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Quote of the Week
"When Steve and I were done talking, I felt happier."
-Kenny Wallace, Who summed it up perfectly for every person who ever met Steve Byrnes.

By Carol Einarsson | 07/29/2015
NASCAR racing at Indy for twenty years?? No way. Can't be.

Tony's "It's not that hot!" sounded like Dale Earnhardt to me. Only thing missing was a reference to "candy ass".

I know 235,000 seats are a lot to fill, but with all the CGI available, why can't they CGI out the grandstands and put greenery there so we're not actually seeing the empty seats?

Quote of the week: "Balloons on the backstretch. We'll be right back." Even still, a couple of orange balloons at Indy got nothin' on the Tropicana orange at Chicago!!

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Last Activity: 07/30/15
By Carol Einarsson | 07/22/2015
I don't like New Hampshire. I'm not sure if it's because it's where Adam died, if it's the ridiculous lobster as a prize, or if it's the historically crappy racing. But we'll endure it again, and see if anything is better. And I'll admit, it's a good thing you already clicked the page, because that intro surely wouldn't make you want to read the rest, but... well, since you're already here, you may as well, right?

No anthem, no invocation... must have been on the pre-race that I don't record? Because I'm not already annoyed enough that the race deleted at least six hours of American Pickers from my DVR. Certainly nobody's fault but my own DVR-hoarding self. Maybe it would help if I'd get around to watching the F1 race from Monaco. Or the 13 episodes of Top Gear... yeah, definitely my fault.

Jeff Burton, you know I like him, but saying a guy that wrecks another has to apologize to the entire field -- that's just ridiculous. The whole field does NOT expect to be wrecked by a guy just because he wrecked someone else. They expect to be wrecked by bad drivers, but not by good drivers who get into someone while going for the win or because he has an open issue with someone.

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Last Activity: 07/23/15
By Carol Einarsson | 07/15/2015
Nice anthem. And look at that big American flat being held by the fans with nobody looking the slightest bit offended.

Tony's so clean shaven.. I saw a photo of him looking that way a few days ago, and I swear it looked photoshopped.

Oh my goodness... Little Harper Grace Allgaier! And Momma tells her, at just shy of two years old, "Put your hand over your heart." Top rate parenting right there!

And another giant flag. I wish we'd had a camera on those who were singing! "Everybody! ... And the home of the brave!" These are uncertain times, my friends, but the patriotism of NASCAR fans will never be questioned. 

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Last Activity: 07/21/15
By Carol Einarsson | 07/07/2015

I like that Buddy was the first guy to win "the big four", races at Daytona, Talladega, Darlington, and Charlotte.

I like that he still gets to drive fast, sometimes testing cars for Nextel Cup teams.

And I also like that every now and then we get to hear him spotting for a young driver.

I like that he says so many charming things that I began a list of what I called Buddyisms, among them, such gems as, "You can see he lost two spots there in the time it took me to say absolutely nothing."

I like that when you do an online search for the real Buddy Baker, you also hit upon a guy by the same name that worked, and wrote more than 200 musical scores, for Disney.  I smile when I think about OUR Buddy writing little ditties like that, and the lyrics they might contain.

Comments: 3
Last Activity: 07/08/15
By Carol Einarsson | 07/07/2015
I didn't watch ALL of the rain delay, but I heard the story about how delays like this were toughest on Mark Martin, having to be up past his 9pm bedtime. Unlike other delays, I've saved this one on my DVR, and have a feeling I'll watch it sometime just for amusement. Kyle Petty talking for six hours?

And sorry we're late with the recap column, but I had a choice Monday - watch the marathon broadcast for purposes of writing about it, or catch up with a dear friend. Three hour FaceTime call to Korea won. And I take that back... I'm not sorry at all.

Something about a guy singing "Bringing Back the Sunshine".... at Midnight. Please, don't bring back the sunshine or we'll all be a little bit freaked out.

Junior in the pace car to check the track. Very Earnhardt-esque.

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Last Activity: 07/11/15
By Carol Einarsson | 07/06/2015

I don't know why it's so upsetting, but it is. And I'm glad it is. We should never take something like that in stride.

If you haven't yet seen the wreck from last night, it's here

Thankfully, Austin Dillon walked away, waving to the crowd, but what's so upsetting is the visual reminder of a day at Daytona when things didn't turn out so well. 

What's upsetting is that there is a mom in North Carolina today who was promised she'd never see her son's car on the track again. Yes, I'm still harping on that. And the wreck last night is just one giant reason why that promise was so important. 

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Last Activity: 07/06/15
By Carol Einarsson | 06/30/2015
I didn't see any but about the last 30 seconds of the pre-race, but whatever happened prompted a friend to text me:  "I was watching the pre-race today and had a question. Is Michael Waltrip trying to be funny or is he actually brain dead?"

Nice anthem, but something about boys singing with girl voices... call us when you reach puberty.

Look at me, Daddy!  Yeah, there's a whole bunch of cute wrapped up in those oversized gloves!

Listening to Darrell Waltrip giving the driver's perspective, I can't help but wonder what he'll have to say next year that will seem even remotely relevant, standing next to Jeff Gordon. I don't know how the decision was made at FOX to dump their crew chief and double up the drivers in the booth, but I think it was a huge mistake.  

And here we are again at a road course. They asked the drivers about the unique challenges. Ask me and I'll tell you: not getting lost.

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Last Activity: 07/02/15
By Carol Einarsson | 06/16/2015
Disheartening opening to the race, showing kids racing on bicycles. I've become a little jaded lately with stories in the news like the parents who were arrested and charged with felonies because their 11-year-old son was playing in the backyard for an hour and a half unattended. Imagine the crimes they may have been charged with had he been seen racing his bike in the street!

Bryson Byrnes name on the helmet of Casey Mears-- classy! Please keep Bryson in your prayers this week. Father's Day is Sunday, and it will be a rough day, I'm sure.

Wow, it's dark.

You know I sleep days now, right? Yes, I do. So my DVR didn't record the entire race on the first try. Hence, we're doing the Cliff's Notes edition, shaved down to three hours on a replay by FS1.  That means no rain delay observations. Sorry.  Can't say I'll miss the extra six hours, though.

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Last Activity: 06/19/15
By Carol Einarsson | 06/14/2015


For the past month or so, I’ve been stuck in the grip of depression, something with which I’ve struggled most of my adult life. We’ll talk more about that later, though. Enough to say now that the death of a good friend kicked my emotional butt. For most of the past four years, I’ve been praying for someone to overcome Cancer – the husband of a friend (and he’s now in remission, praise God!), my mother who is a breast-cancer survivor, a longtime friend (whose amazing and inspiring life story you’re sure to hear about sometime in the future) who’s chosen not to undergo chemotherapy, and a recently-lost friend who battled with perseverance to the end. He went the distance.

Comments: 7
Last Activity: 06/17/15
By Carol Einarsson | 06/09/2015

It's always extra nice to have MRO pray before a race. When outside pastors are called for this, even the most seasoned chaplain sounds "prepared". When it's MRO at a race track, they seem oblivious to the TV cameras and huge at-home crowd. Rather, it feels like a small gathering, like praying with a friend.

A C-17 fly-over? Nice! And Keelan is happy about that, too.

Jamie Little with the headsock on her hand looks like a low-budget ventriloquist.

They let Andy outside!!

It doesn't matter what you do in your profession, even when you've reached the level of success that Jimmie Johnson has, but when you can make a child smile, that's when you glimpse the meaning of life. That little boy who first captured our hearts with his "all in" hug of his sports hero last week is now in the pits of that same hero. And Jimmie shows the world he's not so scripted as some say.

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Last Activity: 06/11/15

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