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Quote of the Week
"On this day I do not mourn his death. I thank God he lived."
-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 18-Feb 2015

By Carol Einarsson | 02/27/2015

So here I am, contemplating how that sudden temperature drop in hell must have affected all concerned, because I'm about to write something quite surprising... in defense of Kurt Busch. Yes, really. 

Here's the thing: this has "fishy" written all over it to me, and I'll tell you why. 

In the interest of full disclosure, the plaintiff in this matter against Kurt Busch, former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll, also threatened litigation against me for defamation of character among other things. I'd written that her position with the Armed Forces Foundation was the only reason they had any sponsorship affiliation with the then-unsponsored driver who'd been relegated to the back of the field with an under-funded race team after his hot-headed temper lost him his job with a top team. My assertion is that without her, that organization would not have sought out Kurt Busch with a sponsorship offer. She took offense, threatened to sue, and demanded that I remove the article. Naturally, I refused. Curiously, I never again heard from her or her attorneys. But during the course of that threat, I sought advice from other people in the media, and words like "crazy" were used to describe Ms. Driscoll. "Ignore her," I was told. So I did. 

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By Carol Einarsson | 02/24/2015

CHEERS to the official start of the 2015 NASCAR season! 

JEERS to 14 years after losing Dale Earnhardt, and we're still having conversations about where we need SAFER barriers! Really? And Daytona of all places is still "finding" areas where they need to cover concrete walls. And the answer was as easy as tires. No big technology needed. Overnight, they solved a problem that's existed for more than a decade. And we're all supposed to applaud their quick fix?  JEERS to you, Daytona International Speedway, for sitting on your hands, and letting another driver get hurt this many years after it was made very clear what was at stake.

JEERS to suspending a driver who was neither arrested, criminally charged, nor convicted of any crime, based on the accusations of a scorned woman. Bad call, NASCAR. And one of the things on which the judge based his decision was Kurt Busch's demeanor. Did anyone on his counsel consider gathering a decade worth of TV interviews to see what his baseline "normal" demeanor is??

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By Carol Einarsson | 02/18/2015

I'll never forget.

I was staring at the TV, and I can only imagine what the look on my face was. My little boy, at the time just 9 1/2 years old, looked at me and said, "I don't know why you're so worried. It's not like he's dead."

But I already knew what he would soon learn, that tragic day. 

And I was the one that had to tell him.

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By Carol Einarsson | 02/17/2015
CHEERS to highlighting Jeff Gordon's career and comparing him to greats in other sports. Yes, drivers ARE athletes!

CHEERS to welcoming Jamie Little to the team, but JEERS to me, not even realizing the network change because I was so focused on noticing that her ponytail is gone! What was that, an ESPN mandate? In fact, I don't know if it was a conscious decision, but it's pretty ingenious. If she only ever wears her hair back with a barrette on Fox, then she'll always know what network she was working for when she sees highlights of her interviews! And when she writes her memoirs, she's already got a chapter name:  Jamie Little - The Ponytail Years.

CHEERS to driver dads with kids on shoulders. 

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By Carol Einarsson | 02/16/2015

Well, Jeff Gordon is on the pole for his final Daytona 500! What a great day to be Jeff Gordon or even a Jeff Gordon fan.

But what about fans of every other driver? How about it, race fans? 

NASCAR believes this is what we want. But is it really? Do we really enjoy watching fast race cars parked on pit road, watching a clock?

Do we enjoy big wrecks during QUALIFYING? I don't believe any driver should be at risk to lose his Daytona-500-prepared race car during qualifying, for any other reason than his own mistakes. No driver should be at the mercy of other drivers, be it their talent, their poor decisions, or even their crew's ability to set up their car. It's just not right.

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By Eddie Laub | 02/05/2015
I grew up a Bill Elliott fan. The first race I ever saw on tv was the 1985 Southern 500,  where the mystique grew from  Bill Elliott into "Awesome Bill From Dawsonville."  The first race I ever attended in person was the 1988 Phoenix race, where Awesome Bill was crowned series champ a week later.  I have his autograph. I have pictures of me next to his car. I have a picture next to his 1988 Winston Cup.  I have posters. I have met him. I have shaken his hand. I loved Ford, because he drove one on Sundays.  I have Ford stuff everywhere. My dad (both parents being Earnhardt, Sr fans,) and I argued constantly: Earnhardt vs Elliott; Ford vs Chevy; chores vs grounding...

All was good and right in the universe.

Then came the year 2000 and  Ray Evernham. Awesome Bill hadn't been so awesome in recent years, and Ray was starting a new team for the 2001 season- with Dodge.  Dodge.  Not Ford.  Not Mercury. Not even Lincoln. Dodge.  

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Last Activity: 02/06/15
By Carol Einarsson | 12/30/2014

Hi. My name is Carol Einarsson. You may remember me as the owner/editor of this site, and the author of weekly Cheers and Jeers during the race season. Yes, I have also written a lot of other columns as well, but this year, there have been rumors of sending search and rescue to Nebraska to check on my well-being. Let me apologize to any that may have been worried.

I'm not sure when my absence started, but maybe it was last year. I was having some health issues that continued into the first half of this year and combined with job stress,  family things, and the illness of two dear friends, it all started to be so heavy that NASCAR seemed quite trivial in the big picture of life. Then January came, and I lost Duke. Someone asked if I was going to write about him as I did when I lost Conrad the cat, but I couldn't. The loss was too big, and the story would have been a book. I just couldn't, and I don't think I can yet. I didn't know until about a week before Christmas how noticeable it was to others, this sadness that had enveloped me.

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By Carol Einarsson | 12/09/2014
CHEERS to Krista Voda and Mike Joy, our two favorite hosts of any awards show.

CHEERS Edwin McCain's narration, summing up NASCAR in words and pictures. Everything we love in one spoken paragraph: "Glory is why they compete. It's why they race. It's why they put everything on the line. That alone has created moments that last a lifetime. They are forever moments. The first photo finish. And the fight that unveiled a sport to the masses. A receiving line 20 years in the making. A million dollar bill where a moment became a nickname. A President on the edge of his seat applauding a King's final triumph. That pass in the grass. That walk off win. That closest finish, ever. Every so often it happened. And you treasured it."

JEERS to the giant list of people that are going to be part of this. I didn't recognize 95% of the names, but one I did was Guy Fieri. We've got a list of musical artists and others who have nothing to do with NASCAR, but a guy who won a cooking contest and got himself some Food Network fame? Let me just say up front, this may be a shorter column, but I'm going to skip through the non-NASCAR talent. However... in the time it took me to write that paragraph, ironically I've been quite enjoying whoever this first singer is. Yes, I know it's rife with contradiction that I'm against all the superfluous performances, yet here I am enjoying one. CHEERS to Aloe Blacc for that.

CHEERS to Jay Mohr. Given the past hosts we've endured, and if it can't be Jeff Foxworthy, I think he's one of the better ones we've had.

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By Guest Writer John Ferguson | 11/25/2014

It was a beautiful day in Naperville, Illinois on Wednesday August 27, 2014 at 2:15pm.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the temperature was very nice.  I was on my way to do a little shopping, with my wife in her own car just ahead of me, on her way to another store.  I was travelling south on Illinois highway 59, a very busy four-lane road with two lanes each way and a median in the middle.  I was going 45 mph in the right lane, travelling the speed limit and minding my own business.  Thatís when it happened.
My first memory is waking up to realize I'm in a very bad crash.  My vehicle is rolling; I'm being tossed about.  I had no idea how I got in this situation, I blacked out upon impact for a few seconds.  I knew I was rolling, so I said to myself several times ďplease land on your wheels, please land on your wheels,..."  I knew I might be trapped if my car landed on the roof. Then I twice hit my head hard to my left and wondered why it didnít hurt.  Amazing how much stuff can go through your mind in such a short time during a crash.  Looking to my left and seeing a giant air bag, I thought, ďOh, I reckon thatís why my head didnít hurt.Ē  As I saw the windshield caving in, I hoped it would hold together and not cut me to death.  

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By Carol Einarsson | 11/20/2014

Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty ImagesforNASCAR.

CHEERS to Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman, Joey Logano, and Denny Hamlin. I don't know how they've managed to sleep this past week, and one of them likely won't sleep tonight, either.

CHEERS to the Pledge of Allegiance, a very nice prayer, and a great anthem by Caleb Johnson.

CHEERS to the curls of little Miss Newman. Curly hair rocks.

CHEERS to the guys who get to drive UNDER that massive American flag. With the sun out, and shining through it, there has to be an amazing patriotic glow in their cars!!

CHEERS to F-16s flying over Homestead. Yes, old-timey planes are nice, but there's just nothing like fighter jets roaring by!!

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