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By Carol Einarsson | 05/24/2016

CHEERS to a nice shout-out to Len Wood, NASCAR's Thomas Edison. I think that museum might well be on my racing bucket list. What a very nice thing to have them racing full time this year, and we're looking forward to Ryan Blaney's first win, taking the Wood Bros back to Victory Lane! 

CHEERS to Kyle Larson, Trevor Bayne, Chase Elliott, and Ryan Blaney for the great group of Young Guns 2.0, and racing well enough to get TV time. It seems week after week, we're watching these four, and it's refreshing! Someone asked me recently when the last time we had a rookie class the likes of Elliott and Blaney, and I honestly couldn't remember when. 

CHEERS to Michael McDowell not hitting anything, but more importantly, keeping that car moving through the grass! Get stuck there, and you'll be waiting for the wrecker -- or a row boat. Not to mention, if you do get a wrecker, you're gonna have to get out of your car and stand in that swampy grass! 

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Last Activity: 05/26/16
By Dave Clark | 05/22/2016

Saturday night’s NASCAR All Star race seemed to have everything: great racing, a spectacular crash where no one was injured, and a down-to-the-wire finish.  Great, right?  Not so much.   Over-shadowing what should have been a terrific night for the drivers, the fans and NASCAR in general was the incredible confusion over the special format rules.  

Interestingly enough, I remember hearing ESPN's Bob Pockrass talking about the new format in the media center during the Kansas race.  I also remember thinking to myself, "Well, now that's confusing."  Apparently, I'm a prophet. The drivers were confused, the crew chiefs were confused, the FOX TV team was confused, and as a viewer, I was confused.  NASCAR, by its very nature, is controlled chaos at 185 miles an hour.  Add in mass confusion about the rules of engagement and what you have is a big ol’ mess. 

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Last Activity: 05/24/16
By Carol Einarsson | 05/17/2016
CHEERS to a very nice invocation and a great anthem! Tom Dixon did a fine job, and paired well with "bluegrass day" at church! Yes, we had a fiddle, a harmonica, and a bunch of bluegrass-hymn-singing guys in plaid flannel this morning. What a great day to watch a race!

CHEERS to that monster jump by Kevin Harvick -- WOW!!  It was like he was the only one that saw the green flag, OR the only one with an extra cylinder in his car! THAT's the way to start a race right there!

JEERS to still no full-coverage of SAFER barriers at Dover.  WHY???

CHEERS to 36 laps in, and Harvick SIX SECONDS ahead of second place!

JEERS to a competition yellow. They're professional drivers and teams, and can manage their own pit stops without NASCAR mandating a caution period.

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Last Activity: 05/18/16
By Carol Einarsson | 05/11/2016

CHEERS to revisiting Kansas. I'm never sure when my last visit here will be, but I've learned never say never.

JEERS to whatever FOX had going on that caused a delay in TV coverage. When the pre-race is on FOX Business, even those in the Media Center don't see it.

CHEERS to Martin Truex on the pole! He's fast, he's got a great pit box, and he's overdue. Maybe Kansas will be kind.

CHEERS to a painted "restart zone" on the wall, but JEERS that it seems to mean nothing.

JEERS to no ponytail in Kansas, but at least she was wearing bright pink, so there was no missing her if you were wandering pit road.

JEERS to a debris caution when there hasn't even been a wreck. But when the leader is four seconds out front in less than 25 laps, I imagine some raised eyebrows showing concern up in the control tower.

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Last Activity: 05/14/16
By Dave Clark | 05/08/2016
I had the unexpected pleasure of spending a few minutes with racing’s undisputed king, Richard Petty. Because of a miscommunication, I had no idea I would actually be asking questions. I believed it was more of a photo-op. Much to my delight, the fan-favorite and seven-time champion, was amiable and an easy interview.

As we chatted, I was struck by the paradox that is NASCAR. I asked for The King's thoughts on the changes in the sport over the past 20 years.  Petty quickly replied, "You have to be aggressive, you can't go back to running the cars we had 20 years ago.” He went on about the new innovations in car design, refined electronics and the like. I followed up by asking his thoughts on the new aero package that all the drivers seem to love. Given his previous reply, I was a bit surprised by his answer. "They didn't go far enough for me. I think they should do away with all of it...that's the way I came up, I guess."

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Last Activity: 05/10/16
By Carol Einarsson | 05/03/2016

CHEERS to NASCAR coming to its senses, with the help of Tony Stewart. If there's one place we don't want nervous drivers wondering how many lugs are tight, or even installed, it's Talladega.

CHEERS to Michael Waltrip in the race, sparing a grid walk.

CHEERS to Mark Wakefield for a lovely invocation. No sponsors, but even more,
CHEERS to the 313th United States Army Band for a proper anthem!!

CHEERS to the Hurcules out of Maxwell Air Force Base which, in my mind, is one of the greatest productions in aviation for no other reason than it looks like a million tons of steel and no explanation for how it remains up in the air.

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Last Activity: 05/03/16
By Carol Einarsson | 04/26/2016

CHEERS to another short track race, this one at Richmond. I'm not sure why everyone seems to be mentioning it's a "day race" as though that's something special and BETTER at Richmond, though.

JEERS to the Tony penalty and the NASCAR opinion-police. (And in the time since the race broadcast, whaddaya know... they've essentially admitted that Tony was right. Sorry, though, no refunds.)

JEERS to the notion that drivers are asking NASCAR to police them. I don't believe that's the case at all. I think the complaint is that if a team keeps their driver safe, they are penalized in track position because NASCAR is allowing other teams to be less safe. There shouldn't be a penalty for teams doing the right thing. Safety shouldn't be punished. And what happens when a guy in a 5-lug car gets taken out by a car with only three, crashing because he's got a loose wheel? I don't think anyone is petitioning NASCAR to protect drivers from their OWN bad decisions as much as they are from the bad decisions of their competitors.

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Last Activity: 04/30/16
By Carol Einarsson | 04/19/2016

CHEERS to a little girl rubbing her dad's head. We hope that's lucky.

CHEERS to a nice invocation, but JEERS to people who don't have any idea when they should or shouldn't have their hand over their hearts, but if there's a camera, well, lemme do this just in case it's the right thing.

JEERS to an anthem performance that might well take till lap 50 to finish. But at least we got to see all the driver's kids that will sing the next anthem (and the BEST anthem) at this race track.

CHEERS to Rusty Wallace just being Rusty Wallace. We have to admit to being a little disappointed he didn't tell the drivers to start their hot rods!

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Last Activity: 04/22/16
By Carol Einarsson and Dave Clark | 04/18/2016
Carl Edwards back-flipped into Victory Lane this week, beating Matt DiBenedetto by just five spots... but how'd he do that?  

4. Fast on Friday: Earning the pole, and more importantly the first pit stall, doesn't guarantee a win, but it surely helps!

3. Thinking outside the box: Crew chief Dave Rogers' set up kept the right front tires on the car all day, even when every other JGR team had issues.

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Last Activity: 04/18/16
By Carol Einarsson | 04/12/2016

CHEERS to Phil Robertson and his fantastic invocation! There are guys, often pastors, who make sure to say the "right" things, but every now and then we get a guy with a heart for the Lord who only wants to impact the world for Christ. Phil Robertson is one of those guys. Joe Gibbs is another. And Darrell Waltrip, too. If the Robertson family spent money to buy this race name only for the purpose of getting a Phil Robertson invocation on TV to the masses, it was money well-spent.

CHEERS to the Robertson family's third attempt at the national anthem. I like that they have no problem looking for another family member that might be able to sing it. If at first you don't succeed, there's always another Robertson. Next!

CHEERS to the video we all saw this week of Kyle Busch bringing exuberant joy to a race fan. What a great moment, and it's nice to see some good publicity for driver 18. While we're at it, CHEERS to Kyle also on his Martinsville win last week. Sorry for the missed column, but as you may have read, we had a team-building event last weekend in South Dakota. The Presidents heads are still up on the rocks, The Badlands are still gorgeous, the wind is still blowing like mad in South Dakota, and we've determined that the Mountain Time Zone is like the middle child -- nobody cares.

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Last Activity: 04/13/16

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