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Quote of the Week
"The strategy is hope the 11 pinballs the 22 off the race track and we go on and win this thing!"
-Martin Truex, Jr.

By Carol Einarsson | 08/24/2016


CHEERS to rain passed just in time!

CHEERS to the Bryan Clauson tributes by his broken-hearted friends. And for his family to be there for it makes it all the more special.

CHEERS to the race on cable so we can watch the pre-race if we want to and not be hijacked to local news.

CHEERS to Billy Mauldin's invocation. No sponsors, no crap - just praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Sure, we missed it being Joe Gibbs or Darrell Waltrip or Michael McDowell, but with the MRO kids singing the anthem, the MRO preacher was a great choice!

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Last Activity: 08/25/16
By Carol Einarsson | 08/09/2016

CHEERS to reportedly sold out, and actually looking sold out. Granted, they only have about 30,000 seats to fill there, but to actually sell out ANY NASCAR race these days, well, good on you, Watkins Glen!  It must be all the Boris Said fans.

CHEERS to David Fife because every time he does the invocation, I wonder if he ever learned to do a proper Don Knotts impression, but JEERS to including Cheez Its in your prayer. What, there aren't enough signs around the track?

CHEERS to former United States Marine, JW Cortes. I wonder what it cost Kaplan University for him to wear that shirt. The anthem was slow, but respectable.

CHEERS to the all-time BEST-timed rockets red glare! Okay, there was no red glare, but the BOOM! of the rockets was the best EVER!! And CHEERS to the C130 Hercules and that sound!

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Last Activity: 08/13/16
By Carol Einarsson | 08/03/2016

CHEERS to a Monday morning race because it affords a lovely Sunday afternoon nap, and because the races seem cleaner and quicker on Mondays as if they've all texted one another with the agreement to just play nice so they can go home.

CHEERS to a nice (and funny!) interview with Matt DiBenedetto. Watch for that slide job going into turn one where he passes 33 cars. Yeah, it's been a rough patch since Bristol, but gosh he is a nice young man!

CHEERS to interviewing Jeb, too. Worse things could happen to a rookie than having an uncle with a motor coach at the track!

JEERS to the phrase "concussion-like symptoms". Why can't we just call it what it is anymore? I guess it's not any worse than "flu-like symptoms", though that's just a euphemism for "puking his brains out in the bus."

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Last Activity: 08/04/16
By Carol Einarsson | 07/26/2016

Honestly, I don't remember what happened the week of the Brickyard. Was that a week when I failed to record it? Or did time just get away from me and I couldn't write it up? I know I saw the first part (to lap 25) and I saw the last part (from 35 to go until the end), but not the bulk of the race. I had nothing to publish. My assistant wryly said, "You got the good stuff.. you didn't miss anything in the middle." He said I should publish it anyway. And I thought about it, but never really got to it. The more time that passed, the more the memory faded, so the less I'm able to write based solely on my memory-jogging notes that I take during the race. Then it occurred to me, maybe you'd like to see what a mess those notes are that I write. It wouldn't take me any time at all to just copy/paste it here. Maybe you'd be amused at the raw notes that I dress up for Tuesdays. Here, then, without any corrections for capitalization or anything else, really, are those notes. It's what I tap out on my keyboard while I'm watching a race live. Probably doesn't need saying, but the "ch" is a CHEERS and a "j" is JEERS . This is the Brickyard column as far as it got...

CHEERS to the "four letters" for Tony

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Last Activity: 08/09/16
By Carol Einarsson | 07/19/2016

JEERS to me for no column last week. Not only didn't I write about the race, or record the race, I didn't see one bit of the race. I understand that Martin Truex got screwed by NASCAR, though, and having seen just that smidgen of the race, I agree. I've seen guys all year (and last year, too) pulling up that way, something we all know NASCAR said was no longer allowed a couple years ago, but then they stopped enforcing it. Now suddenly it's enforced?? Did he pass on the left? Yes, but once you stop enforcing something, as NASCAR had, I think you have to make it a rule again before you randomly start penalizing guys. It would be like black flagging a guy for throwing a water bottle out of the car. Rules clearly state you cannot throw anything out of the car, but they do, we watch them, NASCAR watches them, and nobody is penalized. I hope Martin's team has told him not to throw any water bottles out, too. But last week was a busy one, and it just didn't get done. I checked for a Monday morning replay, but evidently NBC isn't so much into that like FOX was. By now it's online in full-race video, but now it's so late that it's pretty unlikely (okay, not even remotely likely) that I'll watch and write about it.

JEERS to Kyle Busch's facial hair experiment. Didn't he used to have a sponsorship with Pedigree? I wonder if they make mange medicine. Seriously, that's the kinda thing you do in the off season, or at the very least, when there's an off-weekend and you have two weeks until you have a TV camera in your face. (Unless you're Tony Stewart and need a mere five-minutes notice to produce a full-face of hair.)

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Last Activity: 07/23/16
By Carol Einarsson | 07/12/2016

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By Carol Einarsson | 07/05/2016

CHEERS to driver introductions. We love seeing driver dads with kids hanging off their hips and sitting atop their shoulders. And we're pretty sure the kids love that, too!
JEERS to Daytona Rising, a $400 million investment to basically reduce the number of seats at the speedway so it doesn't look as empty. And there's the added built-in excuse that with all the "neighborhoods" they built below the grandstand, that when the seats are empty, it's because race fans are visiting with each other down there. Right. And they're shopping at Fontana.
JEERS to the sync being off with NBC's sound. It's tempting to excuse it as their first race of the season, but it's not like it's their first day doing a live sporting event, right? 
CHEERS to the possibility of Junior tying his dad for plate wins. It's always hard being the offspring of one so wildly successful in his profession, so for Junior to catch ANY of his dad's records would surely be a special day. I'm reminded of how competitive they were together, each claiming to be just a hair taller than the other. I think if Junior tied the old man's record and he were here to see it, we'd see a mix of ornery dismissive smirk, and a father bursting with pride.  

Comments: 12
Last Activity: 07/09/16
By Carol Einarsson | 06/28/2016

CHEERS to Bryson Byrnes in his dad's old studio, with a giant pic of joy behind him in Steve's smile, naming Chris Osborne as the recipient of the second annual Byrnsie Award. Look out, Mike Joy, the kid's comin' for your job!

JEERS to makeup overdone. When you have THAT kind of shadow on your face, you may have overdone the mascara.

CHEERS to Sherry Pollex for her strength and her example to others. Behind every man...  We just love everything about this couple!

CHEERS to Denny driving in San Francisco with Larry McReynolds riding shotgun, but JEERS to the obvious rip-off of Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. That said, we love when Larry makes a joke, because it's so infrequent -- "There's STILL no line!"

Comments: 13
Last Activity: 07/01/16
By Carol Einarsson | 06/15/2016

So I was away from home Sunday, and watching the race elsewhere. As it happened, by the time church was over, we were about 40 laps into the race. No worries, I thought, I have it recording on my DVR at home.

I watched what I could of the race, making some notes, writing some snarky comments here and there, all with the intent of rewatching at home and filling in the gaps. I had maybe half the race written, still missing the first part of it, and having not written anything about the finish. I could complete it Monday morning or afternoon, not unusual for me, and still be on schedule.

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Last Activity: 06/18/16
By Carol Einarsson | 06/08/2016
JEERS to rain on Sunday and racing on Monday. If history holds true, this should be an "efficient" race. There's always a different feel to a Monday race, as it's apparent that drivers want to just get it done and go home.

CHEERS to a magnificent flag waving as I think all flags ought! I'd say the way that one is waving, it rivals Talladega's in beauty.

JEERS to no anthem or invocation. I understand it's hard to hold over talent, but if it was performed yesterday, it's on tape and can be replayed today before the race.

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Last Activity: 07/01/16

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