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-David Poole

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2016 Champion
Jimmie Johnson

2016 Race Winners

Denny Hamlin (2)
Jimmie Johnson (2)
Brad Keselowski (4)
Kevin Harvick (2)
Kyle Busch (4)
Carl Edwards (2)
Matt Kenseth (2)
Martin Truex (2)
Kurt Busch
Joey Logano
Tony Stewart
Chris Buescher
Kyle Larson

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Previous Poll Voting Results

Kyle Busch dominates Xfinity class racing, gaining more practice time when he races on Saturday, but does it hurt his results at the Cup level?


Jimmie is now tied in sixth for all-time wins. I think we all agree nobody will ever top King Richard's 200, but how far to do you think Jimmie will get?

2nd, passing David Pearson's 105:0%
3rd, passing Jeff Gordon's 93:20%
4th, passing Bobby Allison and DW's 84:60%
5th, tying Cale Yarborough's 83:20%

Tony Stewart shocked the racing world when he announced SHR will move from Chevy to Ford in 2017. Good idea or bad? Will this change whether or not you root for Stewart-Haas Racing drivers?

Good idea, won't change my allegiance:40%
Bad idea, won't change my allegiance:47%
Good idea, my support ends here:0%
Bad idea, my support ends here.:13%

To what do you attribute the low attendance at Bristol on Sunday?

100% Chance of Rain Forecast:50%
High Ticket/Hotel Prices:15%
Quality of Racing at Bristol:0%
Diminishing interest in NASCAR:35%
Something else:0%

Junior's and Harvick are in. Who do you think will be the next winner?

Matt Kenseth:30%
Tony Stewart:0%
Carl Edwards:30%
Jimmie Johnson:30%
Kyle Busch:0%
Someone else:10%

Did you watch the whole Daytona 500?

Yes, even through the rain delay!:60%
Only part of it:40%

Who's going to win the championship?

Matt Kenseth:50%
Jimmie Johnson:50%
Someone Else:0%

Did you stay up to watch the end of the rain-delayed race from Chicagoland?


Did NASCAR make the right call to black flag Jimmie Johnson on the final restart?

Yes. He jumped the start.:71%
No. JPM didn't go when he should have.:29%

When should NASCAR have called the race at Talladega?

When it started raining after half-way:25%
With 10 to go when it was too dark:17%
After the big wreck, instead of GWC:0%
Never! It was a good decision to go the distance!:58%

Rate the Richmond race on a scale of 1-5, with five being fantastic.


Should NASCAR disallow race (or team) sponsors that are gun-related?


Post-race squabbles are now hashed out in Twitterland. Joey says, 'Hey @dennyhamlin great job protecting that genius brain of yours by keeping your helmet on.' Denny responds (to fans) 'Last time I checked he had my cell and direct message button to choose from if he's got a problem.. Otherwise hush little child.' If you had to identify yourself on one side or the other, whose team are you on?

Team Denny:42%
Team Joey:58%

How do you feel NOW about the Gen6 car?

Don't like it; not enough passing:0%
I think it's fine, the teams just need time:13%
Still too soon to tell:88%

Should Denny Hamlin just pay the fine, or stand up to NASCAR by challenging them to suspend him?

Just pay it:0%
Stand up to them:100%

Was Daytona racing all that you'd wanted it to be?

Yes! Great Race:48%
No; I was disappointed:48%
I didn't watch:4%

What should have happened on the last lap?

NASCAR should have thrown the caution:75%
Danica should have pitted, no caution:15%
Exactly what did happen, no caution:10%

Should Texas really have two races a year?


Who'll win the championship?

Jimmie Johnson:55%
Brad Keselowski:40%
Clint Bowyer:5%
Someone Else:0%

It probably goes without saying that you prefer the NEW Kansas to the old, so I won't ask that. Rather, what surprised you most about Sunday's race?

The number of wrecks:54%
The second groove:4%
Green flag finish:4%
Matt Kenseth won:0%
Jimmie backed into the wall, finished 9th:38%

Brad's leading, Jimmie's just seven points behind, and Denny's only 15 points back from the leader. So how far back in the points can a driver be at this point and still have a chance?

60 points back - Gordon and Stewart are still in it:0%
Less than 60 - Truex is the last one with a chance:0%
43 points is a stretch, but Biffle still has a chance:14%
35 points is doable, Kasey's got a chance:14%
28 points is nothing. Bowyer can do it:36%
Only the top three are really still in it.:29%
Points Schmoints, Jimmie's gonna win.:7%

There are folks that will call that a FANTASTIC race. Others will call it a travesty and an example of how unlike "real racing" NASCAR has become. It seems there's no middle ground when it comes to restrictor plate madness. What say you?

Loved it!:41%
Hated it!:59%

Do you think NASCAR should keep two races at New Hampshire, or would you rather see another track with a second date?

Keep two races at NH:14%
Once a year is enough:86%

If you had to choose only between HMS winning the championship this year (Jimmie or anyone else at Hendrick) and NOT an HMS driver, who do you think will win the championship?

HMS will win:55%
Someone else will win:45%

Early prediction -- Who's going to win the Championship?

Denny Hamlin:9%
Jimmie Johnson:18%
Tony Stewart:12%
Brad Keselowski:9%
Greg Biffle:15%
Clint Bowyer:3%
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.:12%
Matt Kenseth:0%
Kevin Harvick:3%
Martin Truex, Jr.:3%
Kasey Kahne:0%
Jeff Gordon:15%

With just one race left, Kasey Kahne is assured a wild-card spot. There are five other drivers with one win each. Who do you think will get that second wild card? Will one of them win Richmond, or will someone else win, and the wild-card will go to a tie-breaker among the single-win drivers?

Kyle Busch:14%
Jeff Gordon:57%
Marcos Ambrose:14%
Ryan Newman:7%
Joey Logano:7%

What was the best helmet-throw in NASCAR's (modern-era) history?

1993 - Dale Jarrett at Bobby Hillin:15%
2002 - Elliott Sadler at Ryan Newman:27%
2005 - Robby Gordon at Michael Waltrip:9%
2012 - Tony Stewart at Matt Kenseth:48%
None of the above:0%

Should NASCAR have thrown a caution on the last lap at Watkins Glen?


Did NASCAR make the wrong call on Elliott Sadler Saturday night?


Biggest story of the weekend?

Kurt Busch won a Nationwide Race:4%
AJ Allmendinger Suspended for Dirty Drug Test:85%
Lots of Action at Daytona!:11%
Something Else:0%

Even before his Michigan win, Dale Jr was having a solid, consistent year. Do you think this year will be the year he wins a Championship?


Should NASCAR reveal to teams where the timing lines are on pit road?


What, if anything, should NASCAR do to Kurt Busch after his threatening outburst at Dover, again directed at the media?

Points Penalty:0%
Monetary Fine:0%
Points AND Fine:12%

What was the best race you watched over Memorial Day Weekend?

World of Outlaws Sprint Cars:5%
Formula 1 from Monaco:0%
Indianapolis 500:86%
Coca Cola 600:9%

Do you think NASCAR would be better off if they scrapped the points system and just gave the winner a million dollars, and everyone else nominal (to cover costs) payouts?


Did NASCAR create the engine woes at Talladega, or did the teams that had temperature issues just fail to manage their own driving style to compensate? In other words, were the problems caused by NASCAR or the teams/drivers?

NASCAR's fault:68%

After all of the late-race blunders, who do you think really SHOULD have won the race on Saturday night?

Carl Edwards:35%
Tony Stewart:42%
Kyle Busch:23%

What will happen first?

Denny Hamlin will get 200th win for Car #11:44%
Hendrick Motorsports will get 200th win:56%

In Reutimann's position, being told by your crew chief to stay out to try and finish, versus wanting to pull in the pits, what would YOU have done?

I'd have done as I was told, knowing I was lucky to have a ride.:83%
I'd have pitted against orders.:8%
I don't know:8%

If the rain had not shortened the race in Fontana, who do you think would have won?

Tony Stewart would have won anyway:74%
Denny Hamlin would have won:0%
Someone else:26%

Should NASCAR have penalized Matt Kenseth for jumping the restart with Brad Keselowski?


Do you think Chad and HMS will win or lose their appeal?


It looks like it'll be a couple of weeks before the appeal is heard (and evidently there is a "super" appeal that can happen after that), but given Jimmie's 12 place climb in the points, and now sitting at 37th, do you think he will make the Chase?

Yes, of course!:68%
No, not this year.:32%

Well? Was the Daytona 500 worth the wait?

I went to bed:14%

Based on what we saw in the Bud Shootout and Sunday's qualifying, who do you think will win the Daytona 500?

Carl Edwards:0%
Greg Biffle:0%
Trevor Bayne:0%
Kyle Busch:0%
Jeff Gordon:20%
Tony Stewart:30%
Dale Earnhardt, Jr:35%
Marcos Ambrose:0%
Someone Else:15%

Now that Kurt Busch is out at Penske, who do you think will fill that empty seat?

Brian Vickers:3%
David Reutimann:25%
David Ragan:44%
Elliott Sadler:6%
Someone Else:22%

What did you do this first weekend without NASCAR?

Watched Football:16%
Watched F1:12%
Something else:48%

What was the biggest surprise in season-ending points changes after Homestead?

Tony Stewart +1 to win the championship:4%
Matt Kenseth +2 to make the top 5:0%
Jimmie Johnson -1 finishing outside top 5:26%
Jeff Gordon +3 moving from the cellar to the stage:22%
Busch brothers both on the bottom:48%

Who's gonna win it?

Carl Edwards:26%
Tony Stewart:74%

Did NASCAR do the right thing by parking Kyle Busch for the whole weekend after his aggressive wreck of Ron Hornaday under caution in the Truck Series?


I think we all agree that 50+ points simply cannot be made up in three races, so the question this week is, how far back in the points do you think it's still possible to win the championship?

3rd - Harvick (-21):22%
4th - Keselowski (-27):35%
5th - Kenseth (-36):0%
6th - Johnson (-43):16%
Only Carl and Smoke have a chance:27%

Is it right for Ford to issue team orders, forcing a driver to break his agreement to work with a non-Ford driver?

Yes. Racing is a business.:21%
No. Plate racing is unique and they should do what they need to do to get to the front.:71%

With the standings changing so much after each race, and so many still in contention for the championship, do you think NASCAR's new points system has been effective, or would you prefer it had stayed the same?

Yes, it's better:46%
No, it's no better:31%
Doesn't matter to me:23%

Has your opinion changed now? Will Jimmie Johnson win his sixth consecutive championship this year?

I don't know:8%

Who's going to win the Championship?

Kevin Harvick:31%
Carl Edwards:6%
Tony Stewart:31%
Kurt Busch:0%
Jimmie Johnson:25%
Brad Keselowski:0%
Matt Kenseth:0%
Kyle Busch:0%
Jeff Gordon:3%
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.:3%
Ryan Newman:0%
Denny Hamlin:0%

On a scale of 1-5, what is your opinion of racing at New Hampshire?

1 Dull:42%
2 Mediocre:33%
3 Average:21%
4 Good:3%
5 Great!:0%

When the NASCAR race is rain-delayed, how do you watch it?

Live on TV :34%
Later on VCR/DVR:28%
I watch online wherever I am:7%
I miss the race entirely:31%

Last year Jamie McMurray won the Daytona 500 and the Brickyard 400 and still didn't make the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. NASCAR changed the formula so that would likely not ever happen to another driver, but there are still two drivers in the Chase without a win, and drivers with a win, but left out of the Chase. Now the 12 are set. Do you think they are the right 12?


Did NASCAR make the right call to postpone until Tuesday when there's still a 60% chance of rain that day?

I don't know:22%

Which of the three races at Bristol this week was the best?

Truck race on Wednesday:83%
Nationwide race on Friday:4%
Cup race on Saturday:13%

As Tony seems to be hanging on by his fingernails, do you think he and/or Ryan Newman will make the Chase?

Tony Will, Ryan Won't:3%
Ryan Will, Tony Won't:27%
They Both Will:68%
Neither One Will:3%

Should NASCAR race in the rain?


Kurt Busch said after the race that they ought to be able to race like that "and not have a problem with it," yet Jimmie Johnson apparently had a problem with it. Do you agree more with Kurt or Jimmie?

Kurt Busch:90%
Jimmie Johnson:10%

Which was a better race in Indianapolis?

Nationwide Race at the Short Track:43%
Cup Race at the Brickyard:35%
Can't Decide:22%

How did you feed your racing fix over the off weekend?

Nationwide Race on Saturday:37%
Formula 1 Race on Sunday:0%
Nationwide AND Formula 1:42%
Just Left the TV on SPEED All Weekend:5%
Took the Weekend Off, No Racing for Me:16%

With seven races to go until the NASCAR Chase for the Championship begins, there are ten guys within 70 points of the top ten. One of them has a win. There are two other guys with a win that are less than 100 points out of the top 20 where they must be in order to get the wild card. Who’s in the top 10 now that you think will most likely not make the Chase?

Carl Edwards:0%
Jimmie Johnson:0%
Kurt Busch:0%
Kevin Harvick:0%
Kyle Busch:7%
Matt Kenseth:4%
Jeff Gordon:4%
Ryan Newman:0%
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.:59%
Denny Hamlin:26%

Scale of 1-10, what did you think of the inaugural race at Kentucky Speedway?


Team orders, good or bad?

Good. It's just one more benefit of a multi-car team, why not use it?:8%
Bad. It will only further deteriorate fan interest if they know their driver may or may not be in it to win it. Why go to a race just to see your guy on a mission to get someone else into victory lane?:73%
I don't care:14%
Team orders don't really exist:5%

What was your favorite race moment at Infineon?

Kurt Busch Winning:8%
Kasey Kahne Fixing JPM:11%
Tony's Car on the Tires:72%
Something Else:8%

Should NASCAR's penalties on the Joe Gibbs Racing teams be the same as last week or more severe since this is the second week in a row that they've failed inspection?

About the Same:11%
Less Severe:0%
No Penalty:20%

Should NASCAR have told Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch to knock it off and keep their distance during the Pocono race?

Yes. They did the right thing:21%
No. There was no contact, leave them be:72%
I don't know:7%

Good or bad that Richard Childress finally 'got his point across' to Kyle Busch?

Good! That boy's had it coming for a long time, and cost a lot of time and money to RCR:63%
Bad. NASCAR should sanction Richard Childress, maybe even suspend him from the track:18%
Neither - 'Boys, have at it' should apply to EVERYone in NASCAR:20%

Should NASCAR have thrown a caution on the GWC restart when all the cars were wrecking behind Dale Earnhardt, Jr.?

Yes. If it had been anyone else in the lead, they would have.:47%
No. It's a big track and the cars were going to be out of the way. Who cares about debris anyway?:47%
I don't know:6%

If a driver is pulled over for doing 128mph in a 45mph zone, should it matter if he is a NASCAR driver or not? Should the punishment be different? Should NASCAR be involved?

He races for a living, no penalty:9%
NASCAR should do something, same as if a guy is drinking and driving on his own time.:55%
Sponsor and Owner should be responsible for punishment.:36%

Was the All-Star Race all that you'd hoped it would be?

Yes! Great race!:23%
No. Pretty predictable.:77%
Didn't watch it:0%

Will the recent probations diminish the excitement of the All-Star Race?

Yes. Even if nothing would have happened, now we know for sure it won't.:22%
No. It's not a big deal.:78%

What was the best story out of Darlington?

Juan Pablo and Ryan Newman come to blows in the NASCAR hauler:0%
Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch post-race fireworks:23%
Regan Smith gets his first win:77%

Will we see more on-track disagreements between Ryan Newman and Juan Pablo Montoya next week in Darlington?


Should NASCAR ban Cup drivers from the Nationwide Series?


Should NASCAR have warned Kurt Busch after the second wreck he caused? And should he have had some penalty after the third time?

Warnings and Penalties Can't Fix Stupid:28%
Yes Warning, Yes Penalty:41%
Yes Warning, No Penalty:9%
It was all just a racin' deal...again and again:22%

Do you think NASCAR has ever knowingly not penalized a driver that exceeded the pit road speed?


Will Dale Jr win a race this year?

Who cares?:13%

Did 400 miles rather than 500 improve the race in California?

Yes! Shorter is better:62%
No. Same old, same old.:29%
It was better, but not because it was shorter.:10%

Was Jennifer Jo Cobb right or wrong to walk away from her car before the Saturday race at Bristol?

Right - She has a contract to RACE, not a contract to PARK:90%
Wrong - She is under contract and her boss calls the shots.:6%
No opinion:3%

Now that we're three races in and the points positions change dramatically every week, with wide swings in and out of the top twelve, do you like the new points system better than the old system?

No. I don't think it needed fixing.:31%
I don't care:35%
Yes! Great improvement!:35%

After seeing the Jeremy Mayfield interview on Race Hub, has your opinion changed regarding his drug suspension?

No. I still think he's guilty:26%
No. I still think he's innocent:16%
Yes. Now I think he's guilty:0%
Yes. Now I think he's innocent:0%
Didn't see the interview:58%

Do you like Frank Caliendo as host of the annual awards banquet?


Who's going to win the Championship?

Denny Hamlin:30%
Jimmie Johnson:42%
Kevin Harvick:27%

What was the biggest story coming out of Texas?

Kyle Busch's meltdown:3%
Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton in a fight:39%
48 pit crew pulled from the game, replaced by 24 team:52%
Jimmie's fall from first in points with two races left:6%

Do you think non-chasers are done paying back Kyle Busch for things they owe him from the first 26 races?

Yes. They'll respect his :4%
No. Drivers never forget, and he has more coming:96%

Now that the first Chase race is behind us, do you still think Jimmie Johnson can win the Championship?


Looking at the season from Daytona to Richmond, do you think "The Chase" format achieved a goal of getting the best 12 drivers this season in competition for the Championship?


Who will be the first FORD driver to break the losing streak?

David Stremme:0%
David Ragan:0%
Paul Menard:0%
Travis Kvapil:2%
Matt Kenseth:4%
David Gilliland:2%
Kevin Conway:4%
Greg Biffle:6%
A.J. Allmendinger:4%
Kasey Kahne:29%
Elliott Sadler:0%
Carl Edwards:49%


Should NASCAR keep racing in New Hampshire?

Time to dump NHMS from the schedule:25%
I don’t care one way or the other:6%
Go to NHMS just once:34%
Go to NHMS twice:22%
Yes, keep two, but make one a night race.:13%

Is NASCAR manufacturing cautions to create artificial finishes and keep viewers tuned in?

I don't know:2%

Should NASCAR's penalty be based on the result of Carl's actions or the intent of his actions?

The penalty should be for the payback:61%
The penalty should be greater because BK flipped:39%

Who was to blame in the contact between Juan Pablo Montoya and Jamie McMurray?

JPM pulled down into Jamie's line:24%
Jamie moved up into Juan Pablo's line:21%
Neither one of them; one of them racin' deals:55%

Does the domination of one team make you less interested in watching the remaining races of the year?


Many folks agree with four of the five inductees, but question the inclusion of Bill France, Jr. If you had to choose someone else to have that spot instead, who would you have chosen?

Bobby Allison:22%
Ned Jarrett:10%
Bud Moore:0%
Benny Parsons:10%
David Pearson:27%
Lee Petty:10%
Glen Wood:0%
Cale Yarborough:2%
Buck Baker:0%
Red Byron:2%
Keep Bill France, Jr:17%
Someone Else:0%

Now that there are just nine races to go, who do you think will be holding the big trophy after Homestead?

Mark Martin:43%
Jimmie Johnson:14%
Denny Hamlin:5%
J.P. Montoya:5%
Kurt Busch:0%
Tony Stewart:19%
Ryan Newman:0%
Brian Vickers:0%
Greg Biffle:0%
Jeff Gordon:10%
Carl Edwards:5%
Kasey Kahne:0%

Now that Mayfield has again tested positive for meth, has your opinion changed from what it originally was?

I thought he was clean, now I think he's a user:13%
I thought he was a user, now I think NASCAR is railroading him:6%
My opinion is unchanged: he's a user:50%
My opinion is unchanged: he's clean:31%

Jeremy Mayfield scandal: Did he take something he's not admitting, or did he get a false-positive result from the lab?

The test results are accurate:63%
The test results are incorrect:38%

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