't trust me like that!"
-Jeff Gordon

Posted: 03/30/2015

"That last restart, I just didn't get the job done.
Brad out-muscled us with four tires."

-Kurt Busch, calm and collected in his post-race disappointment.

Posted: 03/24/2015


Posted: 03/24/2015

"Rough day. Great run for Danica Patrick. She continues to impress me on and off the racetrack every weekend. "
-Alex Bowman after Danica threatened to kick him in his "attachments".

Posted: 03/17/2015

"On this day I do not mourn his death. I thank God he lived."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 18-Feb 2015

Posted: 02/18/2015


Posted: 12/09/2014

"The other half of that group, his business sense is overshadowed by the popularity and the persona of him being one of the greatest drivers in the entire history of professional sports."
-Mike Helton, speaking of Tony Stewart

Posted: 12/09/2014

"For Bob Jenkins and Larry Nuber; for Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett; for Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree; Allen Bestwick. So long from Homestead. "
-Allen Bestwick, signing off from ESPN's last race in a long history with NASCAR

Posted: 11/16/2014

"This makes last week hurt that much more, but we did everything we could at Martinsville, we did everything we could here, and second just wasn't good enough."
-Jeff Gordon, eliminated from championship contention

Posted: 11/12/2014

"I've never seen this level of disdain for one driver by the rest of the group."
-Ricky Craven, ESPN

Posted: 11/05/2014

"I'm not real proud of last week, but I'm very proud of today."
-Brad Keselowski

Posted: 10/20/2014

"THIS is the night we needed to win!"
-Kevin Harvick

Posted: 10/13/2014

"The whole cap came off.. must've been a recap."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Posted: 10/05/2014

"Tony Stewart, around, in a cloud of smoke!"
-Allen Bestwick

Posted: 09/23/2014

"Plot twist. Kenseth doesn't win a race this season, finishes the best of the four at Homestead, and wins the championship without ever winning a race. And then 10 years of Chase-tweaking to keep people (Matt Kenseth) from doing that, will all be for nothing."
-Matt Einarsson

Posted: 09/07/2014

"This is something that will definitely affect my life forever. This is a sadness and a pain that I hope no one ever has to experience in their life."
-Tony Stewart

Posted: 09/01/2014

"What I don't like about Joe Gibbs' statement is, he's continuing to enable Kyle Busch. I don't think if when he was head coach of the Washington Redskins, if he's got his quarterback not doing what he asked him to do as a coach, on the field, I think that quarterback would be setting on the side line for a game or two."
-Frankie Stoddard, on NASCAR America

Posted: 08/25/2014

"It's just normal Ryan Newman stuff."
-Jimmie Johnson, when asked what the heated post-race conversation was about between the two drivers.

Posted: 08/18/2014

"This is why people pay for their tickets to come watch these things: to watch superstars try and win races. He's a pretty big superstar; hopefully he'll win this one."
-Steve Letarte of his driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Posted: 08/04/2014

"I think my wife realizes that I might have a little special relationship with those bricks, and she doesn't mind."
-Jeff Gordon, on his brick-kissing technique

Posted: 07/27/2014

"Who did Joey Logano blame yesterday (Saturday) when he wrecked his car?"
-Morgan Shepherd

Posted: 07/13/2014

"Man, I just took the 43 car to Victory Lane at Daytona!"
-Aric Almirola

Posted: 07/06/2014

"We should have stuck with beer."
-Brad Keselowski after cutting his hand on a champagne bottle

Posted: 06/29/2014

"When someone's got your rear tires off the ground, you don't have much traction."
-Kyle Petty

Posted: 06/23/2014

"We got to Turn 1 and I was on the outside and then [Kyle Busch] knew if he didnít clear me there, I would pass him back because I just had. So he just floored it and didnít care there was someone out there and ran me right in the wall."
-Kasey Kahne

Posted: 06/08/2014

"I grew up spending Memorial Days marching in the town parade, or listening to the Indy 500 on the radio with my dad. It wasn't until I started losing MY friends in Vietnam that the true meaning of Memorial Day really hit home. It is our most solemn holiday, and one we should treat with a great deal of respect."
-Mike Joy

Posted: 05/25/2014

"It's tough when things are going bad, but I've got to live some of the greatest victories that you can have in this sport. It's unbelievable."
-Jamie McMurray, 2014 All Star Race Winner

Posted: 05/19/2014

"Brad made a pretty bold move early -- mind-boggling move I guess you could say -- in going in front of Danica..."
-Matt Kenseth, repaying Brad's mind-boggling quote from last week.

Posted: 05/04/2014

"I made sure I got him back, and made sure my teammate could win the race."
-Brad Keselowski on wrecking Matt Kenseth so Joey Logano could win.

Posted: 04/28/2014

"And there's a punch!! This is not Ultimate Fighting on FOX, this is NASCAR on FOX."
-Chris Meyers

Posted: 04/27/2014

"It just looks like another tire failure-- I'm not blaming the tire!!"
-Darrell Waltrip

Posted: 04/12/2014

"Just a mistake on my part. I didn't know I was that close to the grass, and just made a mistake."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Posted: 04/08/2014

"Kurt just accelerated and drove through us - absolutely drove through us! I tell you what, Iím about tired of his recklessness."
-Brad Keselowski

Posted: 03/30/2014

"Oh, we're well outside that window!"
-Larry McReynolds, 22 laps after most had pit for tires

Posted: 03/24/2014

"I vote we build a bunch of Bristols all across the country... Best racing all year."
-Trevor Bayne

Posted: 03/16/2014

"The only way to be productive is to be positive."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. after losing a race, half a lap short on fuel

Posted: 03/10/2014

"Man, this just solidifies so many things and so many decisions. These guys all want to win. Thatís why they came here. Thatís why I came here, too."
-Kevin Harvick, PIR Winner in only his second race with SHR

Posted: 03/02/2014

"I can't believe this! This is better than the first one!!"
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr, Two-Time Daytona 500 Champion

Posted: 02/24/2014

"I have mixed feelings because I was told I would never see another 3 on the race track after Dale died."
-Martha Earnhardt

Posted: 02/13/2014


Posted: 01/22/2014

"For unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given."
-Isaiah 9:6a

Posted: 12/24/2013

"You can't take these for granted. You can't take wins for granted; you can't take championships for granted. They're so difficult; they're so hard to achieve. You have to cherish each one of them. "
-Chad Knaus, six-time championship crew chief

Posted: 11/19/2013

"His car was so much faster than the field, it was pretty embarrassing to be honest."
-Brad Keselowski on Jimmie Johnson's Texas car

Posted: 11/04/2013

"That's what you gotta look out for in that rush hour traffic, those old people, they've lost their patience!"
-Dale Jarrett, referring to Jeff Burton's expletive-laced radio rant

Posted: 10/29/2013

"I said, Carter, look at the camera and smile, and he got shy, and then I informed him he could have all the M&M's he wanted if he would just do one picture, and he turned right around, smiled and held his No. 1 up. It was a good compromise."
-Jamie McMurray, Talladega Winner

Posted: 10/20/2013

"For me, the best part of this is...(enter son Carter, Jamie picking him up, spilling over with emotion, and continuing his interview)... I told Christy it would be so cool to get to have your kids in Victory Lane."
-Jamie McMurray, Talladega Winner

Posted: 10/20/2013

"I didn't wreck and I didn't disappoint my husband, so it was a good night."
-Heidi Stoddard on finishing third in the Better Half Dash

Posted: 10/14/2013

"Does that mean intentional wrecking is if you cause a caution by spinning out and not necessarily if you wreck someone else?"
-Brad Keselowski seeking clarification from NASCAR in the driver's meeting after vowing to pay back Kyle Busch

Posted: 10/10/2013

"It's really cool. I'm not sure I've ever done what Richard Petty hasn't. "
-Jimmie Johnson on achieving more career wins at Dover than Richard Petty

Posted: 09/30/2013

"Yeah, our car was really good even after the crash. I told you before the race that if we had good track position at the end I thought we could finish good. It was a really good day for our Linksys car. Just a fun day racing."
-Jamie McMurray on his 5th-place finish

Posted: 09/23/2013

"It won't turn! It won't turn!!"
-Clint Bowyer to his crew, apparently having quite the opposite problem as last week.

Posted: 09/16/2013

"It was ours to lose, and we found a way to lose. I'm gonna go have a beer."
-Clint Bowyer after blowing up his super fast engine

Posted: 09/03/2013

"It's your call, there, Peanut Butter. I'm good either way."
-Matt Kenseth to his Crew Chief, Jason Ratcliff

Posted: 08/26/2013

"That felt like the old days!"
-Mark Martin

Posted: 08/19/2013

"He blasted up there on the outside and flat outdrove me."
-Jeff Gordon on losing the race to Kasey Kahne

Posted: 08/05/2013

"It's an emotional roller coaster, but as long as you keep the seat belt on, you should be all right."
-Ryan Newman, on the last three weeks - let go from SHR next year, and now winning at The Brickyard.

Posted: 07/28/2013

"I gotta thank Tony Stewart of Eldora Speedway"
-Brennan Newberry

Posted: 07/26/2013

"I didn't expect to get hit, but I remember who hit me."
-Ryan Newman

Posted: 07/15/2013

"It's been fairly clean, but right now we're getting to the time where everybody's taking their patience pants off."
-Adam Alexander, late in the race at Daytona

Posted: 07/09/2013

"Jack Roush is the only guy that could keep Matt Kenseth from winning races."
-Kyle Petty

Posted: 07/04/2013

"This was the first time we've seen Gen 6 on a road course. Understanding that NASCAR will fine you if you say it's anything but great, how great was it?"
-Dave Despain, post-race interview of Boris Said

Posted: 06/23/2013

"Fatherhood is something that is so amazing it's impossible to explain."
-Jason Leffler, August 2007

Posted: 06/13/2013

"He's a very good NFL quarterback who chooses to play football in the college rank on Saturday."
-Ricky Craven on Kyle Busch

Posted: 06/03/2013

"Just saw the video of our wreck. Now I know why it hurt so much. No safer barrier at that part of track????"
-Jeff Gordon

Posted: 05/28/2013

"Honestly, I've only dreamed about winning the Southern 500. This to me probably feels bigger than any win in my career."
-Matt Kenseth

Posted: 05/15/2013

"They can build safer race cars, they can build safer walls, but they can't get their heads out of their asses far enough to keep them on the race track."
-Ryan Newman, post-wreck interview after being landed on by a flying Kurt Busch

Posted: 05/06/2013

"If everyone keeps getting these penalties, I'm going to be the points leader soon."
-Denny Hamlin

Posted: 04/29/2013

"I know Joey felt bad but he doesn't have to keep falling in the points on my count :) #seeyasoon"
-Denny Hamlin, via Twitter, following Joey Logano's wreck

Posted: 04/22/2013

"I donít know if you guys noticed this but we just got passed by Blaney, Reutimann and Stremme."
-Tony Stewart on the radio to his crew

Posted: 04/16/2013

"For a guy that's been complaining how everyone else is driving here, and then him to do that, it's a double standard."
-Tony 'I Wrecked the Whole Talladega Field by Blocking' Stewart, commenting on Joey Logano's block.

Posted: 03/24/2013

"He said he was comin' for me. I usually don't see him, so it's usually not a factor."
-Denny Hamlin on what Joey Logano said to him after the race.

Posted: 03/18/2013

"I was in trouble every day, so I don't know how [Kyle] could be in trouble more often than me, but usually when he screwed up, it was big. I just screwed up a lot; a little bit every day."
-Kurt Busch, when asked which Busch brother got in more trouble as a kid

Posted: 03/11/2013

"Iím going to buy me a Denny Hamlin hat and t-shirt because drivers should stick up for themselves."
-Kyle Petty

Posted: 03/07/2013

"And at the end of the day, when we make it as safe as possible, all we have left tonight when we go off the air is PRAYER, no matter where you're at, for the people that were hurt."
-Kyle Petty

Posted: 02/23/2013

"Well, so far it appears that a Keelan drool on the steering wheel is good luck."
-Kevin Harvick

Posted: 02/16/2013

"It's going to be important for me running for the championship full-time for the first time to really keep myself focused with the Cup car."
-Danica Patrick, answering a question about why she won't run the Indy 500 this year.

Posted: 01/14/2013

"That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

Posted: 12/24/2012

"And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this [shall be] a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Thatís what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.


Posted: 12/19/2012

"Like Winston Churchill, we never ever EVER give up!"
-Brad Keselowski, 2012 Sprint Cup Champion

Posted: 11/19/2012

"Clint has run into me numerous times, wrecked me and he got into me on the back straightaway, pretty much ruined our day. I have had it, was fed up with it and got him back."
-Jeff Gordon

Posted: 11/12/2012

"Everybody's got a price they're willing to pay, I guess."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on how he'd not have stepped out of the car had he been leading the Chase.

Posted: 11/04/2012

"No bueno, Carlos."
-Denny Hamlin in his "worse than losing" commercial, appropriate for his luck at Martinsville.

Posted: 10/28/2012

"Rule number one in stock car racing: Learn how to wreck someone without wrecking yourself."
-Landon Cassill about Danica Patrick

Posted: 10/21/2012

"Getting rid of Kurt Busch, it's kinda like this - when you buy a boat, you're very happy. But when you get rid of it, you're even more happy."
-James Finch

Posted: 10/14/2012

"It was literally like the video game!"
-Greg Biffle

Posted: 10/08/2012

"Very few of us in life get to make their living at something that started as their hobby, and that's been the case with me...I just love what I do, and I'm prepared to work overtime at it."
-Chris Economaki (1920-2012)

Posted: 09/30/2012

"He didn't tell me I was gonna have to pay him a million dollars to drive for me when he was 10."
-Joe Gibbs talking about meeting Denny Hamlin when he was 10 years old, promising a championship if Coach gave him a ride.

Posted: 09/23/2012

"It feels like round one of a heavyweight title bout. It's good to win it...but there's a lotta rounds left."
-Brad Keselowski

Posted: 09/17/2012

"Handle it the right way."
-Joe Gibbs to his disappointed driver, Kyle Busch

Posted: 09/09/2012

"He made a mistake off of two, and I got a run on him, and I made a bad decision...I shoulda just run into the back of him going into three, and moved him up the race track. We'd be sitting in Victory Lane right now...This Chase is too important to be in it for me not to make a move like that. I wouldn't have wanted to wreck him, but I would have liked to have that one over again."
-Jeff Gordon

Posted: 09/03/2012

"We're throwing helmets again!! Awesome!!"
-Scott Speed via Twitter

Posted: 08/27/2012

"What's Jeff's problem now?"
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Posted: 08/20/2012

"Marcos is a class act. That's the way racing should be."
-Brad Keselowski, after finishing second to Marcos Ambrose

Posted: 08/13/2012

"After meeting with NASCAR.. They said I DIDN'T JUMP START but seems to be my fault the 22 spun his tires... I'm devastated......."
-Tweeted by Elliott Sadler

Posted: 07/30/2012

"Just made it to racetrack. Been in bed 30 hrs straight sick as hell. Hoping a fast Hunt Brothers Pizza race car makes me feel better."
-Elliott Sadler, Saturday at Chicago

Posted: 07/23/2012

"This has been an incredibly disappointing year for NASCAR broadcasts. FOX was awful, TNT was awful, and if history is any indicator, ESPN won't be an improvement."
-Karen Baskins, race fan

Posted: 07/16/2012

"Mr Penske, I can run home, get Pennzoil uniform, pee in a cup for NASCAR, squeeze in, and drive it like I stole it!"
-Steve Park's Facebook status after announcement of Allmendinger's suspension

Posted: 07/07/2012

"And still, a bad day at the race track's better than a good day with a real job."
-Carl Edwards after a 20th place finish

Posted: 07/02/2012

"We are a place for refugees."
-Clint Bowyer on his team at MWR with crew chief Brian Pattie, fired last year from Ganassi

Posted: 06/25/2012

"All is right in the world, once again."
-Bob Dilner, on Junior's Michigan win.

Posted: 06/17/2012

"You have to remember, it's yellow line to yellow line."
-Robin Pemberton explaining the bottom line on pit road speed limits.

Posted: 06/11/2012

"If it wasn't for Danica and Hornish and [Kurt] Busch, the gifts that keep on giving, I would have spent a good amount of time nodding off."
-Tommy Kendall on Wind Tunnel when asked the most interesting story of the weekend

Posted: 06/04/2012

"I was looking there at the pole and I was thinking, I don't know who the heck is gonna win it, but everybody up there was a friend of Dan's."
-Dario Franchiti on the Indy 500 1-2-3 finish by Dan Wheldon's three best friends

Posted: 05/29/2012

"Is he on the side of your car?"
-Chad Knaus asking Jimmie if Rick Hendrick was really hanging onto the side of the 48 car

Posted: 05/21/2012

"I feel grateful for being able to do the things that I've wanted to over practically a lifetime and been lucky enough to have been successful enough out of them that as I grow into, ah, into old age that I can look back with satisfaction over a life well spent. I really consider myself a damn lucky individual. I don't think you can ask for much more outta life."
-Carroll Shelby, in a 1990 Autoweek interview

Posted: 05/14/2012

"She's got something stuck in her head that isn't quite right."
-Sam Hornish on Danica

Posted: 05/08/2012

"I think the best thing for me to do is just go home, relax a little bit, and we'll go race at Talladega."
-Carl Edwards

Posted: 05/01/2012

"Y'know, I come up through the dirt tracks, and if Kurt and Kyle had come up dirt track racin', they woulda had this problem solved for 'em a long time ago. "
--James Finch, when asked how Kurt's behavior has been

Posted: 04/16/2012

"The motor just quit. I would not have quit-- I would not have stopped on the friggin' race track."
-David Reutimann, post race interview with Dick Berggren

Posted: 04/03/2012

"And that was a near miss for Kimi Raikkonen, because if he lost his Lotus suit, he might've had to climb into his NASCAR racing suit and display his sponsor: Perky Jerky."
-Bob Varsha during the F1 race, speaking of how a brave security guard went into a fire and saved (ironically) some driver fire suits and helmets.

Posted: 03/26/2012

"Gimme two weeks and Chad Knaus and I believe I could!"
-Darrell Waltrip on believing that he could still win at Bristol with certain conditions.

Posted: 03/20/2012

"Please let everyone know I was checked and released from the care center. Just a little road rash. Will feel it in the morning."
-The Orange Cone, via Twitter (@theorangecone)

Posted: 03/12/2012

"When these guys are contending for the championship, remember, they did it on 34 races, because they were already knocked out of the first two."
-Kyle Petty, on the 48 team's ability to overcome adversity

Posted: 03/05/2012

"How many NASCAR drivers does it take to ignite a jet fuel fire? Just Juan."
-Tom L. (@Litwitom) of Cleveland, OH

Posted: 02/28/2012

"When things go wrong, I just think: It's part of the journey."
-Kenny Wallace

Posted: 02/19/2012

"If we prepare for life by living with faith in God, then we will be prepared for death when it comes."
-Robert Yates, New Hampshire, 2000, following the loss of Kenny Irwin. - Not sure why I chose this, but I saw it in an old CJ article and had been thinking about Robert Yates lately.

Posted: 02/07/2012

"Iím Donnie Allison, the guy who helped make Cale Yarborough famous."
-Donnie Allison, in his video tribute to Cale Yarborough.

Posted: 01/23/2012

"I had a handshake with the CEO of Monster Energy, but the weekend of Texas, it went away. We were good to go, but when Kyle had his issue, it all went sideways."
-Ricky Carmichael

Posted: 01/21/2012

"Happy New Year!"

Posted: 01/05/2012

"Merry Christmas to one and all!"

Posted: 12/24/2011

"Last and most important is thanks to God and all the blessings He's provided. May y'all have a happy holiday and keep Him as your reason for the season."
-Darian Grubb

Posted: 12/05/2011

"If this doesn't go down as one of the greatest championship battles in history, I don't know what will. "
-Tony Stewart, 2011 NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion

Posted: 11/20/2011

"Kyle Busch has the emotional stability of a jackrabbit on crack."
-Deb Pollard, Wind Tunnel Email

Posted: 11/13/2011

"The recent actions by Kyle Busch are not consistent with the values of M&M'S and we're very disappointed. Like you, we hold those who represent our brand to a higher standard and we have expressed our concerns directly to Joe Gibbs Racing."
-M&Ms statement via Facebook

Posted: 11/06/2011

"He better be worried, thatís all I gotta say.. He ainít gonna have an easy three weeks."
-Tony Stewart, on points leader Carl Edwards

Posted: 10/30/2011

"I would say if Trevor Bayne did not pull over and help Matt Kenseth, he woulda lost his job."
-Kenny Wallace

Posted: 10/23/2011

"Many people ask me why I always sign off 'Till we meet again.'
Because 'goodbye' is always so final.
Goodbye, Dan Wheldon."

-Marty Reid

Posted: 10/16/2011

"He should just pack it up. It's over. He's too far back."
-Carl Edwards, on Jimmie Johnson's points position

Posted: 10/09/2011

"Jimmie Johnson has got to step up so we'll quit talking about his demise. Once he steps up, runs up front, and wins that race, we'll all be back on the bandwagon again."
-Brad Daugherty, ESPN

Posted: 10/02/2011

"Dude, your cheer-leading is terrible! Actually annoying instead of helping."
-Jimmie Johnson radio comment to Chad Knaus

Posted: 09/26/2011

"Iím telliní ya, I donít wanna do it, but Iím gonna have to. And you know what Iím gonna have to do."
-Kevin Harvick, to his CC Gil Martin, aggravated at Kurt Busch

Posted: 09/19/2011

"Thatís not something you see from Jimmie Johnson every day, so I know weíre in his head."
-Kurt Busch, following Saturday night's Richmond race

Posted: 09/12/2011

"...One nation, under God, indivisible..."

Posted: 09/11/2011

"It's clear that what God wants is the Southern 500 to be run at Darlington in the afternoon, and He is punishing NASCAR for taking it away and failing to put it back. It didn't rain at Darlington."

Posted: 09/05/2011

"An awesome car, an awesome team, Penske Racing...Wow! The night race-- The BRISTOL NIGHT RACE!"
-Brad Keselowski, growing in enthusiasm the more it sunk in that he'd won

Posted: 08/28/2011

"We've just gotta make sure we
cross all our T's and dot all our lower-case J's."

-Kyle Busch

Posted: 08/22/2011

"It's just a dream come true."
-Marcos Ambrose, in Victory Lane for the first time

Posted: 08/15/2011

"Iím no hero. The guys that are heroes are the guys that died in Afghanistan this weekend, and I wanna spend time thinking about themÖ.those are the heroes. I just drive race cars for a living."
-Brad Keselowski

Posted: 08/07/2011

"I can't believe we won Indy."
-Paul Menard, on his first win at the track his father's been trying to beat for 35 years.

Posted: 08/01/2011

"Lord, I wanna thank You for my smokiní hot wife, Lisa."
-Pastor Joe Nelms

Posted: 07/24/2011

"We gotta win."
-Tony Gibson, crew chief of Ryan Newman, before the race.

Posted: 07/17/2011

"I'm sick and freaking tired of hearing Kyle Busch, 98 NASCAR wins. He's won 21 Cup races. Compare Cup to Cup, Nationwide to Nationwide, and Truck to Truck. I'm sorry; that's a Kyle Petty opinion."
--Kyle Petty, Friday afternoon qualifying at Kentucky Speedway

Posted: 07/10/2011

"We delivered a win for UPS - how 'bout that?"
-David Ragan on his first Cup win

Posted: 07/04/2011

"These guys are out of tires, out of brakes, and out of patience at this point."
-Wally Dallenbach

Posted: 06/26/2011

"Everybody at Joe Gibbs Racing, we pride ourselves on making good decisions. Now having said that, we made a bad one."
-Joe Gibbs after having illegal oil pans confiscated from all three of his team cars.

Posted: 06/19/2011

"What it takes is a team that believes in you and you believe in them, and you work together to get there."
-Jeff Gordon, winning his 84th Cup race

Posted: 06/12/2011

"I think people are gonna look 10, 15, 20 years from now and look at Jimmie Johnson and Chad and say they were maybe the best team EVER. And it took them five years to win their first championship."
-Brad Keselowski commenting on improvement with his team

Posted: 06/05/2011

"What we do is very small in respect to all the things that they do, and the things that they sacrifice, which are probably more important. The time away from their family -- what it takes to be a soldier -- what they do is far and above more important than us driving around in a circle."
-Ryan Newman

Posted: 05/29/2011

"Everybodyís pointing at him because heís wrecked every year Ė heís gotta win one of these times!"
-Kurt Busch on why his little brother was favored to win the All Star Race

Posted: 05/23/2011

"At the end the short runs helped us because it kinda got the rubber cleaned off and you could really race for about 15 laps until that yucky rubber would build up and then you couldn't really maneuver anymore."
-Matt Kenseth, winner at Dover, who you'd never guess has two children under two.

Posted: 05/15/2011

"Legends win this race. I'm not supposed to win this race. I haven't ever even had a top-five."
-Regan Smith on his first Cup series win

Posted: 05/08/2011

"A group of Navy Seals with a bunch of rifles pointed at one person can be very persuasive."
-Lt Commander Eric Greitens, US Navy Seal

Posted: 05/02/2011

"Kyle Busch has never won a race where Carl Edwards has led more than 100 laps."
-Marty Reid, during the Nationwide Series race

Posted: 04/25/2011

"I'm gonna have nightmares about kids eating free."
-Kevin Harvick after being stuck on Dave Blaney's bumper for many miles

Posted: 04/17/2011

"I'm hopped up on Pepto Bismol!"
-Carl Edwards, on how he was feeling post-race

Posted: 04/10/2011

"Heís VERY happy. So is his wife. They might BOTH get in the firesuit tonight and celebrate."
-Chris Myers, on Kevin Harvick's win

Posted: 04/03/2011

"You know who's gonna win this race? That 29 car!"
-Darrell Waltrip, with four laps to go, Kevin Harvick had just moved into third, and Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch were fighting for the win.

Posted: 03/27/2011

"I have a commitment to my sponsors, my fans, NASCAR that I won't start and park. I'm very serious about my career and my performance, and I've worked hard to prove it to everyone."
-Jennifer Jo Cobb, refusing to start a race after she was ordered to start and park her car.

Posted: 03/20/2011

"Lots of fans want to know why we have an off week after three races. Only reason I could think was we need it to get ready for Bristol!"
--Darrell Waltrip

Posted: 03/14/2011

"Buenos dias. Gracias. Mi coches muy rapido. Mucho dinero today."
-Carl Edwards, when asked if he had any comments for the Spanish race fans.

Posted: 03/06/2011

"Are you kidding me???"
-Jeff Gordon, breaking his 66-race losing streak

Posted: 02/27/2011

"Are you kidding me???"
-Trevor Bayne, Daytona 500 Winner, the youngest ever, and on his first attempt.

Posted: 02/20/2011

"I've got this vision of Mike Helton as Oliver Hardy
and Brian France as Stan Laurel.
Hardy: Another fine mess you've got us in, Stanley.
Laurel: scratching his head."

-Monte Dutton

Posted: 02/12/2011

"This is Robert Johnson, Mayor of North Wilkesboro. Howard Myers, I need your help. You need to get Tom McNeal back down to his tire shop for us to get a tire put on a Mercedes. Have him to call me. Chop chop."
-Mayor Robert L. Johnson, giving assistance to the blokes from Top Gear (the real one), when they visited North Wilkesboro Speedway for a test drive

Posted: 02/08/2011

"All I ever wanted to do was ride around in circles. I never thought it would go quite this far."
-Ken Schrader, speaking on his induction to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

Posted: 01/31/2011

"Don't half-ass snore!!! There's a punch or a kick waiting for you, so please pick a side (to snore or not) so we can call it a night."
-DeLana Harvick's tweet to her sometimes-snoring husband Kevin

Posted: 01/20/2011

"When Dale Earnhardt perished in a last-lap crash at Daytona in 2001, NASCAR lost its most popular star and its unquestioned leader in the garage. It also lost something else, something that itís never been able to recover: its swagger."
-Tom Jensen, SPEED.com

Posted: 01/04/2011

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
-Clint Bowyer, the only driver to wish us a Merry Christmas

Posted: 12/06/2010

"We went down swingin'."
-Kevin Harvick, upon finishing third in points

Posted: 11/22/2010

"Itís tough to not be happy having a point lead going into the last race, but I was sittiní pretty."
-Denny Hamlin after losing half of his points lead on Jimmie Johnson

Posted: 11/16/2010

"It all started with monkeys...and chicks with chainsaws."
-Allen Bestwick prefacing the highlights at Texas

Posted: 11/07/2010

"I like that the championship is now gonna be decided at three tracks that the drivers and the teams can control, and let the best man win."
-Denny Hamlin

Posted: 11/01/2010

"Over the years with Gordon here, wrecking the 97 and wrecking the 2 car, whether you're a Kurt fan or an ex-Rusty fan, he's wrecked the 2 car a lot here."
-Kurt Busch proving how true it is that drivers never forget.

Posted: 10/25/2010

"What's it like to thumb your nose at the establishment?"
-Kyle Petty to Bono Manion, winning crew chief for non-chaser Jamie McMurray

Posted: 10/18/2010

"I love M&Ms. I've got an extra pack here, too, if you need some."
-David Reutimann, before a pre-race interview.

Posted: 10/11/2010

"If you're running for a championship, it doesn't give you more rights than someone who comes up on a championship-running driver."
-John Darby, in response to Kyle Busch's assertion that he is somehow more important than non-chaser David Reutimann

Posted: 10/03/2010

"We are counting our toes because that's what several of the chase drivers should be doing because they shot quite of a few of them off today."
-Marty Reid, ESPN

Posted: 09/27/2010

"When a race driver -- almost any race driver -- stands on the window ledge of his car and pumps his fist, he looks very much like a Power Ranger."
-Monte Dutton

Posted: 09/19/2010

"At age 43, some of these 20 year-olds will have more opportunities. My approach to this is I've been waiting my whole life to be in this position and that's my approach. That's the way I'm going to run after it. I'm going be real aggressive."
-Jeff Burton

Posted: 09/12/2010

"He brings ethics, he brings intensity, he brings commitment that very few people can match."
-Jeff Burton, speaking of Mark Martin

Posted: 09/07/2010

"Iím shocked Ö overwhelmed. I thought I was going to cry, but I didnít. My wife would have made fun of me."
-Boris Said on his first NNS Win

Posted: 08/30/2010

"I went down to the next corner and dumped him."
-Kyle Busch after winning the NNS race by wrecking Brad Keselowski

Posted: 08/22/2010

"I was put in conflict with the flight plan of another airplane close to the ground, and I was unable to address the conflict and keep the airplane flying."
-Jack Roush, on the cause of his crash

Posted: 08/16/2010

"I guess he was just doin' his deal and I was doin' my deal.
Our deals collided."

-Boris Said on his wreck with Tony Stewart

Posted: 08/09/2010

"That was probably one of the most violent crashes I've seen in over forty years of racing."
-Tim Brewer, on Elliott Sadler's Pocono crash

Posted: 08/01/2010

"I wake up every morning and I pray, and I pray for a lot of things, like health and my family and everything I have. And at the beginning of the year, I was like, 'Lord, I would like to win two races. If I could win two races this year, that would be unbelievable.' And to get it to be the Daytona 500 and the Brickyard 400, I feel like I've truly been blessed."
-Jamie McMurray

Posted: 07/27/2010

"I use the old Mark Martin rule. Had Mark Martin been running second going into turn one and he was Brad Keselowski, Mark might have ended up finishing second in that race, but nobody wrecks. If Mark Martin is Carl Edwards coming off of turn four, guess what happens - Brad Keselowski may win the race and Mark Martin might finish second, but there's not a bunch of cars piled up there at the start/finish line."
-Randy Pemberton, SPEED Analyst, on how it takes two.

Posted: 07/19/2010

"No rain tonight! We earned this one, and no one gave it to us!"
-David Reutimann in Chicagoland Victory Lane

Posted: 07/13/2010

"I feel lucky. I was so worried I wasnít gonna win, because nothing but a win was good enough."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on his Wrangler #3 win at Daytona

Posted: 07/04/2010

"You have kicked their butt in a one-legged butt-kickiní competition!"
-Kyle Petty to Denny Hamlin

Posted: 06/29/2010

"Iím just gonna go home and see my wife and kids, and give Ďem a hug."
-Marcos Ambrose after his own mistake cost him a win.

Posted: 06/22/2010

"I knew that debris caution was comin', but y'know, we gotta do what is right for the fans, and they need to see a great race at the end."
-Denny Hamlin

Posted: 06/15/2010

"Yíknow his wife wears the firesuit in the family and tells him what to do, so itís probably not his fault."
-Joey Logano, directing his anger at Kevin Harvick's wife

Posted: 06/06/2010

"Somebody's gotta be the leader, and it ain't gonna be Kyle."
-Denny Hamlin on his position compared to JGR teammate Kyle Busch

Posted: 06/01/2010

"God, thank You for this day. Thank You for everything You give us. Thank You for dying on the cross. And please help everybody and their family to be good. And I pray for the racecar drivers, Kyle, Denny, and Joey, the most, to win the most and to win a lot. And I pray for the other drivers to win sometimes. And I pray for the people in the hospital; I donít want them to get sick. And I pray for my Momís carnival. She still has to plan a little bittle. And Iím so glad for sunshine. Amen."
-Taylor Gibbs, 5 years old, giving the invocation for the All Star Race

Posted: 05/24/2010

"Have you heard a clank behind you lately?"
-Darrell Waltrip to Jimmie Johnson, wondering if JJ still had his golden horseshoe

Posted: 05/18/2010

"Nothin' like 33 midgets going green in eleven rows of three."
-Bob Varsha on SPEED Report talking about USAC, not a crowd of environmentally-aware little people.

Posted: 05/10/2010

"Surely, SURELY he can close the deal tonight."
-Darrell Waltrip, on Jeff Gordon (who ultimately finished second)

Posted: 05/03/2010

"I'm not gonna give The Stig a ticket.
I don't know what would happen to me if I did."

-The coolest cop in Omaha, after reading the shirt of the guy he pulled over.
Click to see who it was!

Posted: 04/24/2010

"Iím pretty disappointed in how he was racing me today, but weíll get to the bottom of it and sort it out. Thereís no need to play it out in the press. Weíll get it taken care of at the shop during the week and then come back to the next race and do it again."
-Jimmie Johnson in response to hearing Jeff Gordon was disappointed

Posted: 04/20/2010

"He told me he loved me; I told him I loved him back."
-Ryan Newman on his Victory Lane conversation with team owner Tony Stewart

Posted: 04/12/2010

"Surgery will have to wait."
--Mike Joy, on Denny Hamlin's delayed knee surgery, put off because of his win at Martinsville

Posted: 03/29/2010

"It's been nine years to finally figure this place out."
-Jimmie Johnson after his first Bristol win

Posted: 03/22/2010

"I still can't understand why that Sauber team doesn't have some sponsorship on the flanks of that car."
"Perhaps they haven't got a sponsor. Have you thought of that?"

-Bob Varsha and David Hobbs, F1 on SPEED

Posted: 03/15/2010

"My options: Considering that Brad wrecks me with no regard for anyone's safety or hard work, should I: A-Keep letting him wreck me? B-Confront him after the race? C-Wait til Bristol and collect other cars? or D-Take care of it now? I want to be clear that I was surprised at his flight and very relieved when he walked away. Every person has to decide what code they want to live by and hopefully this explains mine."
-Carl Edwards

Posted: 03/08/2010

"This is the only sport where, two minutes ago you were out there runnin' 190 miles an hour. Next thing you know, you've got a microphone jammed in front of your face and they're like, 'What the crap happened to YOU, dude?'"
-Kyle Petty on Juan Pablo's harsh words about teammate Jamie McMurray

Posted: 02/28/2010

"I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me."
-Carol Einarsson to a cherished friend

Posted: 02/23/2010

"You look at him and you see 12 year old. You hear him talk, and you see Professor."
-Kyle Petty, on the maturity of Joey Logano

Posted: 02/15/2010

"Is this the ARCA 200 or the Danica 200? No offense, but geez. There are other drivers and sponsors that need coverage as well."
-Kyle Busch, exibiting first signs of jealousy

Posted: 02/06/2010

"Whether it's a nationwide program or community program, everybody's very depreciative of it and being a race car driver helps bring resemblance to that."
-Kurt Busch on his involvement with charities

Posted: 01/18/2010

"RIP Sugar.
God brought you to us and you lived His purpose with grace and loyalty.
We'll miss you always."

-Carol and Colby

Posted: 01/12/2010

"That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."
-Linus Van Pelt

Posted: 12/24/2009

"And there were in the same country shepherds, abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them! And they were sore afraid ... And the angel said unto them, "Fear not! For, behold, I bring you tidings o great joy, which shall be to all my people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ, the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger." And suddenly, there was with the angel a multitude of the Heavenly Host praising God, and saying, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth peace, and good will toward men."

"That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

-Linus Van Pelt

Posted: 12/21/2009

"My father, he gave me a hell of a gift in popularity, so my job has been to try to be an asset to the sport and to maintain that gift and itís integrity; the name that my father has built, the Earnhardt name, and the respect that it has."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on accepting the Most Popular Driver Award.

Posted: 12/07/2009

"A lot of people were kind enough to say thank you for the 25 years of racing my car in circles, and I appreciate that."
-Michael Waltrip, on finishing his last full-time season

Posted: 11/24/2009

"There's a lotta guys that have a lotta chips that they're gonna cash in. I'm just gonna be the first to the pay window."
-Denny Hamlin on his promise to pay back Brad Keselowski in the Nationwide race

Posted: 11/16/2009

"I've come to learn I'm no Dale Earnhardt. My record don't stand up against his. Just doesn't."
-Mark Martin, maybe feeling another championship slipping away

Posted: 11/09/2009

"I don't understand why the news channels don't talk about how good the racing was."
-Jimmy Spencer on the Talladega news coverage

Posted: 11/02/2009

"We're gonna go there and race like there ain't no WAY we can wreck!"
-Mark Martin, on his attitude going into Talladega

Posted: 10/25/2009

"From a PR standpoint, they don't want five people underground
- who they gonna interview?"

-Richard Petty,
on why more of NASCAR's foundational drivers weren't included in the inaugural HOF class

Posted: 10/19/2009

"Great news for Pres Obama. He watched football all weekend and tomorrow he will receive the Heisman trophy. Next week he's going to watch NASCAR. Move over, Jimmie Johnson!"
-Michael Waltrip via Twitter

Posted: 10/12/2009

"We lost one child and we gained ten thousand children."
-Kyle Petty, on Adam's legacy.

Posted: 10/06/2009

"I remember being stopped there and lookin' at that thing flippin', and flippin', and flippin', and flippin."
-Robby Gordon describing Joey Logano's violent wreck

Posted: 09/28/2009

"Pinch me!"
-Mark Martin, wondering if he's dreaming

Posted: 09/21/2009

"Yeah we can win the championship, that's why we're here!"
-Carl Edwards answering a ridiculous post-race question

Posted: 09/15/2009

"Never forget those who were lost; never forget those who still grieve."

Posted: 09/11/2009

"Those stories are true. Itís a dangerous, dangerous sport, Iím here to tell you."
-Carl Edwards, talking about his ugly Frisbee accident

Posted: 09/07/2009

"I just made one mistake and it cost me the race."
-Marcos Ambrose, after losing again in Canada

Posted: 08/31/2009

"Jimmie who?"
-Marcos Ambrose, after passing the 48 at Bristol

Posted: 08/24/2009

"Did you try to kill me?"
-Mark Martin, asking his crew chief about the loose car

Posted: 08/17/2009

"As long as the team will have me, I'll drive for 'em."
-Marcos Ambrose

Posted: 08/13/2009

"The 7 car is in the penalty box for attempting to be aggressive."
-Jerry Punch

Posted: 08/04/2009

"Thank you, NASCAR, for screwing my day."
-Juan Pablo Montoya

Posted: 07/26/2009

"Your butt never lies. Iíll second guess my crew chief. Iíll second guess the tire guy. Iíll second guess everybody, but I wonít second guess my butt."
-Wally Dallenbach, Jr.

Posted: 07/07/2009

"Whatever you do, donít walk away from your race car!"
-David Reutimann to eventual race winner Joey Logano

Posted: 06/30/2009

"He was a granny shuffler."
-Marcos Ambrose on mentoring David Reutimann

Posted: 06/22/2009

"Evil loose on entry; evil, evil, evil loose."
-David Reutimann

Posted: 06/16/2009

"Itís like raising a child. You start out with nothing and you finish it and you hope people will take care of it. And it was stunning, absolutely stunning, to see that thing destroyed within seconds of him getting it. This is much more than just a guitar somebody plays at a concert and beats the hell out of when theyíre done. It symbolizes something much bigger; much greater Ė and thatís the part I donít think he thought all the way through."
-Sam Bass, on Kyle Busch's disrespect and destruction

Posted: 06/09/2009

"I understand the mentality behind smashing the guitar because rock stars do it. Sorry. He's not a rock star."
-Kyle Petty

Posted: 06/08/2009

"Two milestones today in NASCAR for Tony Stewart: For the first time you've led the points before race 21 and it's been 556 races since an owner/driver last led the championship standings."
-Matt Yocum

Posted: 06/02/2009

"I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day. I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it. We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did."
-Benjamin Harrison

Posted: 05/25/2009

"Things alter for the worse spontaneously,
if they be not altered for the better designedly."

-Francis Bacon

Posted: 05/16/2009

"She was just reminding me about potty training. We've come a long way and that's what we're talkin' about. 34 years old, Mothers Day, and it's my potty training deal. "
-Elliott Sadler explaining what he and Mom were discussing when approached for a SPEED interview

Posted: 05/11/2009

"Worst of all, you've got Ward Burton. He took off his booties and threw that at the race car. Not the man; the race car. And Ward, whatever you do, never throw your booties."
-Bootie Barker on some of the things thrown in the heat of a short-track-race moment

Posted: 05/05/2009

"We'll race this way till we kill somebody; then we'll change it. "
-Carl Edwards

Posted: 04/26/2009

"Carl is always sorry, so I'm sure I've got that going for me. "
-Michael Waltrip after being wrecked by Carl Edwards in the Nationwide Race

Posted: 04/18/2009

"Some people might say it's a pity it finished under the safety car, but I don't care. I won the race today! "
-Jenson Button, Australian Grand Prix Winner

Posted: 03/30/2009

"Shalom and Amen. "
-Rev. Hal Marchman, RIP

Posted: 03/19/2009

"If my wheel comes off and I hit the fence real hard, I get to whack every damn one of you with a hammer. "
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Posted: 03/09/2009

"You're lookin' down at the bacon; the pig's committed now. "
-Larry McReynolds

Posted: 03/02/2009

"Aside from wrecking Vickers and the field, I don't think I was that aggressive. "
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in an interview about his driving in the Daytona 500

Posted: 02/23/2009

"If you can't pass 'em before they get goin' fast, how you gonna pass 'em later? "
-Ken Schrader, on the merits of passing on a restart

Posted: 02/10/2009

"Some of the big events I've been to have been big! "
-Rusty Wallace at the Barrett-Jackson Auction

Posted: 01/19/2009

"Children come out of the womb faster than that. "
-Jeremy Clarkson commenting on James May's top speed in a 1972 Rolls Royce Corniche during a car test on Top Gear

Posted: 01/12/2009

"An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. "
-Luke 2:9-12

Posted: 12/23/2008

"How old are you now, Kyle? 19? 20? 23? Twenty-Three. You just act 18 sometimes."
-Rick Hendrick to Kyle Busch at the 2008 Banquet

Posted: 12/08/2008

"Thanksgiving is a time of quiet reflection; an annual reminder that God has, again, been ever so faithful. The solid and simple things of life are brought into clear focus. "
-Charles R Swindoll

Posted: 11/22/2008

" My wife kept tellin' me, 'God's already got it planned; it's all set; it's gonna be what it's gonna be.' "
-Johnny Benson, 2008 Craftsman Truck Series Champion

Posted: 11/17/2008

"Jimmie Johnson is putting a whoopin' on everybody! "
-Kurt Busch

Posted: 11/10/2008

"It was a real frog-swallower when it happened. "
-David Hobbs, commenting on the unexpected cloudburst that happened just before the start of the F1 race in Brazil

Posted: 11/03/2008

"Racin' at Martinsville is kinda like being head of the daycare. "
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Posted: 10/20/2008

"It's our job to put ourselves in position and go to Homestead with a chance. "
-Jeff Burton

Posted: 10/13/2008

"As you sit up there on that box with your Coca-Cola-drinkin' butt sittin' there, probably got a fan on you, and the driver's workin' his tail off... "
-Dale Jarrett's response to how he'd react if a crew chief told him to Shut up and drive.

Posted: 09/29/2008

"It's a bad deal for him, but those things happen. "
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. commenting on Kyle Busch's spin

Posted: 09/08/2008

"It's a fast track; it's a fun track. It's not conducive to the best racing... But the event, the spectacle; all the stars that are there; the fan zone; everything at California Speedway is perfect for a great big race! And then they line up and take off and people are goin', śOkay, how come that one guy is leavin' everybody else behind?' "
-Michael Waltrip

Posted: 09/01/2008

"It's fixed! "
-a different Bill, with a hope and a prayer

Posted: 08/25/2008

"The 43 of Bob Blaney involved! "
-Dr. Jerry Punch keeping fans informed as the big wreck unfolded

Posted: 08/12/2008

"You gotta blow on his toes! "
-Steve Byrnes to Larry Mac after the on-air toenail-painting of Jeff Hammond on Trackside

Posted: 08/06/2008

"How 'bout tryin' a different girlfriend? "
-Kevin Harvick in the Tylenol call-in show commercial

Posted: 07/28/2008

"I can't actually see Benson anywhere; he usually tries to hide, and right now he's probably doing that in the loo. "
-Peter Windsor looking for pre-race interviews

Posted: 07/22/2008

" Everybody in this sport should walk up to the King at least once and say 'Thank you', because if it wasn't for Richard Petty, we wouldn't be racing today. "
-Bill Weber quoting the late Benny Parsons

Posted: 07/14/2008

"When you get a guy down, you just wanna stand on his neck and not let 'im back up. They know if they let Tony Stewart breathe again, he's gonna be a factor in the race. "
-Kyle Petty

Posted: 07/07/2008

"It was so loud I couldn't even hear my own voice as I cried out to God to save me. "
-Rebecca, describing surviving the June 27th Omaha storm

Posted: 06/30/2008

"I was just gonna say I hope somebody sent an ambulance down to Marty. "
-Wally Dallenbach commenting on Marty Snider's rough post-race interview with Tony Stewart

Posted: 06/23/2008

"I have to be grateful to Lewis as he chose Kimi and not myself. "
-Robert Kubica, F1 Winner, on sitting next to Kimi at a red light and hearing Hamilton's collision

Posted: 06/10/2008

"May the green flag wave softly on you today, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. "
-Humpy Wheeler

Posted: 05/26/2008

"You always hear about people loving to get up every day because they love to go do their job, and that's the way I was. "
-Dale Jarrett, reflecting on his racing career

Posted: 05/23/2008

"They don't give a trophy for best-lookin' mom, but I think I got that one this weekend. "
-Carl Edwards

Posted: 05/10/2008

"I was furious with the Shrub.And that is way too nice of a word for him.He has now become a weed. "
-Bonny, an angered race fan

Posted: 05/05/2008

"I'm gonna drive until my buddies can't lift me in the car, and I'll get some younger buddies if I need to. "
-Ken Schrader

Posted: 04/28/2008

"NASCAR doesn't like having to fix something that they were in charge of changing in the first place. "
-Darrell Waltrip about the COT

Posted: 04/23/2008

"No lie can live forever. "
-Ben Stein in Expelled

Posted: 04/19/2008

"Oh, it'll stop smoking eventually. "
-Mike Joy assessing Martin Truex's engine issues

Posted: 04/08/2008

"Y'know, doves mate for life. "
-Darrell Waltrip

Posted: 03/17/2008

"Thank goodness we've got cold weather to cover up for Goodyear's incompetence. "
-Tony Stewart

Posted: 03/11/2008

"Bruton, you need soft wall and to change the wall back there on the back straightaway. "
-Jeff Gordon

Posted: 03/02/2008

"I'm bloody freezin'! "
-Dario Franchitti in the Fontana rain

Posted: 02/26/2008

"It's like a big ol' accordion - It stretches out, and it sucks back in, and it's whistlin' all the time! "
-Darrell Waltrip, speaking of the racing pack at Daytona

Posted: 02/10/2008

"Declining TV ratings in any sport is not a good sign. "
-Darrell Waltrip

Posted: 01/15/2008

"Man gets heater for pig -- pig starts fire "
-CNN.com Headline

Posted: 01/05/2008

"And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ[a] the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. "
-Luke 2:8-12

Posted: 12/19/2007

"I guess it's my turn. No one's left. "
-Jimmie Johnson looking around the stage after Brian France's strange departure

Posted: 12/04/2007

"Are you paying attention? "
-Kenny Wallace to Brian France

Posted: 11/20/2007

"I finally crashed. I drove like an idiot all day. "
-Kasey Kahne

Posted: 11/13/2007

"Sit back and enjoy as The Chase gets underway. "
-Jerry Punch introducing not the first, but the eighth race in The Chase

Posted: 11/06/2007

"I hope Dale's all right. "
-Carl Edwards after Dale Earnhardt, Jr's nasty wreck

Posted: 10/29/2007

"It was an awkward situation. "
-Bob Dilner describing Carl Edwards' hi-jacking of his interview with Matt Kenseth that included captured video footage of Edwards' harrassment and battery of Kenseth.

Posted: 10/23/2007

"All it means is every time Lewis is quicker than Fernando, Fernando just puts up his hands and says, Agh! They must be favoring Lewis! It's impossible that the great Fernando Alonso can be slower than Lewis Hamilton!' And of course, the reality is that Lewis has done a better job this year. He's better organized and he's a faster driver. "
-Peter Windsor, SPEED F1 Reporter on the constant complaining by Fernando Alonso that has led to the Spanish Motorsport Federation's request that the FIA send a special scrutineer to the final race just to make sure that poor Fernando isn't slighted by his team in order to ensure rookie Lewis Hamilton wins the Championship.

Posted: 10/15/2007

"Naw, just needs a little paint. "
-Dale Earnhardt responding to Dan Hughes' suggestion that we shave a #3 in the side of Earnhardt the cat, after holding up her picture for all to see on QVC's For Race Fans Only.

Posted: 10/09/2007

"That's your winner right there. "
-Jimmie Johnson pointing to Clint Bowyer, after NASCAR's call to give the win to Greg Biffle

Posted: 10/01/2007

"I guess it's my fault because I watched the Busch race and they said he was sick so I guess whatever medicine he's taking makes him hallucinate because he needs three lanes to get around somebody on the race track. "
-Kyle Petty, regarding the run-in with Denny Hamlin

Posted: 09/24/2007

"Experience is low; confidence is high. "
-Bob Varsha describing GP2 racing

Posted: 09/18/2007

"I tell ya, this is the time of the race where it just makes me wanna tear my fingernails out. "
-Rusty Wallace, at the restart of the Busch race at Richmond, 12 laps to go. We're excited, but next week is the start of ten weeks of hell, and we're gonna have to put in ten good ones and hopefully be a champion.

Posted: 09/10/2007

"If we're gonna bill ourselves as the most exciting, fastest growing sport in America, by God, we oughtta sell out everywhere we go. And if we don't sell out places like this, then we should go somewhere where we do sell out places."

Posted: 09/02/2007

"Your brain is smashed up against your skull "
-Jeff Burton, driver of the AT&T Chevrolet, describing Bristol

Posted: 08/28/2007

"It's Tuesday, let's go home! "
->Rusty Wallace, at the conclusion of Michigan's Race

Posted: 08/21/2007

"Let's see if they're gonna fight! I wanna see this! "
-Rusty Wallace

Posted: 08/14/2007

"What I have to do from here is I have to do the best I can to carry on. "
-Bobby Allison

Posted: 08/06/2007

"I don't think you let anything on the track affect your relationship off the race track. "
-Kevin Harvick, speaking about his friend Tony Stewart

Posted: 08/03/2007

"Fire up a colortini, sit back, relax, and watch the pictures, now, as they fly through the air. "
-Tom Snyder May 12, 1936 - July 29, 2007

Posted: 07/31/2007

"I'll bean Hammond in a heartbeat. "
-Elliott Sadler, jokingly, just a moment before he actually (and accidentally) nailed Jeff Hammond in the head with a baseball.

Posted: 07/16/2007

"If the pole sitter doesn't get to race because they start by points, that's just bad luck. "
-Boris Said

Posted: 07/11/2007

"It's not a curse; we still finished 13th. "
-Carl Edwards

Posted: 07/02/2007

"I did it my way, and I think I did good at it. "
-Junior Johnson

Posted: 06/25/2007

"Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage which we did not take, towards the door we never opened, into the rose-garden."
-T. S. Eliot

Posted: 06/22/2007

"I think a lot of people in the grandstands might have wanted the top two cars to run out of fuel... "
-Bob Dillner to Kyle Petty after his 3rd place finish

Posted: 05/29/2007

"I'm not eating any Kellogg's any time soon. "
-Kurt Busch

Posted: 05/22/2007

"My mom, the first thing she would tell me is that you gotta look at God first before you start worrying about racing. "
-Scott Riggs

Posted: 05/15/2007

"Like myself, he might be better if he stepped on a rusty nail and had lockjaw for about a week. "
-Barney Hall, speaking of Tony Stewart

Posted: 05/07/2007

"It's a little tender for me to sit down right now. "
-Tony Stewart after his 6AM meeting with NASCAR

Posted: 05/01/2007

"Let not your heart be troubled, Believe in God and also in Me. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Said the Man from Galilee. I go to prepare a place for you. Believe and you will see That when I am through, I'll come back for you. So that you may be where I am, too. Forever, you and me. "
-B.C. by Johnny Hart Feb 18, 1931 -- Apr 7, 2007

Posted: 04/10/2007

"The angel said to the women, Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples: 'He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.' Now I have told you. "
-Matthew 28:5-7

Posted: 04/05/2007

"I think there's an issue there that nobody wanted to live up to, but it sounds like they'll have to after today. "
-Darrell Waltrip on the burning foam that NASCAR denied was possible

Posted: 04/03/2007

"This is something NASCAR has given us back because there was no other way they could stop us. "
-Bootie Barker on the return of bump stops

Posted: 03/26/2007

"Snowboarding is like driving a car. When things are all right, you're on it. But when things go wrong, it goes really, really bad really fast. "
-Juan Pablo Montoya

Posted: 03/19/2007

"You can't go in there and bonsai a damn race car when you got eight others all bunched up like that. Y'know, Robby's a good, talented race car driver -- just when you put that box over your head, you can't suffocate yourself. "
-Ward Burton

Posted: 03/15/2007

"We crashed because Robby Gordon put us three wide on a track that only has two grooves. "
-Casey Mears

Posted: 03/12/2007

"Of all the people to take you out, your teammate. That was just no-good, low, nasty, dirty drivin'. "
-Scott Pruett, on Juan Pablo Montoya's winning tactics in Mexico

Posted: 03/05/2007

"I wanna thank all the fans out there for all the encouragement this week. It means more to me than any hardware. "
-Mark Martin

Posted: 02/27/2007

"We were ahead, man, I was waitin' for 'em to throw the yellow. "
-Mark Martin

Posted: 02/19/2007

"Fair is fair; all love is war. "
-Kyle Busch, Bud Shootout post race interview

Posted: 02/10/2007

"I'm starting near the back, but it looks GOOD if you start in the back and come to the front. "
-Elliott Sadler, on his starting position in the Bud Shootout

Posted: 02/09/2007

"Oh, what a basket of junk. It drives like a station wagon, an old station wagon, like an old Oldsmobile station wagon, green with wood panel trim on the sides. "
-Tony Stewart on his radio show, speaking of the COT

Posted: 02/03/2007

"Channeling the Queen? "
-Bob Varsha to David Hobbs, Rolex 24-Hours at Daytona

Posted: 01/28/2007

"Everybody talked about what a great race car driver he was, but I wanted to tell them he was a great grandpa, too. "
-Emily Parsons, 6 years old

Posted: 01/24/2007

"He was part Elvis, part Santa Claus and part comedian. "
-Matt Yocum describing his friend Benny Parsons

Posted: 01/20/2007

"Benny was the kind of guy you just wanted to walk up to and give a hug. You wanted to hug him because he was just that way - a humble man who had a gentle spirit. "
-Darrell Waltrip

Posted: 01/18/2007

"It seems the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. "
-Bill Graham

Posted: 01/12/2007

"We don't know yet when he'll be discharged, but the worst of everything is over. "
-Mrs a different Bill

Posted: 01/07/2007

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. "
-Benjamin Franklin

Posted: 12/31/2006

"God Bless Us, Everyone. "
-Tiny Tim

Posted: 12/23/2006

"Some people's minds are so dirty that they ought to plant potatoes and get some use out of them. "
-Mary Beth Voelker

Posted: 12/19/2006

"After 22 years, you're still the hottest thing in the garage to me. "
-Mark Martin to his wife showing one of the many reasons why the above quote is so true.

Posted: 12/15/2006

"You may not have that trophy, buddy, but you are such a champion, and everybody in this room and everybody in this sport knows it. -- "
-Jimmie Johnson, to Mark Martin

Posted: 12/10/2006

"The thing you want to be able to do is to be well-liked when you retire. I know right now I'm not close to retiring, and I'm not close to being liked. "
-Kyle Busch, as quoted in the Las Vegas Sun

Posted: 11/26/2006

"..'89, brother, '89! 'No you're not!' 'No you're not!!' When it was all said and done, who was sittin' in Victory Lane? WE were! "
-Jeff Hammond to Darrell Waltrip on NASCAR Live Sunday morning, recounting their radio conversation

Posted: 11/21/2006

"Needless to say, I'll be buying my Irwin Tools at Lowe's. "
-Jamie McMurray, after being wrecked by Tony Stewart

Posted: 11/14/2006

"He is what a race car driver should be. He is everything that -- If you could have a son and say, 'This is who I want you to emulate,' Terry Labonte is the guy you would want. Quiet, focused, great family guy, but loves the sport more than anything else. I think his legacy will be here for a long, long time. He was a true Champion. "
-Kyle Petty, when asked what Terry Labonte has meant to him.

Posted: 11/06/2006

"I just told you! I ran over you! Now get outta here! "
-Kasey Kahne answering David Stremme's question about why Kasey wrecked him

Posted: 10/31/2006

"You'd think David Ragan would be dizzy by now. -"
-Wally Dallenbach during The Subway 500 at Martinsville, after David Ragan had contributed to eight different cautions between the Truck race on Saturday and the Cup race on Sunday.

Posted: 10/22/2006

"The bad thing about pickin' on a guy in a wheelchair is, if I whip you, you got beat by a guy in a wheelchair. If you beat ME, you STILL only beat a guy in a wheelchair! - "
-Bootie Barker to Jimmy Spencer on SPEED's Victory Lane

Posted: 10/15/2006

"I'm all for the fact that diversity is happening in our sport. I think it's fantastic, but there's NO WAY there's 10% of the fans are Hispanic, Michael! C'mon! Look at this audience! At Homestead Miami there might be 10% of the people on the grounds that are Hispanic, and most of 'em are workin' at the race track. They're not sitting in the grandstand! -"
-Ray Dunlap on Tradin' Paint

Posted: 10/08/2006

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